Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hangout Time

I don't think in the 7 months that I have had Henry I have spent unlimited time grooming and hanging out with him. Tonight was the night. I typically ride Monday nights but my hubby got home 45 min late and I headed up to the barn alone. There were 2 people finishing up their rides as I came into the barn with Henry. I gave him a quick groom and polo wrapped all 4 legs in some fancy white polos and put bell boots on. Then we headed out to the big round pen and I let him just hangout, smell around, mosey here and there and eventually do some work haha!

Henry going to the left

Henry going to the right

Then we headed in to the indoor arena to walk around a bit.. he was a good boy.

Then off to beautify him! He actually stood very well and let me fuss over him- curing and brushing him lots! The only think he wasn't sure about was painting his hooves- he kept looking down at me like what the heck are you doing?!?! Anywho he was glistening when I was done.

I took some pictures with my phone of our hangout sesh- sorry for the bad quality!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rough Ride

Saturday was a rough ride... not cause Henry was bad but because I felt like I could do no right and was not clear on what was being asked of me. I am trying so hard to ride well, do what I am told and do right by Henry and my trainer.

I am not going to dwell on it cause it makes me frustrated/confused/mad soooo tomorrow is a new day right?

Anywho Henry was quite sweaty after our lesson so I hosed him off and Hubby helped me walk him in his cooler while I cleaned my tack and then we grained him and I snapped a picture with my phones camera.. enjoy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Laid back Friday

Henry got turned out this morning by my trainer and his blanket taken off- i was in San Jose for work and knew it would get warm today and he needed his blanket off and would like some time out enjoying the day...

After work Bayley and I went up to blanket and grain Henry...I brushed him, blanketed him, cleaned his stall, cleaned his water, cleaned up his padock and filled his water with clean yummy fresh water! While I was filling his water he kept grabbing the hose and swinging it around, such a good helper- NOT! haha

I took a few quick pictures of him while I was waiting for his water to fill up .. ENJOY!

Munching away at his dinner with Buster in the background

Hi mom, what is that thing in your hand? Can I eat it?

Cute boy!

Lesson tomorrow morning woot!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan. 26th 2012

Met hubby at the barn and he got my horse for me :)

Tacked up, did a quick lunge and hopped on. Henry was really good (soft in the bridle, forward and listening to my leg, came back in the sitting trot) until we cantered. He wasn't bad per-say but I feel like he isn't getting the whole slow down while cantering. I am half haulting but am not getting the response id like.. keep working at it Karley!

Worked on halting and staying in the frame- we got it about half the time haha. He's getting better!

I wore tinny little spurs tonight and they helped my canter from a walk transitions which was nice :)

Henry and I were both tired by the end of our ride. He was good so I didn't drill much... I get to lesson again on Saturday- meaning he got ridden 5 days this week woot!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kentucky Derby?

There were so many people out riding last night!!!! I like riding with people BUT sheesh it was grand central station. I know it is good for both Henry and myself to get used to all the noise, distractions and people but sometimes I feel like there should be a common curtousy while people are riding to not have bombs going off. Just saying ....

Anywho over all he was good. We added in walk to canter transitions which was cool to get to do something "new" with him. He was really strong going to the left at the canter which was frusterating... something I've got to keep working on. He was so good on Monday that I was hoping he'd carry that over into Tuesday BUT not so much- oh well.

I want to ride well for my trainer- in ever situation. I know that there are a lot of things I need to work on but I would like her to look at me and say "she is progressing"... but I am never quite sure if I am haha! I mean I must be but sometimes I'd like to hear it.

There is always tomorrow right? I am feeling stronger and willing to work hard so bring it on :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan. 23, 2012

So winter has arrived... we got a decent amount of rain this weekend and luckily I think I have finally found a horse who doesn't like to roll and be covered in mud!!! Woooo hoooo! He likes to roll BUT he deson't do it in my med which I appriciate. It's so nice to unblanket my horse and have him be all smooth and clean under.

So I didn't ride Saturday cause Sean had to work and Sunday he got turned out but the day ended up being consumed by chores and Sean helping a friend with him car. So Monday was a must ride day. It was SUPER cold at the barn and I felt bad taking off Henry's blanket but had to if we were going to get to work. There was so much going on at the barn- a horse trying to climb out of the stall, another kicking continuously at the wall freaking out, crazy horses being lunged in the arena, a horse getting lose and running a muck around the property, lots of people chatting it up and really loud noises. So needless to say Henry was a little on edge going into our ride.

