Friday, May 31, 2013

Chicken Sapparod

I am having Thai for lunch so Chicken Sapparod is on my mind :)

Thursday I snuck in a quick ride...

Bahaha what a gentleman!
I groomed, jumped on and hacked him around the indoor. There was a beginner lesson going on so we did lots of changes of directions, figure 8's, circles and moving around. I just basically went through the paces- WTC and then finished with some turn on the forhand... he was AWESOME for that, woot!

Cooled him out a bunch, quick hose and vetrolyn, iced his leg and let him eat grain while I cleaned tack.

my home made ice boot :)
Put him away and headed out.

Friday was a trainer ride.

This is what they jumped.. the main course was gate off the left lead, roll back to the rainbow oxer to the domino box, left lead to the 5 stride, left lead around the rainbow oxer to a trot to the blue and white, right lead to the wall in the line, right lead around to the 1 stride...

Henry was strong today so that was something that they worked on but he jumped great!

Hope he is a doll for me tomorrow in our lesson! :D

Last but not least...

Video from Tuesday's lesson :) Thanks Kat and Andy!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stike a Pose!

Kat took some cool pics of Henry

I had a talk with Henry on our way up to the barn...

"Your job is an hour and a half ish 4-5 days a week.. you should be a rock start for that time since it's so little. I wish I could work that schedule!"

It worked... last night was a fab ride.

Kat and I got the boys and headed up to groom and tack up. Henry must like his fly boots as they are still in once piece :)

Groomed, tacked up and was told we were riding outside so headed down to lunge in the big round arena (I will NOT be lunging Henry in the upper round pen anymore because it's so hard and he got a splint from it- he isn't lame and had time off and I've been icing ever day).

Trainer came flying down the hill on the golf cart and said to come inside. So I finished up and came inside for the lesson.

Henry was great, felt really good under saddle. I am really slacking on pulling my shoulders back and need to get with that.

Trainer had us do no stirrups for a bit - aye I need to work on that more!

Warmed up over some polls and and X with Kat.

Then we jumped an oxer a few times and since we were on our game, trainer said we were good and done. YAY HENRY!

Cooled out, untacked, light hose, gave treats and cleaned all my tack while I iced his leg.

I am thinking about getting these ice boots... anyone have any advice on ice boots?

Gave kissed, grained and filled his water.

Turn out today, idk Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When Training Looks Easy

Henry- and I- have come a long way.

Hubby worked yesterday so B and I went to the barn to watch Henry's trainer ride. I love watching the rides go smooth and Henry going through his paces and jumping like a TRAINED horse!

We hungout and chatted with people and loved on Henry.

It was a good day!

Lesson tonight, off Wednesday, idk about Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hug a Little Tigher

Friday was a rough day.

I went out to the barn after work and decided to hangout with Henry while he grazed... I brought a chair, soda and magazine.

Henry wanted to help me read, sit in my chair and drink my soda. Please don't mine his dirty dirty face!! I groomed him a TON after he was out.

He finally decided to leave my side... a little.

Then he left me alone so I decided to read :)

We went up to the barn to groom and stuff and he was a NUT walking there so I lunged him a little. He decided to buck, cutting in towards me (totally not normal for him) and somehow slices the lunge line. Yeah I def owe my trainer a lunge line...

Finished lunging him...

Groomed, loved on him, threw him hay and put on his sheet.

Saturday I went up and hacked with some of the ladies.

Got Henry, lunges and hopped on. He was sassy and fussy but we worked through it.

Walked a bit to get him warmed up, trotted and cantered. Nothing special, I was just getting him out to stretch.

Kat took a pic while we were hanging out :)

Kat, Mona and I went for a walk outside while Erica worked Blue a little more.

When we got back, I bathed Henry... LOVE a clean horse!!!

Then I let him eat grain and hangout in a stall (in a cooler) while I cleaned my tack and conditioned it :)

I beautified his tail, gave him more kisses and took him to his stall.

