Friday, May 29, 2015

Show Season

Being that it is now show season (oh how I wish I was rich and could show every weekend at all the shows!) I wanted to talk about showing.


Do you show?
As much as I can... Hubby's schedule doesn't allow for much but I appreciate what I can do.

2013 (i was just barely prego with Addi here but didn't know it lol)

What do you show in?
As this last show I did the 2'9 and 3' ... planned to do the 2'6 but after doing a warm up class and trainer making me school the 2'9/3' stuff I decided to take the plunge. Henry is better at 3' so it was really no big deal once I got over the mind game. Going forward this season, I will do the same and try to refine and better our trips :)


Do you show rated or local?
Both... Rated is so expensive so I can't afford more then one or two a season. Local/Schooling are much more do able but then again they don't all have the height I want so it's a fine line. I feel like Henry is too nice for schooling but not quite nice enough for rated... blah.


What are your ultimate show goals?
I am really comfortable working in the 3' and getting good at that... Maybe one day I'll be brave and move up to the 3'6 but def not right now. Much less competition and more ribbons there though lol!! So tempting so tempting!


  1. You guys totally rocked the 3' - hope the season continues to improve! I would love to do rated/recognize stuff one day but for now our goals are all about fun. So we do the more frequent schooling/starter stuff instead :)

    1. Fun is def a great goal!

      Hopefully I can get to some more shows this season ha!

  2. Same situation...not enough time/money to show seriously. I am sure we will both be rich and famous soon so that will fix things!!

  3. One of my rated shows got cancelled and I was kind of excited because I don't want to pay for it haha


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