I taked him up and went out to lunge- another person was riding and someone else came in to lunge a few min after I started and the rider didn't want two people lunging (understandable) so I let the other person go first since I wasn't in a hurry and she was a bit mad about not being able to lunge at the same time. Needless to say I am glad that I let her go becuase she ran her horse like a bat out of hell and I would not have wanted to be riding when she was lunging... chasing her horse like that scares me and it's to small of a cirlce for the horse to go that fast AND it's not good for the horse.

Anywho despite her saying she would be quick- 10 to 15 min later it was my turn and the other rider was now done riding haha! So I lunged and he was a little high so I just let him canter and get it out then on I got and to work we went. He was good and it was cold so I trotted about two or three times around each way and then cantered. I was working on his fram and holding him together but not letting him rest on my hands- it's his job to hold himself and not mine haha! After the cantering both ways I did a lot of work with him bending, really worked on staying in his frame w/o the draw reins and I felt like he was really working for me and listening to me next request. It felt SO good!

He was SUPER steamy and sweaty when we were done so I walked him a bunch and then got off, untakced, groomed and put his cooler on and then walked some more to help him dry before he was tucked in for the night.

I hope that tonight (Tuesday) is another good ride and that he is ready to show our trianer the strides we are making :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hang out time

These are like a week old but I finally uploaded them .. nothing special just a little bit of video of Henry's hard life :) HAHA!

First Video- Pasture in Jan 2012

Second Video- Pasture in Jan 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday night and I juuuuussssttttt got paid!

Yay for Friday. I was able to ride this afternoon (got off work early cause I had worked some overtime Monday) and it was nice... kinda.

*jump on soap box* I am not sure why people are so dumb... common curtsy, or no- common sense seems to escape most of the world I have decided!

Back on track... Tacked up and put Henry in the big ol round pen and let him blow off some steam- he was far to high for only having one day off! Anywho didn't lunge much cause 1. I wanted to ride before the rain came 2. was on a time limit and 3. am trying to make sure I have a little more horse to work with when I ride. There were some odd situations going on and that yielded some spooks, fly slightly sideways and little duck outs but I felt like I took it all in stride. My trainer was there giving someone a lesson so I got a few pointers here and there how to deal with these special maneuvers :) I appreciated it!

Anywho worked more of holding him together, bending, his frame, keeping him in front of my let and making sure I am sitting up (shoulders back). All in all he was good.

I was able to clean my bridle, martingale and draw reins- my trainers bridle (that she has been letting me use) and my horse! The rain has arrived so I cleaned Henry up the best I could before putting him back out in his stall where I am sure he will be a big ball of mud tomorrow! :)

Oh I have decided on a saddle.. a Frank Baines. It fits both Henry and I really well. It is perfect for what I can afford right now and what we need :)

One last thing... As most of you know I got Henry from CANTER CA. They are selling calendars and Henry and I are featured! We are November... it would be awesome if you all could support them and buy one! They are doing great things and can use all the support they can get!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Some pics from the last 2 Tuesdays... Enjoy!!!!

Lunch Break

I rode on my lunch and it was awesome. I wish I could do that every day! In my dream world right?!

It was really nice weather and Juliana was there so I had a buddy to ride with as well :) Henry was really really good. I almost felt like it wasn't for real cause he was listening SO well, was light in the bridle and didn't spook at a thing! I have been riding in a wedge bit for about a week and wow it makes such a difference!

He was a bit sluggish but it was day 3 in a row of riding and he's now much more filled out then he used to be so I think his stamina isn't as good as it once was haha! I didn't even lunge him for more then 2 min each way cause he was so laid back.

Our left lead was right on (id like a little quicker response from him so I think it's time to use a small little tom thumb spur)- no more picking up the wrong lead. I think he is getting more balanced and also "trained" which is good.

I really do love this horse and am so thankful for him!

