Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday+ Chai+ Cookies

It's Friday!!!

Thursday- Henry got a trainer hack, they said he was great and looked great.

Then I took a lesson later in the day on Magic. Henry was confused and appalled when I went down to get Magic and didn't take him out lol!

I like Magic but oh how I love my horse way more! Magic is a point and shoot horse and does great at that.. but when you want to jump a course and get the distances- it's hard work or different then I am used to. He was great to flat around and easy to ride till I expected more of him. haha!

It was WAY TO HOT out. I flatted around and then we jumped- warming up over a little vertical.

Then we did a course: line in 6, left turn/roll back to the rainbows oxer, right turn to the red white blue oxer, left very tight turn to the gate and another left tight turn to the box (no standards).

Things went much better when I got after him (then he threw a fit b/c i got after him lol)... We had more go and everything came easier.

It was good for me to ride something else, especially something that has solid training and but makes me work in ways that Henry doesn't. It also felt good to jump- now only if it wasn't so hot things would have been even better!

Cooled him out... another kid had a lesson so I handed him off and went to drink water, put ice on my neck to cool me off and sit down.

It's another hot day today so idk what my plan is tonight but i'll take a lesson again tomorrow and we shall see how homeboy is doing :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day

This warm muggy weather is WEIRD!

Tuesday got to the barn, put my ice boot inserts in the freezer, got Henry, groomed, tacked up, got on and walked Henry a lunch around the indoor while everyone else got on.

We headed outside.. I wasn't too stoked on this because the ground was hard as usual so I tried to not ride on the rail and not take and corners sharply.

Henry is feeling better but after all the walking/hosing/icing/hacking I have done I want to make sure he is 110% before we jump again :)

Flatted around with everyone and then while others jumped, I worked on no stirrups. I am doing this every ride to build up on my strength :)

Cooled him out, hosed off his back, iced his legs, grained him, cleaned tack, took him home and gave kisses!

Off today, something for Henry tomorrow and a lesson on another horse for me, probably a trainer hack Friday and another hack Saturday.

Review on the ice boots after one use:
- They are easy to use
- Stayed on him well
- They are well made
- They weren't cold at all when I took them off and the area didn't feel as cool as i would have liked either so I am putting them in the deep freezer to see if that gets them colder then a normal freezer. I will try again tomorrow and let you all know :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rain in June

Yep it rained yesterday.. and it was oddly warm. Good thing we don't get tornado's here!

Got to the barn, no one was there but one girl lunging a horse outside. Grabbed Henry and got to work grooming him. Sadly he wasn't as clean as I left him Saturday.

Tacked up and went to work. Since I'm still working on that splint being 100% - no lunging happened so I had a full of energy horse under me lol.

Lots of warming up and taking everything slow. He felt really solid almost the whole ride. I didn't push anything- just W/T/C and acting like we were at a horse show, so just going around "right" and "pretty."

I have to give a shout out to Kat, Magic was being a PITA (pain in the ass) last night and she didn't give up and kicked his bootie!

Cooled the boys out... took pictures... cleaned them up... iced Henry's leg... took them home.. gave kisses and grain.


Hack tonight and turning out Louie, idk Wednesday and Thursday, hopefully a trainer hack/ride Friday and hack/lesson Saturday if all goes well :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Game Plan

I've had this post drafted for a while but after the fire at the barn a few weeks ago, I thought it was appropriate to post.

I don't have a trailer, I want a trailer, I beg my hubby for a trailer on a weekly basis :)

This is totally reasonable right?! Only $100k lol

My BFF's parents have room for a temporary stay if needed... but I have a backup barn as well- pending they still have room if/when needed- hopefully the time never comes.

I have extra halters and lead ropes.

I have a small medical kit. 

I found this list on line and am in the process of building up more of these items :)

- Telfa/medicated pads
- Roll Gauze
- Cotton sheets or cloth quilts (got em)
- Vet wrap/Ace bandages or polo wraps (got em)
- White bandage tape/duct tape
- Bandage scissors
- Wound cleanser scrub or solution (got em)
-Wound flush/saline
- Wound dressing (got em)
- Poultice wraps
- Eye ointment or lubricant
- Light source
- Sharp knife/wire cutter/pliers
- Anti-inflammatory
- Flushing syringe
-Thermometer (got it)
- Medications
- Gloves
- Electrolytes (got em)
- Twitch
- Sedation or tranquilizer medications
- Stethoscope
- Intravenous fluids and medications
- Epinephrine/Antihistamines/Steroids
- Antibiotics
- Hose
- Ice/heat wraps (got cold)
- Syringes and needles

Do you all have game plans for your horse in case of a disaster?

What else do you all have on hand in-case of emergency?

Light hack and cold hose Monday and Tuesday, something plus ice boots Wednesday and Thursday, maybe a light trainer hack Friday and idk Saturday.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chai Tea Latte

Hit up Starbucks on the way to the barn... yummmmmy!

Henry is getting better... we are taking it slow and doing light hacks- giving that splint time to heal :) Can't wait for my ice boots to come!

I semi participated in the lesson with everyone.

After the lesson I gave Henry a head to toe bath... he was so clean I could have eaten off of him lol!!!

Cold hosed his leg, grained, pampered him some more, took him to his stall, filled up his water and gave kisses.

