Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh Hey Dirt!

Thursday I had a private lesson. Ws was riding horses too.

Post lesson begging for treats

We worked on lead changes on the flat and really getting him to yeild off the left side... a billion circles of counter bend while cantering right... cantering left and counter bend to the right was a much quicker story haha! It was cool to feel strong and able to do all these things on Henry myself. Really getting him to lift that shoulder, sit back on his booty and listen to me!

This is the jumps we used...

Warmed up over the blue X

Then did a course... green gate, right turn to the red oxer/vertical line, left turn to the black in and out, right turn to the gray oxer line.

Then we did the gray panel/oxer line, right turn to the red oxer/vertical line, left turn to the black  vertical/oxer in and out, slight veer to the left and U turn to the right back over the oxer/vertical black line.

Then we worked on the red oxer to the red vertical pace doing it in 6 and then in 7... one of the times through it Henry got caught up and did a big trip and I went flying... I ALMOST stayed on, trainer said she thought I was going to stay on.

He was a really good boy and moved right as I was falling so he didn't step on me and then he stopped.

He didn't do anything wrong.. he just got caught up. Normally he is SO athletic and can't get out of lots of predicaments so it was a weird situation. I wasn't scared or anything which was nice.. got back on and we finished out the lesson.

We are both no worse for the wear thankfully :)

It also rained on me and my saddle got wet- whaaaaaaaaa! But i made sure to clean up all up when I was done and tuck it back in on my saddle rack :)

Heading out for a walk to cool out after the lesson

I love private lessons, they kick my ass and I feel great after them ha!


  1. glad you're ok and that it wasn't any worse! private lessons are definitely good for a serious work out haha

  2. Oh boy, glad you are he are both okay. We all have to eat dirt now and again.

  3. Glad you are ok, and it didn't mess with your head ;)

  4. I'm so glad you're ok, friend!!!!!! And happy that you were able to pop back on and keeping jumping around. Yay!

  5. glad that you are okay and had such a fun time!

  6. It happens to all of us. :) But private lessons are great for making me feel like I really earned it.

  7. Love private lessons and rain! Not so much the falling off!


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