No ride tonight cause I am taking my bff to the airport to visit her hubby in Vegas (hes there for work) but hopefully tomorrow I can ride since Sean works Saturday. It's supposed to rain cats and dogs starting this afternoon through Sunday or Monday so thank goodness we have a covered arena!

Also I am really missing seeing pictures of myself ride as I feel stronger ever ride and want to see myself SO I've got to convince someone to take pics of me haha! My posts have been to wordy lately and need some more visuals!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Days...

Sunday he got turned out for a bit- nothing much.

Monday was his trainer ride- which will be moving back to Wednesdays next week cause that is a hard day for me to get out to the barn and definitely a day that I can't ride. I was told he was good and even jumped well. One of these days I'll be able to go watch again on my lunch. I like seeing him being ridden :)

Tuesday I rode in the ladies night lesson :) There were a bunch of polls on the ground so I was instructed to go over them all and get him working. At the first one we trotted he slammed the brakes on and I got after him and he went over it. After a few more times he stopped "jumping" them haha. I also worked on keeping him straight down the long side as he is more then happy to wander around the arena without a purpose. We are also making progress with his frame- WOO HOO. Irene said I am almost there! Last but not least the challenge of my mind over matter of the night was cantering the polls. I did it and it went well :)

Might be able to ride on my lunch today... tomorrow I am taking Rachel to the airport so I won't be riding after work and hopefully I can ride Friday as Sean works Saturday so no weekend lesson for me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting my groove back

I feel like I am getting my mojo back a little. Haha.

I set my alarm with time to get up and make it to the barn early BUT I was so tired and snoozed a few to many times soooo I was in a rush to get ready. We ended up riding in our arena (which is up the hill cause we are in the lower barn for the winter) so my waiting for the round pen to lunge was pointless - luckily I figures it out quickly and headed up there to lunge. He wasn't very wild so it was a "quick" (for me) lunge. I had tacked up with one of the other trial saddles and after like 2 times around the arena realized I DIDN'T like it at all and ask my hubby to go get the one that I rode in Thursday so that I could show it to my trainer. Kept hacking till he came back with it and then traded.

Much better and back to work :) I also put my stirrups on it which didn't rub me. I wanted to make sure I was in a good saddle so that I could make the most of the time I had with my trainer.

We did the norm- wtc - my trainer reiterated that my posture needs work. I need to start wearing my shoulders back every ride I have decided. She did give me a compliment tho that from my hips down I look good. I appreciated that but need to get my shoulders in check and fix this issue.

Anywho worked on holding him together in the canter and also closing my leg and making him go in his frame at the trot. Then everyone else jumped and after they were done I worked on the trot polls with cantering after and lead changes. I am getting more and more confident with each ride. Lots to work on and keep striving to do better.

My trainer wants me to jump some of the other horses who are more schooled to keep me going and let Henry get some more trainer rides under his belt before I jump him again. Even though I want to jump him again I trust her and know that shes got our best interest in mind :) And I am SO thankful for that!

After our lesson we all took a walk (semi trail ride) around the property and Henry was really good!

He also got a bath and tail wash after our ride- then hand walking and eating grass till he was almost dry.

Oh and best of all- hubby pulled all the stall mats out of Henry's stall, cleaned everything out from under them flattening the dirt and then put the mats back in- making Henry's stall so beautiful and clean! I am SO thankful for him helping me with things like that. I know the guys are really overworked at the barn and feel bad asking them to do that stuff- so having Sean's help and willingness to make Henry's stall as nice as we can living in the ghetto ;) I really am thankful for!

I was on blanket duty tonight (since I am the blanket crazy mother and Henry has a blanket- or maybe 2 haha- for each different type of weather that is possible here in CA) since it's supposed to be cold. Made sure all the ponies were warm and tucked in for the night.

I am having saddle decision making issues. The one I rode in Thursday and changed to today I like, my trainer says it fits me and Henry well but it isn't as high end and I would like to have. I have to decided if I want to get it or wait 3-4 more months till I have enough to get a higher end saddle- used - ugh decisions! Anyone have advice? Please!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Saddles Saddles and more Saddles

I tried another saddle tonight (Thursday). I rode with long stirrups cause the leathers were bunched by where the bars are and they were rubbing me like crazy (i have bruises to show). I liked the saddle, felt like a deeper seat. I am not sure it fit me right but that is what my trainer is for- Ill ride for her in it Saturday and see what she thinks. There is another one that I will be trying too- flatter larger seat then the one last night.

