Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keep your horse clean?

Awesome article you all should read! Totally not horsey at all hahah!

Wednesday nights are dead at the barn! I am glad hubby and B came with!

I turned on all the lights and got my stuff ready while hubby got Henry- so nice of him cause it's all muddy outside.

Did a quick groom and got to work... nothing fancy- still think he is healing from the stone bruise and the footing was a bit hard so I warmed him up a lot and almost went right to the canter as he feel better in that.

I just wanted to get him out and moving around.

It started poooooooooooring almost as soon as I got into the arena- so thankful for a covered arena!

After he was cool I gave him his grain and a nice LONG groom- homeboy is shedding and I wanted to take some time to help get that hair gone! And since he got a bath Sunday, I wanted to keep him as clean as I can  for as long as possible haha!

He'll have today off, maybe a trainer ride tomorrow and maybe a hack Saturday.

Question: What are your "keep your horse clean" during the winter tricks? :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Too Cute!

How cute is this!? Thanks hubby for the pic!

I love that Grayson isn't phased by the dogs and that Zoe isn't phased by him! One day, one day we will have property! :)

Change of plans today/night. Henry is getting turned out and I am going to go to a barrel race... hack tomorrow!

Monday, February 24, 2014


Man I am failing at this blog posting thing!

I know I don't say it enough but I really do love my horse :)

Wednesday Henry got a light work out... lots of warming up and just getting him moving.

Hubby and B came so it was nice to have the help!

Friday Henry got a trainer ride... he was a gem :)

Here are some videos-

Saturday I turned him out, we think he might have a stone bruise- since we have nothing pending and I am in baby cooking mode I am just letting him take it easy for now- no need to push anything :)

Sunday it was amazing weather out, it's been tooooo long since Henry has a bath or even hosing. I know we are in a drought so I gave him a bath using the littlest water I could- a quick body hose down and scrub, quick man part washing and tail condition. He has so much dried sweat on him it was nasty what came off when the water hit him!

B and I spend about 3 hours soaking in the sun, tending to Henry, filling waters, cleaning, hanging out and chatting with everyone!

Henry had a good amount of time out hoovering ever blade of grass and drying- he even rolled into the hot wire fence that separates the "turn outs" which was funny cause I told him not to roll!! Should have listened to mom :)

More grazing while I cleaned his stall and filled the water.

Hubby and I are going to go on a date tonight, so Henry will get the night off. If he is feeling better- I'll do a light hack tomorrow, another light hack Wed if he is ok, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday and idk Saturday.

The forecast says that rain is coming so im glad I got a layer of dirt off of him before the next gets layered on ha!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All weekend should be 3 days!

Despite B getting sick, it was SO nice to have Monday off!!

I was able to ride outside in the BIG arena, wash Henry's legs and tail, give him some turn out...

Grayson got his first pedicure..

Tuesday Henry got some turn out and some spoiling.

Hopefully I can get in a hack tonight, turn out tomorrow, trainer ride Friday and I have a baby shower Saturday.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Butt High!

Tuesday I hacked with the lesson group. Henry was good- except at the canter he has been getting fast and leaning. The ground has been hard inside since everyone has been riding in there due to the rain- so I feel bad stopping him much but I did a few times to remind him to get off my hands! I have decided this horse just has no feeling in his mouth...

Wednesday Henry had the day off and got turned out for a bit.

Getting his nightly kisses from Ramone

Hubby was off so he went out and loved on Grayson.

Grayson will be getting is first pedicure either today or Friday.

He's growing! Look at that bootie!

B has her first gymnastics class tonight and hubby is back to working Thur- Sun so no riding but Henry will get turned out, trainer ride Friday and hopefully I can hack Saturday :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Man Crush Monday- but posted on Tuesday :)

Got to the barn, grabbed Henry, groomed, tacked up and lunged mr HIGH.

