Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lets Talk Leg Procection


What are your fav every day boots for your horse?

Or do you go without?

Maybe you prefer to polo?

Do you wrap up all 4 or just 2?

Do you use something for turn out or just riding?

I am either an Eskadron or Polo girl myself.. and of course bell boots to protect those shoes :) And I almost always do all 4.

I always put something on him during turn out cause lord knows he would hurt himself out there doing some yoga or crazy move for the ladies!


  1. Great topic!
    I have a pair of Equifits but I found myself using the communal Eskadrons because velcro is just so easy. I think I might use a gift card and the 15% off at SP to snag some this weekend.
    I just do the front for jumping and will go sans boots for a hack.

  2. I generally go with out leg protection but generally wrap all 4's with white polos for our clinics.

  3. I usually just have some simple eskadrons or cheapo sport boots on just to protect the good stuff when we are jumping. For hacking, I tend to go bare legged.

  4. I typically don't use polos or boots. Maybe I am just lazy, or I don't really see the need for them.
    I have the tendon boots (which come in fancy colors and are too cheap to be true when on sale) that I use occasionally. They are pretty hard and very hot so I never leave them on long. I typically just slap on my Woof boots when I feel the need ;).

    1. Nice ... I'm thinking i might be neurotic when it comes to let protection lol

  5. Rico gets PE cross country boots in front every day because he's fallen in the past and cut up his legs, I like them because they're quite breathable and have a strike guard. TC gets brushing boots on occasion, mostly to get him to not kick them off when I do use them. I try to use them when it's hot. I don't like how hot the legs get in boots.

  6. For every day schooling I use Boogaloos..they are the best for normal daily use. SJ I use Equifits, and XC Premiere Equine XC boots.


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