Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Man Down!

Shout out to SprinklerBandits for featuring Henry and yours truly in her Ammy Hour!

So I had a lesson last night... Henry had a chip on his shoulder for who knows what reason but we worked through it and he felt really good on the flat.

No crazy exercises today, just a horse eating Lattice I guess

We moved onto jumping and did the X back and forth as a group- trainer made me do some quick/roll back turns after the jump while the others got to go straight.

Then she put up the jumps a little and told me to canter the first vertical #1 (poll with the lattice panel under it). I felt Henry suck back as we approached it and so I closed my leg and put my spur in him- TELLING him to jump... Then felt like he said ok mom BUT at the last second literally as he was picking up his feet to jump he stopped and flew left. I almost stayed on but he kept moving and I was able to land on my feet- jaring my back which now is KILLING me.

Got back on, walked him over to the jump and let him have it (per trainers instructions). There is NO reason to stop Henry. I honestly think he can't see things right in the indoor BUT when I close my leg and tell him to go, he should go.

Make note- I had my one fall for the year on Jan 29th.. I am done till 2014 :)

After that he was good. We jumped a bunch more...

Surprisingly I wasn't scared I was just pissed.

I am pretty sure Andy got the fall on video so I can't wait to see that... everyone said it was an impressive fall and trainer got a good laugh out of it and even complimented my "ass kicking" skills - I am more confident now and it shows.

Off today, lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey Pandora... thanks for the music!

If the wind would go away- the weather would be almost perfect! I have the Pandora App on my phone and love it!

Got to the barn and took my sweet time with Henry... let him graze a bit when I got him out of his stall, slowly groomed him all over, put polos on all 4 legs, tacked up, did a quick lunge and hopped on.

He was a bit uppity since we were the only ones in the arena but we worked through that... I don't get why he isn't as good to ride when we are alone.

I just hacked around- walked a bunch asking him to go into the frame, sitting trot asking for more frame, posting continuing to ask for the frame, lots of halting and backing to get him to lighten up, cantering and really keeping him straight on the long sides, downward transitions to a walk and then back to the canter- departures... he was awesome!

Then I rewarded him with cantering pretty much on the buckle... he relaxes and stretches down and it's so cute!

Cleaned him up, cleaned my tack, made his grain and put him away with lots of kisses!

Lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and a lesson Saturday.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Went out last night with a bunch of my girl friends.. had a blast but was SO tired today! Got home late and didn't get to sleep in, Bayley and Sean were so kind to wake me up early ;)

Went out to Henry in the afternoon with my fam

love that she loves the barn!
Henry was a wild man in the turn out. There are some new horses on the one fence of the turnouts and this one gray arab was crazy! I am not an arab person to start with but it was freaked out at Henry- thankfully he could have cared less about the crazy horse.

Cleaned his tall while he was turned out.

Then we hand grazed him for a bit, re blanketed him, gave kisses and put him away.

Hack Monday, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday ftw and video from Tuesday :)

First video from Tuesday night... the good, the bad and the ugly ha!

Video 1

Video 2

Thanks Kat for the videos!

Yep feel like this today...

Today's (Saturday's) lesson...

I got to Henry's stall and he was laying down... I tried to get him up and he wouldn't get up. Then I noticed that there were lots of "thrash" marks on the one wall of his stall as well as white paint from the walls all over the left side of him blanket. Called my trainer, she came down, his gums looked ok and eventually he got up and seemed ok. Had gut sounds so I tacked up and got on. He was his normal self THANK THE LORD!

Nicku has these anti-cast safety strips that I plan to get asap.

Onto the lesson... tacked up and hopped on.

We hacked around- there were 6 of us in the lesson today. Henry was pretty good on the flat. I got told to keep him in a frame more but he was NOT cooperating much so I just kept at it and continued to ask lol.

X (going left to right) to the outside oxer to the oxer on the diagonal to the X.

Then we did the X to the outside oxer to the diagonal oxer to the X slight right to the poll roll back to the X to the diagonal oxer right to the outside oxer.

Henry was great, lead changes were there and my trainer said to end on that. Good boy Henry!

Cleaned and put up Henry's new stall name "thing" while he ate his grain and hungout in the cooler.

Said hi to Pongo and ate some grass on the way back to his stall

nom nom nom

Cute boy!