I got Henry a new addition to his fly outfit :) We shall see if they are still on him tomorrow haha!

Probably turn out tomorrow.

Love his horse...

Friday, May 24, 2013

I don't know what to say...

My heart is breaking for a friend today. I get that sinking sad feeling ever time I think about what she is going through.





I can hear Carlos saying this to you Lysstte: 
"Don't you DARE not want another horse -- I invested a lot of time in training you and I don't want that effort wasted" 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Boots= Crap riding

For your viewing pleasure ... video from Tuesday nights lesson :) Thanks Kat and Andy!

I like how as the video went on, I got worse- yep my boots were KILLING ME and I couldn't feel my feet, I was totally a passenger so mad props to Henry for carting me around!

Henry got turned out again today (Thursday), I plan to hack tomorrow (Friday) and trainer will be gone Saturday so idk about Saturday.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All about me... and Henry

Lyssette did one of these yesterday so I thought I'd do one too :) Feel free to steal it!

1. How long have you been riding?
Since I was 8, so 21 years, though i did take a 2 year break, so 19 years- sheesh im old!

2. Do you own a horse?

3. What discipline do you ride?
Hunters baby!

4. Jeans or breeches?
Breeches for sure! Tho I do want a pair of custom full chaps so Jeans would be ok if I got those.

5. Have you ever leased a horse?
Yep, in college

6. Do you take riding lessons?
You bet

7. What is your horses typical diet for the day?
2 flakes of Alfalfa, 2 flakes of Grass, 1 flake of Oat, 5-6 quarts of Strategy, electrolytes and SmartCombo

8. Are you subscribed to any horse related magazines?
Practical Horseman

9. Tall boots, paddock boots, cowboy boots, or wellies?
Tall boots

10. What is your favorite color of horse?
Gray but I seem to always end up with Chestnuts!

11. Describe your horse.
Henry, 16.2 hands, OTTB, 7 years old, we do Hunters- maybe Eq one day when I get my stuff together.

12. Can you remember the first time you fell off?

Yes, we were standing still and the horse spooked at the tree cutters and flew right out from under me.

13. Do you board it or keep your horse at home?
Board, one day we hope to own property

14. Have you ever competed?

15. What do you compete in?

Hunters, last year we went up to 2'6 OF and this year probably will do the 2'6- 2'9 stuff, I hope :)

Last night we our weekly Tuesday night lesson. Henry's nose looked ok so I tacked up, lunged (he was NUTS) and as I was getting on was told to go back inside (we were outside) because the wind was C R A Z Y.

Henry was good, still high or spicy as I was calling it.

We went through the paces, adding in some shoulder in, sitting trot, 2 point at the trot and canter, counter bending etc.

Then we jumped a single fence. I warmed up over the baby vertical and then was told to wait ... so I waited. Of course she jacked it up. At first it looked big but after jumping it once I realized it was maybe 2'6 ... nothing bad. I like that I don't freak out anymore- ah good feeling for sure!

Anywho I am good at seeing my distances off the left lead but not the right, idk what my issue is... ugh!

Henry was good, I was ok.

I think he is a little sore cause he was landing on his left lead and then swapping right away to the right so I plan to take it easy on him this week...

Cleaned him up, iced his legs, cleaned my tack, put on his PJ's and took him home.

Turned out today, hack tomorrow, idk Friday and lesson Saturday :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A cold

I think Henry might have a cold :(

I got to the barn, grabbed Henry, tacked up, did a quick lunge (he wasn't fresh at all which was surprising after having 2 days off) and hopped on.

He was a little wide eyed in "the corner" but we worked through it.

He was a good boy, cantered nicely- we worked on departures and them being crisp from the halt, walk and trot to the canter. He was a little heavy so we backed a decent amount but hey that's all part of the game.

My goal was to just get him out and moving around.

I cooled him out a bit and then hopped off and noticed that his nose was snotty. There is a cold going around and I was hoping that it would miss Henry- boo.