There were 3 other people riding so it was a nice amount of room for us all to get our own space :) 

Anywho Henry was good. He felt sluggish in the canter (aka lazy and didn't want to keep cantering) so it took some work to keep him going and hold him together. I worked on moving his hip over at the walk and he was good once he realized that I wasn't asking him to trot (or canter). Also after we cantered I stayed in a trot. At times he thinks that after cantering it's quitting time. He even went around nicely on a long rein and was really laid back by the end of our ride.

I will be riding tomorrow morning. I am tempted to sleep in as Sean isn't working and he offered to let me sleep in BUT getting miles on Henry (and a workout for me) is necessary.

Maybe Sean will take some pictures tomorrow :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello 2012- I am not sure sure I like you

Tuesday lesson was a bit more eventful then I intended it to me. Henry was a bit high as I lunged him and I didn't get to lunge him as long as I would have liked because my trainer said "get on" haha. So I did... Getting right to work so that he didn't have any time to think about ALL THE NOISE that was going on around. Seriously it was like grand central station! Anywho we got to work- worked more on bending and being soft in the corners. Cantering and trying to slow him down and hold him together and not letting him be so strung out and just going around how he wants. He got his canter both ways and was responsive. I was feeling good ..

Then we were tasked with walking over the polls... I approached with confidence and Henry acted like he had never seen them before and they were going to eat him- large leap over the polls. Trotting them- he jumped them again. Then one side of the X was put him and he SLAMMED on the brakes at the last minute, smacked me in the left side of my chin and jaw- I felt shooting pain in my face and almost like I was going to pass out and fell off. I sat there a minute because the pain was so bad in my face, everyone was asking if I was ok which I was but it hurt, really bad, so I didn't want to get up to fast and pass out- so I sat. Eventually I got back on and did it again- eventually it was raised to and X and we did it a few time both ways and were done. It felt like he was jumping a good 2 feet over the little jump that was set up but hey better then running through it and not jumping it right? Everyone said he looked really cute when he actually jumped it ... so that was nice to hear.

Tomorrow is a new day so hopefully our ride goes better. I am sore, very sore but that comes with a fall off a 16.2 hand horse I guess ha! Oh and my fall for 2012 is out of the way :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you SURE it's Jan?

60 Degree weather and no rain- I am NOT complaining but we do need rain.

Saturday was supposed to be the vet clinic but the vacs didn't come in so our vet pushed it out to Wednesday- I added Henry's boy parts cleaning to the list. If possible I am going to go up on my lunch and watch so that I can do it next time. I have cleaned them before but not on Henry so I want to make sure he is going to be a good boy before I try :) Also someone was supposed to bring me some saddled to try but she didn't soooooo Bayley and I spent a good 4 hours at the barn for nothing- haha well not nothing because I love hanging out with everyone and loving on my horse!

Sunday we had a MILLION things to do with little time so I went up to Henry early afternoon- lunged and groomed him. Nothing exciting but he did get worked and to stretch his legs, then beautified- his favorite! Actually I think he likes being pampered and getting to watch all the action that goes on in the barn. He's getting really good at standing in the cross ties and being a-ok with all the "stuff" going on around him, maybe it's from his race days. Stuff that I am like "oh I hope that doesn't bother him"- I will look his way and he isn't even the slight bit worried about it, I love that! He is such a good boy and I am so thankful for him!

Monday is the trainer ride this week as Wednesday will be vacs and cleaning. I am not able to make it up and watch today so hopefully I will get a good report that things went well :)

Lesson tomorrow :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Spa ish Day

Henry got spoiled today....

Turned out in this amazing weather... then groomed, pampered and also clipped (birdle path, which I didn't do a very good job at BUT it's been a while since i did it so i'll get better- whiskers, leg hair and a little on his ears). He was such a good boy, I was SOOOO pleased!

Henry enjoying being turned out

Helping me carry his grain bucket lol
After rolling ... he kept some "souvenirs" from the pasture lol

Thursday, January 5, 2012

67 Degrees, Sun and NO Wind

Today was the best weather anyone could ask for! It's January, really warm and I rode in a t-shirt! Henry was sweaty before I even got on cause it was so warm haha!