Put him away, filled his water, dropped his extra hay (I changed his food today so he now gets 4 flakes of Alfalfa from the barn (1 bfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinner) and 1 flake of Grass from me), gave kisses and told him to be good.

Turn out tomorrow if the weather behaves!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Simmer Down...

I got a little click happy and bought a few things the last few days...

So excited for this to come.. been eying for a while just needed to save to get it :)

L recommended these :) Excited to try them! Been looking for a good schooling glove!
SSG All Weather Winter Lined Glove
These come with great reviews too!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It was so quiet!

It's either crazy at the barn or no one is around. I had the arena to myself for my lesson and then Ann came an joined us on Buda- Henry's neighbor and BFF... she joked that when he bucked her off (he's in rehab and full of himself tho he was really not to bad today) that I better run cause he was coming to play with Henry. I then told my trainer to get her running shoes on and be ready to grab Buda... thankfully all was well and none of the above happened :)

it's raining again- booo!

Gave Henry a little lunge to get the boogie men out and then hopped on... We did some interesting work with polls today to warm up.

The skinny lines are polls, the stars are standards that are super close together and the thick lines are jumps.

I went around the arena 2 or 3 times at the trot and then my trainer had me go over the polls in ever direction and all sorts of combinations and even added in the X a few times. After I had hit them all she had me go through the two by the oxer to the one by the stars and then a light left roll back and through the stars (standards) then to the diagonal on the bottom left back to the one by the stars. Then we went the other way with all sorts of turns- she called them out and I did them, including the X haha!

Walked a bit and chatted and then cantered both ways- Henry was up a bit as every time we passed or went by Buda they both got super excited lol.

Then we did a X a few more time to warm him up for the next crazy adventure ... Today was all about turning- I guess out crazy turns on Tuesday needed some help :)

We did the oxer with a sharp/roll back turn either right or left depending on what she called to me. This kept me really alert and Henry confused ha! Once he really started listening to me it went MUCH better. I had to really sit up, use my outside leg/inside rein and make sure to not use my outside rein on the turns.

Henry was lathered when we were done.

Cooled him out, untacked, put on a cooler, let him eat grain, cleaned ALL my tack, groomed Henry really well, re blanketed and took him home.

Trainer ride tomorrow and lesson on Saturday :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hey Mr DJ Put A Record On...

I like to hack with music... we got new iPhone 5's at work yesterday and something happened and ALL my music and pictures are gone. Looks like I will have to build up my music on my phone again- boo.

My new motto for 2013

Anywho we had a lesson last night. As the above pictures says- I want every ride to count and I want to make the most of every lesson. I want to understand what I am being asked and really know it, I want to be pushed and step up to the challenge and I want to be refined.

Henry was a NUT last night in the cross ties.. it was odd. Then in the round pen he was pogo horse so I let him work his bucks and crazies out and then hopped on. Two days off in a row doesn't bode well for him.

Got to work flatting and he never felt tired but life went on :)

Lysette set up a gymnastic for us last night.

We started with 3 being put to and X and figure 8ing over it as a whole group to warm up. Then E and K did it some more while L and I waited for our next direction.

Then we went through it a bunch, I was told to always turn left after 3 since that is Henry's bad turn way- it was not good but I didn't die lol! At one point I felt like he was going so fast and my trainer referenced my position like a parachute and i laughed and said yeah thats how I feel cause he's flying and I am along for the ride.. she told me to sit up and ride lol :)

Then we were instructed to do 1 go around 2 and then jump 3- so like a loop/curve thing. Once Henry understood what we were doing it went pretty well. I was proud of him!

Off today, lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

I think Andy took pics of video so I am excited to see those!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyone Was off...

Monday except me. Ok not everyone but you get what I mean.

My dad came up to watch B since I had to work and we had an ALL DAY training.

After the training I headed up to the barn to check on Henry and let him stretch his legs. They had gotten shots earlier in the day so my trainer said not to let him get hot so I just let him do his thing in the round pen for like 5-10 min and then gave him a really good grooming and headed home.

I wanted to ride but my dad had to get home so I will just have to lunge tonight before our lesson so I don't have a crazy horse :)

Lesson tonight, off tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nothing better then...

a clean horse!

It was windy but Mona and I forged forward with our plans to bath our horses. We shut all the doors and windows, made sure the water was really warm and went to work.