Hosed off his saddle area, cleaned my tack, put everyone away, got his grain and headed down to put him away.

Rode in my new boots again and they are feeling better. I noticed that my left ankle doesn't hurt go limp in them (can't push my heals down as far lol) so with that and after seeing the Dr, I'm am pretty sure I push my heal down to far/put to much pressure on the left leg/ankle/heal and cut off the use. The Dr said he didn't see anything and since it doesn't hurt any other time then about 20 min into my lesson that it isn't "hurt."

Pending is nose/temp: I might have a lesson tonight, off tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

We rode with Kat and Magic

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back to Reality...

Thursday Henry got turned out/the day off.

Henry got new shoes Wednesday afternoon

Friday he had a trainer ride- he was really good despite a spook/freak out at the open end of the arena in the indoor. B refereed to his antics as "wiggle wiggle wiggle" lol

Corner Jump Video
One Stride to Gate

Saturday I planned to have a lesson but B had a rough night so I had to bow out and get some sleep. I let the hubby sleep through the night so he let me sleep in the am and I slept in till almost noon.

Sunday will be another turn out/day off.

Hubby starts the new job next week sooooooooo it will be interesting to see how I can get in some rides as he will be working A LOT of hours :) Bring on this new life!

One last thing... Happy Mothers day to me from hubby:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two days in a row...

Tuesday night I had a lesson. Got Henry, tacked up, lunged and got on.

Hacked around as I waited for my trainer to come down... Henry was a little lookie but I put him to work and life went on- hahaha!

We used this course:

We did all sorts of combinations... the big one was: grid one stride right lead to the one stride (oxer to vertical) left lead to the 5 stride left lead roll back to the swedish oxer right lead to the domino oxer right lead to the green gate left lead the the white gate.

I am surprised to remembered that! HA!

Kat and Andy came and I got a couple pics WOOT!

Rainbow Swedish Oxer
Pooped after our lesson
I hung out for a bit and watched Erica and Lyssette ride which was fun :)

Wednesday I had a lesson in the late morning. Got Henry, tacked up, quick lunge and got on.

Hacked around a bit and then we jumped. Same jumps as the course above. Henry was good and I felt pretty good too.

Question: my left ankle has been giving me a heck of a time. It like goes weak and is useless after like 15/20 min of riding. I don't know if I am putting pressure on it wrong but something is funky- my boots and spurs haven't changes... anyone dealt with anything like this?

I cooled Henry out and watched one of the Eventing trainers rider her super nice fancy horse.

Bathed Henry and cleaned his man parts... then he hungout in a stall till our shoer came over to get him to give him a new set of kicks.

I cleaned my tack and boots and swept the grain room since my extra hay seems to spread all over.

Gave Henry kisses, thanked my shoer and headed home.

Thursday will be turn out day, Friday a trainer ride and Saturday a lesson.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mondays aren't so bad when...

you are on vacation!!! :)

Hubby spend the day doing some things with a friend so I got to spend my day with B- it was a blast and she is a doll as always.

I was able to ride this evening with Kat.

Grabbed the boys, groomed, tacked up, i lunged a quick min and then we got to work.

I am not sure what got into me, but I decided to make tonight the official first ride in some new tall boots ... I want them to be my new show boots so it's time to suck it up and do it. My feet hurt, were purple and it was hard to ride with little to no feeling!

Back to the ride... Henry was a bit lookie at the corner where he freaked out last Monday but my inside leg and a little tap with the whip on his bootie and he was quickly cooperative! ;)

Hacked around working on forward and staying in the frame, also reminding myself to keep my hands together... I don't feel like they are wide but it's something I've been getting yelled at for so I am working on getting them a smidge more together. I like being refined so I'll take it and improve upon myself the best I can.

We cantered both ways, working on being soft and listening. I didn't have a spur on and he was very quick to listen to my leg so that was good- though I am not sure what my heal was really doing cuase I couldn't feel it ha!