I did a quick lunge (this is his 4th day in a row being ridden) and got on. Juliana and I wanted to go ride down in the big arena but since I was riding on my "lunch" I didn't have time to spare so I rode inside. Juliana hacked Billy around and then headed out to jump and I stayed and continued my hacking. He was really good, relaxed and listening to me. After we warmed up I worked on moving his hind end left and right and he did well.

I worked him some more and then headed back. He has been getting into the habit that after cantering we are done so I have been making a point to trot around or canter more to make sure that he doesn't start to feel entitled or what not :)

Tonight I had to blanket him (and groom since he rolled after I rode and hosed him off) and grain him .. he was SO well behaved while I was trying to clean him up. I think 4 days in a row of riding is doing him well!

Hoping to ride tomorrow and maybe even take a private lesson if I am not too tired.

The vet comes out Saturday to do the vacs, teeth and worming. I think Henry's teeth are fine but he is going to check them and I worm him on my owns soooo no need for that either.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd

We are temporarily moved into the other barn- really all that means for me is that I have my tack and grooming stuff down below and I don't have to lug it down anymore at night and back up after I am done riding haha!

We rode inside tonight and Henry was good.Just hacked around... nothing special. But it was a good ride and I feel stronger ever ride :)

I told Sean today that I am really enjoying riding Henry- it's been a while since I was felt inadequate which is really nice. I am not saying I am a bomb diggity rider I am just confident and willing to push and do whatever I am asked or need to do for Henry's training to kick into high gear.

Tomorrow is Henry's first "trainer" ride.. then Thursday I will hack again :)

I forgot ...

Henry will now be in 1/2 training ... one lesson a week with me (like we are currently doing) and one trainer ride (this will be new). My trainer says that he is a nice horse and will progress a lot faster if we can do this SOOOO no more Starbucks for me, 1/2 training is more important :)

Also a few show names I am mulling around...
Cooler Then Me
Raise the Roof

Oh and I got this for Christmas from my WONDERFUL husband :)


Last day of vacation ... SAD!

Friday was a day of turn out and new shoes for Henry :)

Saturday was windy windy windy and after lunging up in the hurricane weather (less the rain) we all went down to ride inside which was MUCH appreciated. There were 6 of us plus 2 others riding inside which made for not much ring space but it's good practice for showing right? :) Anywho one of the other trainers was riding a clients horse and the horses was being crazy/spooky. Henry actually took it all in great stride which I was very proud of. He looked at the horse like "whats your problem" but continued to work well for me. We worked on shoulder in as well as haunches in, a forward working trot (which after the amount of lunging I did because he was so high was hard to get cause he was tired lol), cantering both ways and getting that left lead, keeping him cantering (its hard work to keep him going sometimes haha) and the normal other hacking stuff. It was a hard ride but good- I like getting off a bit sore ha!

Sunday was just some turn out in the crazy wind :)

Monday was the last day of my vacation- so sad! Bayleys daycare was open so after letting her sleep in (she had a rough nights sleep) I dressed her and dropped her off for a few hours. Off to the barn to ride and move stuff down to the lower barn where we will be residing for the winter. I got there, tacked up and headed to our arena to ride... There was a barn meeting going on while I lunged which I wasn't able to be apart of but I think I got the details I needed. Anywho got to work and man it was a good/hard ride. We even did some no stirrup work which just about killed me- I could only do two laps of the arena before I left like I was going to fall off and die HAHA. We got our left lead the first try but he was defiantly at the races. He wasn't being bad but at times I could tell he was hauling booty so we stopped and backup a few time and did some unexpected circles to make sure he was paying attention to me. After our ride a few of us took a walk around the property. I went for half of the walk but chickened out going all the way down- but he was really really good for it being his first time!
Anywho untacked, groomed and put on his cooler and took him back to his stall to dry while I moved stuff- long story short we didn't end up moving cause things weren't ready. In the meantime Henry rolled in his new shavings and got all dirty- good thing he isn't gray!
The move is supposed to happen today and I am supposed to ride tonight if Sean gets off work in time.

I am still trying out saddles and haven't found any I am in love with... hopefully soon :)