Thursday, December 31, 2015


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... hacked Mr H. Exciting times lol!

All the kids are out of school so there are lots of people around which is fun!

I've been incorporating a little draw rein work into a hack each week. Also been doing a bit of no stirrup.

Last ride of 2015

Lots of transitions and pushing his hip around the corners and no falling into the turns.

He gets his feet done Monday and I can't wait! It's only been a little over 6 weeks but his toes are too long... still trying to fix that one expensive shoers LOOONG toe crap blah! Hopefully after this shoeing we will be all good and maybe even jump? :)

Happy New Years to everyone!! Bring on 2016!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Blogger Gift Exchange

I just LOVE getting mail and then getting a present from another blogger who is a horse person too... THE BEST!


This year I checked daily for a box on the porch... and it came!! All the way from Oklahoma!

This present couldn't have been any better suited for me!! Stephanie you rock!!

Eskadron Climatex polos, SO excited to use them!

Sore No More Gelotion- I just know I am going to love this, already a vetrolyn lover so theres no way i won't love this!

Treats for Henry, the delish soft ones- his fav!

And a sweet card!

Seriously the best!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas Henry!
Thursday I got one last lunge in before Christmas and hubby goes to work.

Merry Christmas 

I hope had a great day or days with your family!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hustle and Bustle at the Barn

Friday I knew rain was coming so I opted to turn Henry out for a few hours to get some sun and so he could munch on the ity bitty bits of grass that were out there.

Saturday I headed up to the barn once hubby woke up and took over kiddo duty... got there and realized I left me bridle, girth and martingale at home.

So our ride looked like this...


Henry got Sunday off :)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I hacked. Everyone is out of school so it was hustling and bustling every time.

Henry has been great for our hacks, we haven't done anything special since there have been so many people in the arena... just hacks, lead changes, shoulder/haunches in/out, lots of bending, turn on the forhand and haunches.

In his temp stall while his wall gets fixed

 He must have gotten cast sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning because one of the walls in his stall was way pushed out (like the wood wall was moved inches), there were lots of scratches on that wall and holes in his blanket... thankfully he seemed no affected!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Do you do your own stunts?

So I was wondering- for you personally, when do you draw the line for enough is enough with your horses or a horse you are ridings shenanigans?

Is it after the first buck or big spook, after falling off or a dirty stop, after a broken finder or leg?

Or do you not have a point and you are willing to deal with whatever because you love your precious Pookie? ;)

As I get older my desire to put up with crap has become shorter, thankfully Henry is really a solid citizen now and I don't have to deal with much :)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Radio Silence

Woops, didn't mean to fall off blogger land after the GM recap, sorry! We took a little family vaca to Disneyland so I was off living real life lol :)

Henry got worked Friday and Saturday before we left...

Sunday through Wednesday Henry had some time off.

Trainer lunged him one day so that he was able to stretch his legs.

Thursday I hacked with Kat... I drug her out earlier then she would have liked but we had fun!

I thought Henry was going to be wild but he was actually pretty well behaved for having so many days off - well except thinking the green roll tops were Henry eating monsters lol.

My secret santa present went out and I can't wait to see if the recipient likes it! I ordered it last week so hopefully they get it soon! And I hope the note gets included so they know it was me! lol

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cowboy Ride #2

Monday I headed out to ride Henry...

After tacking him up I decided to throw him in the round pen to make sure he didn't have any crazies... sheesh im glad I did that, he was all calm and then BAM decided to run and buck and run and buck and run and buck.

Once he was done I crawled on and we got right to work... he rode SO well and felt so good.

Really nice in the frame- I remembered to keep  my hands up and leg/hand.

I think it's time to clip, homeboy was so sweaty!

I have been working on turn on the forhand and turn on the haunches in the middle of the arean, away from the wall. Henry does them great with the crutch of the wall so it's been a work in progress away from it... the forhand comes much easier to him... but he did some awesome turn on the haunches too and I was super pleased!

I got him cleaned up and headed out to Graysons second cowboy ride.

Rode Rocky english :)
I rode Rocky and did a bunch of no stirrup work at the trot and canter since he is much nicer to ride no stirrup then Henry lol

Cowboy took G and headed into their cutting pen, there were cattle in there too... G has seen cow from a distance but never been that close to them. He took it all in stride from what I saw.

Cowboy just put him to work and acted like the cattle weren't even there.

Rocky was so excited when we went into the cutting pen to watch, he LOVES to chase cattle lol.

G did really good and only scooted once or twice at the end when they were putting the cattle away and they were a tad fresh and came running at him.

He's doing more following his nose and giving his face. I really like how Cowboy lets go of the other rein when asking him to come one way or the other with his face, really makes it easy for a baby to understand and no confusion.

Go baby G!
My homework was to work on changing direction and making him move forward off my feet right away... Cowboy says he is a little too laid back lol!

Tuesday Henry got the day off and Grayson got cleaned up (and then he rolled when I turned him out after making him stay in the stall with grain for a bit to dry- gerrrrr) and wormed- exciting stuff :)

With his gf Tru behind him :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

George Morris 2015

So I had planned to ride this year but due to the crack in Henry's foot, I decided to bow out. He hasn't been off but I want that crack to heal 100% and not haunt us :)

So I headed up to the clinic early early Tuesday morning, I knew that there was going to be some traffic so I wanted to get going early to make sure I got there in lots of time.