He and I were both sweaty and we didn't take any walk breaks in the 40-50 min we rode. Cooled him out a bunch and then did this....

B rode Henry with me which was a treat... she is so fun! I know I know she doesn't have a helmet on, working on that! I also want a new one so time to save some mula and get that done :)

Hosed him off, took him home to his grain that hubby took down to his stall and gave kisses.

Lesson Tuesday and idk about the rest of the week- going to talk to my trainer tomorrow to see what we want to do and if they are going to put a ride in on him.

Grid Video- by popular demand

Here is the grid video... don't mind the cell phone quality- I love ALL media no matter what! :)

Hack tonight when hubby gets back from running around checking out the area of his new job.

Don't forget to check out the contest at She Moved To Texas :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I neeeeeeed sleep!

I'm back!!!!

Lets see Wednesday Henry had off.

Thursday he had a trainer ride and they said he was really good. I even got a video of him doing a grid... 3'6" airy verticals. Good boy Henry!

Friday he was supposed to get turned out and I guess they rode him.. not complaining. He was spookier they said but jumped well.

Saturday I took a lesson. Lets see I think Henry was mad that I left, because he was a jerk walking up to the barn, he was a NUT at the ticking of the hot fence- it seriously set him OFF! We worked through that and then headed in to groom and tack up.

I lunged him in the big round pen below- crazy home boy got to it out.

Got on and hacked around. We all got there and then the lesson started. There were a bunch of us so we rode around.

Onto jumping... trainer set up ground polls to a baby X, um they were really close to each other and Henry and I couldn't get it down to save our lives, he started going over 2 at a time lol!!!

Then we jumped...

There were more jumping in the arena but these are what we jumped.

Went down the outside line- left lead, roll back to the single (the one on the angle on the far right bottom of the pic) right lead, around the the one stride (vertical to oxer). Did that a few times and then did the one stride a few more time to get it perfect.

Henry was really good, more forward then normal but workable :)

Today Henry is getting turned out... clear his mind and hopefully he is ready for a great week!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Had a lesson last night, ended up being private as I was early.

Got Henry, groomed, headed down to lunge in the BIG round arena so he could get his crazy out.

Got on and headed to the big arena... hacked around and my trainer said things here and there.

The jumps all looked big which made my nerves kick into full affect! Trainer put like 2 down a hole and said to get with it- big girl pants Karley!

There were a few  more jumps in the arena but these are the ones we used.

We jumped around everything and then spent time on the bending line- 5 stride to 3 stride and vice versa. I had to really let go of control and let him carry his pace to make the distances... they were set for 3'6" and we weren't jumping that high.. but Henry has a big stride and can do it, I just have to get with it :)

He was good, we worked hard and then cooled out.

Erica (on Blue), Kat on Magic and Lyssette on Frosty came down as I was ending and so I watched them for a min while I cooled out.

Headed back up to the barn, got off, untacked and hosed him off, loves on him, beautified him, took him home, gave him his grain and filled his water.

He redeemed himself from his antics Monday night... thank goodness!

We are out of town so he will get Wednesday off, Thursday a trainer ride, Friday turned out and lesson for me Saturday.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry had other plans then to be a nice quiet horse on his birthday.

It was raining when I got to the barn so I unloaded my stuff and headed down to get him.

Booted up Louie and turned him out, grabbed Henry and we jogged back to the barn- working on our in hand work? Haha!

Groomed and tacked up while talk to my trainer, she was on her way out.

Lunged as homeboy had a glimmer in his eye and the rain had stopped. Chases him and made him run to get out his crazy.

Got on and started to walk around the arena and he BLEW UP at the open end... trainer was still there so she talked me threw his antics. He was a nut... running sideways, flying backwards, spinning around... it was awesome, NOT! Temper tantrum/spooooook/seeing things that aren't there at its finest... he's never done this before but thankfully with my trainers guidance I was able to work through it.

I ended up working in that corner a lot making little circles, big circles, roll backs coming at the corner in all different ways.