I soaped his whole body, cleaned his legs, did a really good shampoo and conditioner on his tail and even cleaned his man parts- until the water got to cold and he was not having it anymore so that is to be continues on another day :)

more carrots please :)

 After towel drying his legs and tail, I brushed him mane, put shine stuff in his tail and braided it, put meds on his cuts and gave him a few kisses... then we headed out to walk. Now the second we got outside he was a wild unbroke stalloin- it was awesome.

Once he calmed down we ate some grass

Let Henry eat his grain in a stall while I went down to his stall to clean, drop his extra hay and fill his water... came back and he had remodeled...

Layered him up and took him to his stall...

Gave the boys carrots (Henry and both his neighbors) and headed home...

Ahhhh I love a clean horse!

Vet is coming tomorrow to do the shot clinic so just a light ride for Henry (I have to work boo!), lesson Tuesday, idk Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I love Henry

Found this on Facebook... LOVE

10 Ways To Get In Shape To Own A Horse!

1.Drop a heavy steel object on your foot. Don’t pick it up right away. Shout “Get off, stupid! Get off!”
2.Leap out of a moving vehicle and practice “Relaxing into the fall”. Roll lithely into a ball, and spring to your feet!
3.Learn to grab your checkbook out of your purse/pocket and write out a $200 check without even looking down.
4.Jog long distances carrying a halter and holding out a carrot. Go ahead and tell the neighbors what you’re doing.They might as well know now.
5.Affix a pair of reins to a moving freight train and practice pulling it to a halt. And smile as if you are really having fun.
6.Hone your fibbing skills. “See hon, moving hay bales is fun!” and, "I’m glad your lucky performance and multi-million dollar horse won you first place - I’m just thankful that my hard work and actual ability won me second place."
7.Practice dialing your chiropractor's number with both arms paralyzed to the shoulder, and one foot anchoring the lead rope of a frisky horse.
8.Borrow the US Army slogan,"Be all that you can be", but add bitten, thrown, kicked, slimed, trampled.
9.Lie face down in the mud in your most expensive riding clothes and repeat to yourself: “This is a learning experience, this is a learning experience.…”
10.Marry Money!

Friday Henry had a trainer ride and they said he was great and jumped everything like a champ in the big outside arena.

Yep so true!
Saturday we had our group lesson... there were only 4 of us though so it was a nice small group!

Flatted around, Henry felt really good sans the few scoots (he really wanted to play with Pongo in the round pen)... you know when you play mario cart and you go over the star and it shoots you forward- yep that is what those "scoots" felt like. LOL!

Then we moved onto jumping...

Number 3 actually never was put back up to an oxer after we warmed up over it as an X ha! Anywho warmed up over 3 back and forth then it was my turn... up 1 around to 3 then to 3 and 4. Then the jumps were put up more and we did 1 around to 2 then to 3 and 4 and then back to 2 bending line to 1.

Henry was strong but other then that he was AWESOME!

Hopefully I can give him a bath tomorrow and some turn out!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

You know...

that lesson that is HARD but you feel great during and after it? Yeah had one of those today... Henry was defiantly pissed at my by the end but if a little stubbornness backing is his way of showing it, I am totally ok with that- he could have done way worse. Trainer and I were chucking at how mad he was... hard works sucks lol!

Got Henry, groomed, tacked him up, gave him a quick lunge and got on...

There was a rope jiggler in the arena giving a rope jiggling lesson ;)

I warmed up on the flat... we worked on our canter departure and STAYING in the frame. To the left- aye it's hard work, to the right- smooth as butter :)

I set up the jumps before I got on...

Warmed up over 1 back and forth stopping on a straight line.

Then went 2 up around to 1 around to 3 (staying inside of 1- so between 1 and 2).

Then I did 1 up sort turn to 2 and around to 3 angling between 1 and 2. It look us a while to get this the way my trainer wanted it- ridden well on my party, the right distance, no rushing after for Henry and a clean lead change. I swear I did it almost perfect a million times ha! Thats ok, I want to ride well and for my trainer to insist I ride well. We got it well a few times and then she said we were done.

Henry was lathered in sweat so I walked for a long long time to cool him out.

I put him in a cooler while I cleaned my tack, aired out my pads and helmet and put the jumps away. Poor Henry needs a bath so bad but these 40 degree temps with crazy wind aren't helping. Maybe Saturday...

