Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan. 26th 2012

Met hubby at the barn and he got my horse for me :)

Tacked up, did a quick lunge and hopped on. Henry was really good (soft in the bridle, forward and listening to my leg, came back in the sitting trot) until we cantered. He wasn't bad per-say but I feel like he isn't getting the whole slow down while cantering. I am half haulting but am not getting the response id like.. keep working at it Karley!

Worked on halting and staying in the frame- we got it about half the time haha. He's getting better!

I wore tinny little spurs tonight and they helped my canter from a walk transitions which was nice :)

Henry and I were both tired by the end of our ride. He was good so I didn't drill much... I get to lesson again on Saturday- meaning he got ridden 5 days this week woot!

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