Lots of cantering in the above and using the whole arena.

My plan went out the window but I feel like we had a good workout :)

Cooled him out, hosed his saddle area, groomed, grained, loved on and took him home.

The sassy birthday boy post ride

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that we have used a million bits. Henry is finally growing up and we are now using the a pelham. I really like the way he goes in it :)

Henry is features on She Moves to Texas today. If you don't read Laurens blog you should, it's one of my fav's!

Lesson tonight and then we are heading to Sac for the rest of the week! Henry will get Wednesday off, trainer ride Thursday, turned out Friday and I will take a lesson Saturday.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Holy Moly

I am soooooo behind. I am trying to catch up on blogs but sheesh I am in too deep. I am sorry if I miss some posts. I will get back in the swing of things next week.

This week is going to be crazy but awesome at the same time, hubby graduates from his 27 week training Friday!!!

Back to Henry...

Thursday I had a lesson. I was inside with more beginner lesson folk, it was awesome haha! Almost had a run in with one and I called out over and over where I was going but it didn't matter, good thing Henry has good brakes now! :)

This was our set up.. meaning lead changes, keeping a steady rhythm/seeing every distance and having to be prepared at all times (bc of the small indoor and other riders).

I felt like it was a great lesson, we did it probably a million times but thats ok cause practice make perfect right? We were really spot on with each other and I was seeing almost all my distances.

Cleaned him up, grained and kissed him.

Friday he was off.

Saturday was lesson day. All I can say is that it was SO WINDY... like blow you off your horse and you can't hear the trainer windy. I maybe could hear a tid bit as i went by her but most of the lesson I was just guessing what I needed to do lol! Henry was pretty well behaved, we were both just trying to stay together :)

Since he didn't get a trainer ride Friday, J got on and jumped him around this course:

My trainer set up a new course down in the big arena. I planned to get on after J and jump him some but he was being so good that my trainer said that we should end there. I was totally ok with it cause I love it when Henry is being good!

I hosed him off, cleaned his boy parts, cleaned his tail, cleaned all my tack, grained him and cleaned/filled him water (I have an extra barrel with water in it for him cause his automatic water always smells).

Munchin away

Clean pony= happy mom
Off Sunday, hack Monday, lesson Tuesday... them im out of town Wed-Fri and have asked for the following- Off Wednesday, something Thursday, turn out Friday and lesson for me Saturday.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yep, summer is going to kill me

I have become a big baby to the heat!

Lesson last night, got to the barn, grabbed Henry, groomed, tacked up, lunged (he was oddly high) and got on. There were two other lessons going on and one person hacking.

My trainer let me just hack around a bit and then we got to work. We focused on counter bending at the trot as well as shoulder in.

Then we moves onto counter canter which is HARD when there are 2 beginners in a lesson who no matter if you called out to them where you were going, they didn't quite get it. Henry is still getting balanced and learning so it was a challenge :)

We moved onto jumping ... nothing fancy but again with beginner riders it makes life interesting!

There was a big X and an oxer.

Warmed up over the X back and forth.. he was a little lookie over it- so weird! Dude it's an X!!!

Then we moved onto the oxer. Off the left lead we were awesome, right on and even got a "Karley that was really good" more then once!

Then to the right- ugh! There was a chair up next to the standard so the first two times over it he was F U N K I E since as the last min he was freaked out by the chair. I rode through it and no stops were had... We got better after my trainer had me ride it and turn IN FRONT of the X after the oxer. I had to keep forward, balanced and PLAN for that turn.

Then we did left lead to the X, lead change/right lead to the oxer a few times... then back to just the oxer.

Henry was mostly a great boy.. LOTS of walking to cool out since it was hot and we were both sweaty!

Erica came in when I was almost done so we chatted a little as I cooled out and she warmed up.

Untacked, hosed off, grained and put home boy away.

Then Erica and I cooled off with our Dr Peppers and I headed home.

Off today, lesson tomorrow, idk Friday and lesson Saturday.