Cleaned him up and then put him away with his grain :)

I am looking for some open from boots- nothing expensive (like under $75)... what do you all suggest? I have Roma's but they didn't last...

He wouldn't look up- food is way more important lol

Trainer ride tomorrow, lesson Saturday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blog Hop Hop Hop

Thanks L for this!

Share a memory from:
  1. The first horse experience you can remember.
  2. Your first "aha" moment--when something really clicked for you as a rider.
  3. Entering the ring. Could be your first show, or another time when simply entering the arena could be considered a "debut" of sorts.
It won't flip, sorry!
  1. The first horse experience you can remember. When I was 8, I wanted horse lessons. My parents told me if I was able to find a place to take lessons they would let me. I promptly got out the yellow pages and found the barns... called them- most were so skeptical about an 8 year old calling. One lady, Christine asked to talk to my parents and the rest was history from there! I remember arriving and seeing Adam- 16.2 hand grey gelding. He was an retired Grand Prix horse and was awesome. Love at first site!
  2. Your first "aha" moment--when something really clicked for you as a rider. I can't think of one... sorry!
  3. Entering the ring. Could be your first show, or another time when simply entering the arena could be considered a "debut" of sorts. My first show was one to remember... I took Adam. He was a rock star, I was nervous, he backed me around like an old pro... I can't remember what ribbons I got but I know we ribbon-ed in all classes. He also escaped at one point... they announced over the loud speaker that there was a grey gelding up on the hill eating grass. He happily was caught and I was mortified. But what a great first show and what an even better horse to take care of me!
How to join the blog hop:
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  2. Respond to them on your blog.
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Jan 15th 2013

Ladies lesson night! Or couples night since we all have geldings :)

Here was the jump set up for the night.

Hacked around... didn't get much instruction so I guess we are doing things right. I did get told to make sure to bend him more and push his hip over (going left- his stiffer side) around the corners.

Then we jumped. Warmed up over 1... back and forth.

Then a little course... down 1, up 2 and down 3. After that a few times we made the turn from 2 to 3 shorter and then just did the oxer a couple times really making Henry wait.

Felt like a good lesson.

Off today, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Monday, January 14, 2013

And there were none...

I got to the barn and I felt like Shelley.. There wasn't anyone around. Someone was cleaning up and leaving on the other side of the barn as I arrived so by the time I got Henry it was very quite and dark and scary haha!

I took off Henry's blankets and gave him a little quick workout in the round pen.

Once he settled down

Wild horse!

Gave him a quick brush down, re blanketed, gave kisses and put him back in his stall and headed home.

I might have to rethink my Monday night rides if I don't get out there around 4/430 when others are there. We shall see :)

Also got to stay home with this cutie today... I am so blessed!

Lesson tomorrow, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh Hey Ice

So Saturday I tried to fill Henry's water and the hose was frozen so I couldn't... Well today I tried after the hose sat out in the sun for a bit and this is what came sputtering out...

Hello ICE! I like how they are perfect little rods of ice haha!

Turned Henry out and headed to the big outdoor arena to watch the Hawley clinic.

I got to soak in two groups of the clinic and was impressed with all of their riding... talent for sure!

Going to talk to my training about the possibility of Henry and I maybe participating in one. I don't want to un-do all of the hard work we have done in the last year and a half so we shall see what she says :) Henry is learning to go calm, cool and collected- no galloping haha!

Hack tomorrow, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Friday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ah I love Saturdays

Hubby is home
No work
I get to ride
Normally some down time

Yeah Saturdays are good.

It was absolutely freeeeeeezing at the barn. I don't think I ever actually got warm warm while riding ha!

Got Henry, tacked up and got on. Walked a few laps and then started in. For some reason I was pinching with my right knee today and have a nasty rub on it and it hurts, bad!

We hacked around- lots of posting, sitting, 2 point, change or direction, cantering and I even did some no stirrup on my own.

Then we moved onto jumping....

Warmed up over 1 as a whole group.

Then moved onto 1, right lead to 2, left lead to 3. Then I did 1 to 2 to 3 at a bit of an angle to the left and back to 2 and then 3.

The first round it was rough and after that he was pretty good.. he was forward- to forward but it never makes me worry, i just have to get him to come back better.

