Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh This Weather

Seriously it's absolutely amazing!!

Saturday I went out and washed G and Coopers legs and tails.... B also rode and I got G's stuff ready to take him to the trainer.

Addi loves Cooper too

All the horses got Sunday off.

Monday I had a couple hours to myself at the barn- IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!

I rode Henry, had the arena to myself most of the ride. I worked on extending and shortening my canter... also some long stretchy trot.

He was super sweaty when we were done so I decided to cool out outside walking around..

Once he was cool, I took off his tack and let him out in the turn out to roll, eat and chill ... then I went back up to the barn and cleaned my tack, cleaned and filled his waters, cleaned his stall and made his grain.

Got Henry and cleaned him up (including his man parts) and put him back in his clean stall and let him devour his grain.

Grabbed my trailer so that I am all ready to take G tomorrow morning to the trainer!

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Little Things- Blog Hop

Thanks to the $900FBpony for the blog hop!!

What are the “little things” about your horse that you’re so fond of?

This is such and awesome topic! We all have a soft spot for your ponies and know all of their little quirks because we spend the most time with them. 

Some of my fav with Henry are...

He is so good with my girls! He can be sassy to me but never is with them...

His work ethic- we are both serious and there to get the job done during lessons...
Throw back to fall 2013

He is pretty reliable... never bucked me off, doesn't really spook and if he does it's not bad, he's pretty tough- not a baby when it comes to pain or bumps/bruses....
Just close your eyes mom, I got this

And I think he's #henrythehunk.. Here are some of my fav Henry pics.. so hard to only pick a few!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The BIG happy news

Yahoooooo for feet getting done!! It took me over half the day because they had 8 horses to do- 4 shoes and 4 trims and I was there to help with it all.

Munching on grass at the ranch after our ride

The BIG happy news is WE CAN JUMP!! We need to keep an eye on his feet and take it slow but we are backkkkkk! WOOT!

 B and I both rode Monday after each of our horses were done getting their pedicures.

Henry was NOT cool with the goats and the cows- especially since the lady who owns the cattle was chasing them around (WHO KNOWS WHY?!)... I just kept him busy and working to try and keep him distracted lol. 

Tuesday I hacked with with afternoon group... I was hoping they were going to jump so I could get a little in to nock off the rust but they didn't soooo next time.

All tucked in after our ride
Hopefully if I get to jump Tuesday night soon Andy (Kat's hubby) will get some media!! WOOT!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hug a Little Tighter

Emotions are high... sadness for a dear friend but how beautifully did she write this?! 

Nicku bought B a mini Pongo a few years back and we treasure him, even more now.

Been hugging and kissing this guy a bit more lately 

Shoeing appointment got postponed to Monday... gotta get up nice and early to get him to the ranch and then there are 8 horses for them to do- hopefully a few come to do them so we aren't there all day!

Henry has been an angel for all our rides... I am probably jinxing myself ha!

G and Cooper helping do the lawn mowing.. yep they are in the front yard at the ranch lol!

Friday, February 19, 2016


hanging out with this guy grazing

It's official, G is going to a month of training with the Cowboy in March- woo hoo!!

Rides continue with Henry... hopeing to get to a SAHJA show in March!!

Henry loves our rides- promise!!

Shoeing appointment for Henry Thursday- hopefully all good news with his toes!

Thrusday it POORED just as it got dark... I husstled up to the barn to make sure Henry had to right clothes on and gave him a little snacky :) #sospoiled #henrysdaman

PS Moving sucks.. packing a house 80% alone with two small kids sucks... I can't wait to find and be in a new home and NOT MOVE for a long time!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A new man...

B has a new man in her life... a 4 legged one- no boyfriends for my 5 year old!! lol

A friend is letting her boy Cooper teach B how to ride and in exchange I and feeding him and keeping him tended to :)

Day 1

Cooper is a 24 year old QH... he does it all, is so bomb proof and makes B work hard to get him to go- I LOVE IT!

I've ridden Cooper in the past for rodeo grand entry stuff - he really is one in a million!

More to come!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Clean Horses

Make sure to check out Life Of Riley's post giveaway!!

Grayson got a bath this week woot! I just love having a clean horse!

Don't mind the chunk of his mane that he rubbed out reaching for grass through the fence blah! :(

 His tail is growing!! And so clean lol!

Wednesday Henry had the day off and got some time in the sun..

Thursday I rode... Hacked around while some kids had lessons. Cantered a lot and stayed out of the kiddo's way the best I could.

Henry was super sweaty when I wan done, walked for quite a while to cool him out.

Friday B and I gave Henry a spa day, lot of grooming, a hose off to get all the nasty sweat gone and some time out in the sun to dry :)

Something exciting will be coming soon... stay tuned!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Planner or Fly by the Seat of Your Pants?

Horse show planning is fun but also so daunting for me- I have two kiddo's and a hubby to plan around. 

I am a planner my nature but at time I have to just see how the cookie crumbles lol!

My goal this year is to attend as many of the SAHJA show series shows as possible... maybe a year end award if we can swing it?

So what are your show plans? Do you see what is available as you go? Plan as a barn? Give a schedule to your trainer?

How do you do it? Do share!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Charging Forward....

The end of last week and this weekend might have killed me! Between hubby working and having our oldests birthday party (along with hubby getting called in on her party day for a 16.5 hour OT, he was gone for 18 hours)...

I got my rides in though... Friday was a lunge

Saturday was a hack, Sunday was off, Monday a hack outside and Tuesday a hack inside.

Henry has been pretty good so my hacks haven't been too exciting... going through the paces- W,T,C... haunches in and out, shoulder in and out, transitions clean and crisp, turn on the forhand and haunches....

I also swaped his bit back to the twisted wire and he's feeling better in it.... I have decided that periodically you have to swap his bit to keep him from hanging :)

Henry gets today off and I plan to give Grayson a bath this afternoon - it's been way too long lol!

Oh and we are about to sell our house so that is taking up my time too.. but I am managing it all, just call me super woman hahahahaha jk :-P For real where there is a will there is a way and I am pretty good at just putting my head down and getting it done!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dang Iphone and Rapid Fire

30 or so min of riding and close to 3,000 pictures later B is a budding photographer?

Enjoy a small tid bit of her "artwork" lol

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

Sunday afternoon B and I headed up to the barn so I could ride, yay!!

She took some sweet pictures for me, more to come in a separate post...

I hacked Sunday and Monday... the normal w/t/c, some counter canter, going around on the buckle...

Henry has been good but I can tell he is DYING to blow off some steam.

With all the rain, our turn outs are crap and not safe, our outside rings are a mess and the normal round pen we use is no bueno...

Tuesday I booted him up and took him down to the BIG round arena that we have way down below. Normally it's got good footing and drys pretty quick.

Needless to say he was SO happy to be out and free.

Though he was NOT very sure about the cattle that were right by the gate.

Making himself look bad ass to ward off those horse eating steers :-P

We had to go in and out of a gate a couple time to remind him that he did not need to grab his bootie and haul out of the gate ... he had to make sure he spun around to face those horse eating steers lol!