Even had time to get my first Dutch Bros Coffee

Some points I particularly liked:
- "Leg Hand" ... I think he said it a million times
- Inside leg outside rein- he said he we to dependent on our inside rein... two things so basic but I need to remember to use every step of my rides
- Keep your hands up, don't rest them or hoover them over the horses neck
- Leg leg leg
- Classical dressage is key.. not the competition dressage we see today
- Having a well balanced, supple and fit horse is the most important... way back when they didn't have vets and they had to make sure their horses were fit and healthy
- Shoulder in, haunches in, shoulder out, haunches out- do it

This year he didn't allow any martingales- which was crazy but also cool to see everyone work without them.

Here is a set of pictures that show George the master of his craft ..

When he first got on

Getting more supple...

Right before he got off
Not to mention homeboy did this all without stirrups... oye!

George isms:
This isn't a petting zoo people, they have to deal with the horses issue! (in reference to dealing with horses stopping and being punished) (made me chuckle)
You need to stop eating and start working. (can't believe he said it but hey we all know he doesn't censer)

He's going to take some time off from clinics he said but will be back, hopefully I can ride with him when he comes back :)

I have more pictures on my nice camera that I will post once I get them off it... for now enjoy the cell phone shots lol.

I had a great two days at the clinic and learned lots.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cutest Face Watching the Clinic!

Tuesday and Wednesday were the clinic... recap coming soon!

Super cute horse whos window faced the audit area and arena

Thursday was hubby's bday so I had just a tinny bit of time to do something with Henry before going out to dinner with friends....

I decided to just give him a lunge so that he could get his crazies out and stretch his legs.

Posing for me as I left :)

Friday I made my family breakfast and then headed out to ride Mr H.

Since it has been so cold I have been BoT'ing Henry before I ride.

I tacked him up and got on... worked on a few things from the clinic (leg hand and outside rein inside leg), also counter canter, moving around his shoulder and haunches... i ended up finishing with turn on the forhand and haunches but in the middle of the ring bc he is the master of them by the wall and I didn't want to use it as a crutch :)

Saturday is a day off and hopefully Sunday I can sneak in an afternoon hack :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Grayson's First Cowboy Ride

Last Monday I scheduled Grayson's first cowboy ride. I talked a bit ago about my plan for him, a little recap- cowboy rides randomly through the winter and then hopefully a month or two of full training in the spring.

Cowboy got on G and I got on Burt and headed to follow him, watch and learn.

He started with him inside (his first time in an indoor and not a care) to see what he was all about and how he was going to be, lots of making him follow him nose and moving his feet.

Then he went outside and showed him tons of stuff he had never seen before and he took it all in stride... we went all over their property, over logs, through rivenes, up hills, down hills, by all the buildings, over a tarp... you get the point.

He even swung his rope off him and threw it and didn't care woot!

G with the Cowboy and Burts cute ears :)

Some homework, not necessarily new to me but I want to document it all:
- Just get on and move his feet around
- No contact on his face when going forward to start
- Getting him to move his face left and right when i ask, when I ask drop the rein I am not using - if he doesn't come bump him don't get in a pulling war
- If he takes the wrong lead, it's ok go with it for a min, bring him back to a trot and ask again, he will get it
- If he doesn't get something, move on and do something else- don't stress about it
- I can start to ask for some contact as he gets going and his feet are moving
- Go outside and just ride around, give him a job and show him everything

So tired after his ride lol
Cowboy loved him, said he was fun to super ride, I had done a great job with him, he has the best mind, very willing to do whatever and just a really cool horse.

Yay G and yay me for doing well :)

Can't wait till he is more broke!!

Hopefully we can get another cowboy ride or two in this month!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's hard being Henry

It's hard being Henry- Maybe he ate too much turkey :)
Friday morning Erica and I hacked together.. it was fun! It was super cold so I warmed Henry up a ton before going to work... 40 in the barn is not cool!

Saturday was a turn out day.

Sunday I snuck up to the barn during nap time... well Addi napped, hubby and B watched a movie :)

E and M were cleaning up when I arrived. I got Henry out, tacked up and decided to let him blow off some steam in the bull pen b/c he was a extra wide eyed. I think he enjoys a little time to be crazy and then I have his whole brain on me when it's time to work.

Two other western riders ended up joining me about half way through my ride.

Henry was great, we did lots of long and low stretchy trot... followed my collection and then ended with more long an low at the canter, showin those western ladies that my pony can do it like theirs lol!!

As I cooled out I chatted with them and E about bits and how any bit can be bad in the wrong hands.

Monday I had planned to do one last hack in before headed to audit George Morris and cheer L and Ramon on.

I took all my tack home, sans my saddle to clean b/c it was so cold to do at the barn... well I forgot it all boo! So I ended up lunging him a bit... it was freaking cold!!

I put his blanket back on and then we hand grazed a little, so spoiled!

Off to George Morris Tuesday!! I have my good camera ready to take lots of pics! And I am sure my Insta will be loaded with pics too ;)