Watched the Hawley clinic a little and was so cold I couldn't stay more then once session. Nicku and Pongo did awesome!!!

Day 2 of the clinic tomorrow and I will probably go turn Henry out and watch :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Short and ... short

Henry had a trainer ride today... not much to say other then I felt like he did well- jumped great!

I have some stuff to think about. Ugh...

wish this was my barn :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grind work baby!

Had a lesson today... I set up the jump so a grid it was!

Henry and his FAV neighbor Buda...  and apparently he moves his water bucket into his stall.

Tacked up, thought I would do a quick lunge and he was WILD - I stood there while he ran around like a crazy, untamed, screaming (to who know who) horse!

He finally chilled out a little so i stopped him and got on. He was still breathing heavy, blowing and head in the air but I didn't have all day! haha

Hacked around, my trainer was riding her horse and J was riding her horse Louie so it was a nice little crowd of us :)

Onto jumping... I set up 3 jumps- 1 stride between each. We started with figure 8ing the last jump and lead changes. Then we moved onto figure 8ing the middle jump- again leads and balance. Then I did all three. Apparently I set the distance between 1 and 2 a little long so I really had to get Henry forward and then back to normal between 2 and 3. He was very well behaved!

We did some more tricky "handy" riding and it was fun!

Cooled him out as he was LATHERED and I was roasting (even though it was 45 deg outside). A slight rinse of the saddle area and then I finished pulling his mane as he sat in a cooler to dry off.

Whats that?!
Back to grazing ...
 Let him graze a little while he continued to dry.

Cleaned up my mess, grained and loved on him!

Trainer ride tomorrow, lesson Saturday along with watching to Hawley clinic :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Geroge...

While I was watching day 5 today one of the boys told GM that he agrees... GM told him that he basically doesn't have a position to agree or disagree and if he disagrees then to shut up lol. I thought it was crazy brave of that kid to add input!

Bahahaha so true :)

Onto my ride... Tuesday lesson :)

I was running late at my hubbys dad (who watches B on Tuesday nights) was sick so I had to find a sitter.. she couldn't get to my house till 5:15 cause she worked till 5. BUT I made it out, quick groom and threw on the tack... hopped on, walked a lap or two and got to work.

Henry was a bit bright eyes but after some good work, settled in.

Nothing fancy about the flat- worked on keeping him in the frame, forward trot to get him really working, riding into the "scary" end and telling him to knock it off when he thinking about looking :), bending through the corners, stopping and backing to make him lighter, straight down the long side... yeah you get the picture!

Onto jumping... This was the set up :)

We warmed up over 1 back and forth. Then we did 1 to 2 both directions. Then we did 2 to 1 with a roll back to 3. We finished with 3 roll back (around 2) to 1 and then to 2.

Henry was good... a few looks at 3 but no stopping and I rode him well (i felt like). It was like he was trained no so green when I jumped him lol!

I feel like I am struggling with my release... Over the small fences my trainer said that I am doing ok but when they get bigger I need to remember to put my hands forward more. Random thought I know but I wanted to document this haha!

Off today, lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Friday and hopefully a lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey Counter Canter

I don't feel like being at work today so i keep telling myself "just keep working, just keep working" ... Finding Nemo for the win!

I had a good hack last night... Just flatted and I planned to work on some counter canter. My trainer was there which was good since I wanted her help with the counter canter (if needed).

I also was inspired my by buddy GM to do some no stirrup work :) If he can do 20 min of it, I CAN do some. Not 20 min but I will get there... I think MAYBE I did 10 min with one small walk break but I have to start somewhere right?!

Anywho I didn't lunge cause someone had turned her horses out in the round pen... keep in mind these horses LIVE IN PASTURE and the owner NEVER RIDES! Seriously people, some of us actually ride our horses and have horses that live in a stall- there is NO NEED for your horses who live in pasture to be turned out in a round pen.

Got on and went to work, Henry was a doll! Hacked around. No stirrups. Counter canter... he was AWESOME to the left (right lead) and a little sticky to the right (left lead) but we will get there. I think he has only counter cantered like 3 or 4 times so I am proud!

Cooled out, pulled more mane, cleaned up, grained and put him away.

Thanks C for taking my pic :)

Lesson tonight, maybe a hack Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson (maybe if it doesn't rain, if it rains the clinic get the indoor) Saturday.