It was SUPER wet outside so I had to lunge on a line in a small circle since there were 5 people riding. I hate it when someone lunges and take up the WHOLE half so that the people riding have to basically stop. Henry was wild but is always pretty well behaved on the line (this isn't how he came to me lol)... he was dying to buck and go nuts but held his composure- letting out one buck but he waited till no horses were around him- such a good boy!

I got on an hacked as a jumping lesson was being set up.. oh how I longed to just pop over an X lol! But I know my body can't do it right now so I shall be patient and wait.

Henry was a bit up through our ride but we worked through it and by the end we were both sweaty but working well together :)

Cooled him out a bunch... then hubby walked him with a cooler on around the barn twice to make sure he was good to blanket and take home.

Hack tonight, something Wednesday, off Thursday, WS/trainer ride Friday and idk Sat/Sun.

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's raining, it's pooring...

Yep dreaming again of jumping AND sun :)
Video of Henry and the WS Friday :)

I know lots of people are having lots of snow and cold cold weather... we finally got some much needed rain in CA but now it won't stop!

Ok I am done complaining...

The party went well Saturday but it whippppped me out! Sunday I was down for the count but am feeling better today.

This came in the mail Friday- In love!

Henry will get a hack today, hack tomorrow (lessons for me aren't really lessons anymore haha more a hack), hack/turn out Wednesday, idk Thursday, trainer ride Friday and maybe another Saturday- not sure.

Don't forget to enter Hillary's contest!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's raining.. but I'm still happy!

Henry got a trainer ride today.. WS jumped him and he is awesome! I took some video but here are two screen shots of him and her....

He was so good they only went through it a few times and called it a day - woot!

Hoping to get a hack in tomorrow am before the party but we will see how much prepping is left after tonight :) 100% chance of rain soooooo we are having to make room in the garage for the pinata!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Laid back hack, NOT

Tuesday night trainer was busy with her new grand baby so Erica, Kat and I had a fun low key ride.. well that was the plan.

Waiting for our turn

Hubby was nice and grabbed Henry for me.

I groomed- sheesh he is shedding- tacked up and waited for my turn in the round pen, there was a horse going NUTS in there. I knew that Henry was going to be nuts so he needed to get it out in the round pen, he's too well behaved on the lunge line so that wasn't an option.

After crazy man got his crazies out... got on and went to work. Henry was pretty good and then I circled on half the arena and all hell broke lose, he was dropping his shoulder and darting in away from the horse eating pile of polls and standards.

SO we spent way to much time going by that both directions till he decided my inside spur was worse then the pile of painted wood. THIS HORSE!!

We were both way more tired and sweaty then needed to be ha!

Wednesday he got turned out.

Hoping to do something with him tonight- but we are also trying to get ready for B's 3rd birthday party thats this weekend.

Trainer ride tomorrow and hopefully a hack Saturday :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What makes a person a Trainer?

Sometimes I feel like there are few real trainers out there.

The word trainer to me is someone who has the background, experience and training themselves to be qualified.

What do you all think?
What qualification make a trainer?
Do you feel like there are too many "trainers" out there or are they all justified? 
What does the word trainer mean to you?

Other thoughts, share!!

Monday night I waited forever and ever for the round pen to lunge Henry- a rope jilling flag waver was in there and was taking her sweeeeeeet time.. eventually I gave up and cleaned his stall, filled his and Louies waters and made them both warm bran mash.

Henry got a nice turn out

I found a Mule at the barn!!

I'll hack tonight, trainer is busy so no lesson.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Quiet on the Henry front...

I got Henry a mineral block and put it in his stall Wednesday.

Do any of you use these? Like? Dislike? Thoughts?

WS was sick still on Saturday so no ride for Henry then either :(

This last week/weekend has been a bit crazy... I am hoping to get back on the riding train :) Not to mention this pregnancy is way different and harder then last time.

Good news, we had a good amount of rain Saturday night and all day Sunday!

Come here Henry!


Three Amigos!

Hubby is still working on the floors tonight so hoping to get up and lunge Henry, maybe a ride Tuesday, idk Wednesday/Thursday, hopefully a trainer ride Friday and idk Saturday.