Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jump Around

Tuesday I had a lesson.

It was so stinken windy so trainer had to try and yell at us or say it as we went by haha.

We flatted around.. did some lead changes- Henry's favortie :) Thankfully I am stronger and more confident so his right to left is a shorter ordeal then in the past, maybe he is more broke too lol!

Then all moved into jumping...

I warmed up with the kids over the X... then I waited.

Once it was my turn, I did the X to the green single, left turn around to the blue line right hand turn around to the black wall.

Then I did the the black X to the green single, left turn to the blue line, right turn to the green oxer, roll back to the right to the red in and out.

I did the green oxer roll back to the red in and out a few times.. I needed to stay right over the green oxer and left over the red line :)

Don't mind the cell phone pic lol

Henry was awesome!

Wednesday I had about an hour total to get to the barn, do something and get home... so I lunged. Just wanted to get him out and moving around.

Grained, filled his water and gave kisses.

It's supposed to storm thursday so I tucked him in with his rain sheet and some fresh shavings.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a ride in Thursday afternoon/evening if hubby gets off work at a decent hour.


  1. The cell phone pic looks great. The hills are getting so brown though :(

    1. Yeah we need rain sooooo bad! Its supposed to rain today by I'm not convinced by looking outside lol

  2. Man, you guys are on a roll! Sounds like so much fun!

    1. Ah thanks!! Trainer is to credit for pushing us lol

  3. You look great! The scenery around your barn is just beautiful!

    Last week I lost my friend, an NYPD officer who was shot in the line of duty. I'm inviting you to join my movement to Be More. I'll be riding for him this season and beyond, I'd love for you to join my movement.
    The Inside Turn. // Equestrian Blog

  4. Henry is always SO SHINY! What do you pump into/onto him!?

    1. Curry curry curry, groom groom groom!!

      And he get smart combo and smartomega along with Strategy AX :)

      Oh and lots of treats lol!


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