He will get cold hosed and turned out tomorrow, light hack and cold hosed Monday, hack and cold hosed Tuesday, turn out and ice boots Wednesday, idk Thursday, trainer ride light hack and ice boots Friday and Saturday hack and ice boots. We will see how the week goes as to when he will start jumping again. I am in no hurry, just taking time for that splint to set :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

He's back in action!

Henry got a trainer hack this morning and he's back in action :) Thanks everyone for the kind words!

I ordered some Cool Boots for Henry.. they won't be here till Tuesday soooo I'll continue cold hosing his legs till then. I will be using them after lessons/hard rides.

Thank you to From Racehorse to Princess for the nomination!

Here are her questions!
  1. How long have you been riding for? Since I was 8.. but I took a 2 year break.. so 19 years- yikes!
  2. Favorite Breed? TB (with a good mind lol)
  3. Ever ridden Western? Yep! Even own a western saddle!
  4. Favorite Book? Hmm it's been a while since I really read. I really liked the Scarlet Thread
  5. Slow Horse or Fast Horse? Hmm depends, as long as I have brakes and a good mind im ok with fast :)
  6. Longest Horse You've Ever Own? I owned Maddy for 3 years, Going on 2 with Henry and hopefully many more!
  7. Favorite Store to Shop in? Tack:Smartpak, Real Life: Nordstroms
  8. Favorite Horsey Memory? Taking Maddy everywhere. That horse could have cared less about things and was such a fun horse to ride!
  9. If you could buy any other horse what kind would it be? I want to do reining one day
  10. Show for the rest of your life or trail ride? show for sure!
  11. Favorite Quote? Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.
Ride tomorrow- Probably just flat to make sure he's all good :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hose Walk Hose

Last night we went up and I hosed Henry's leg, hand walked him and then hosed his leg again... of course we filled his water, gave him grain/hay and kisses too! :)

Another round of hosing and walking today and high hack tomorrow.

Thanks to TBA and The Sixth Stride for more nominations! Here are their questions.. be sure to check out their blogs!

  1. Why did you start blogging and who in real life knows that you blog? I started a general life one maybe 3 years ago and then decided to start another one to track Henry and my journey :) My barn buddies, hubby, grandma all know about it
  2.  Black or brown tack? Brown
  3. Favorite Comfort food? Hmm when I am stressed I don't eat
  4. Favorite Color? Green
  5. If you could ride any horse (living or not), who would it be? I'd love to have my heart horse back- Maddy. I LOVE Henry and wouldn't trade him but id love to have both of them!
  6. What other pets do you own? 2 dogs- Zoe is and Aussie and Ally is a Healer
  7. What is your "hidden talent?" I can stick my fist in my mouth
  8. You win the lottery, what would you buy first? Pay off all our debt then but a custom facility/house
  9. You can travel anywhere, for an infinite amount of time, with an infinite amount of money, where do you go? Hmmmm this is hard- short term somewhere tropical, long term somewhere with amazing horse stuff!
  10. You're intimidated by? Failure
  11. Favorite movie? Night at the Roxbury has some great memories to go with it!

  1. What equestrian sport that you've never done before would you like to try? Reining... i've kinda done a little of it but not really
  2. If you could ride any horse (living or not), who would it be? I'd love to have my heart horse back- Maddy. I LOVE Henry and wouldn't trade him but id love to have both of them!
  3. If you could buy one tack item, no matter the expense, what would it be? Custom Saddle
  4. Why did you start blogging and who in real life knows that you blog? Am I answering the same questions?! lol ... I started a general life one maybe 3 years ago and then decided to start another one to track Henry and my journey :) My barn buddies, hubby, grandma all know about it
  5. Besides horses, what is your favorite hobby? Being a mom!! Love my daughter and spending time with her!
  6. Second favorite animal? (horses are obviously your first :) dogs
  7. Favorite color? Green
  8. Least favorite equestrian fashion fad? Rust Breeches!
  9. Black or brown tack? Brown
  10. What is your favorite place to go besides the barn? (can be a travel destination or someplace close to you) I love going to my hometown.. it's so familiar, great location by the beach, beautiful, lots to do!
  11. Favorite food that you couldn't live without? Dr Pepper.. thats not food though lol

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Impromptu Vacation?

Last night didn't go as planned..

Henry has had a splint for a few weeks. He hasn't been off and I've been icing it.

Last night he wasn't right. I trotted him a little, tried to ride on softer ground (yeah right, the big outside arena is um yeah) and he didn't feel better so I have decided that he is off for a few days to get everything right.

Hand walking and cold hosing for us! WOOT :) But for real, anything for him- I really love this horse! Gotta get this boy healed up while it's something small!

Cash's Steppin Up and Life of Riley nominated me for the Liebster awards.. since I already did it, I'll be sure to answer their questions:

  1. What's your biggest fear as a rider? Making a bad decision as a rider and causing an accident for Henry and myself.
  2. Who's your favorite rider and why? I really respect my trainer, she grew up in a riding family but wasn't handed all the perfect made horses. She worked hard and is an amazing horse woman with a wealth of knowledge!
  3. What's the most useful piece of advice someone's given you as a horse owner? Go with your gut, you know your horse best.
  4. How old were you when you got your first horse? 22, had to buy her myself :)
  5. Burghley, Badminton, or Rolex? Rolex
  6. Quick, you're trapped on a desert island, what three things do you bring? Food, family and Henry!
  7. If you could could have dinner with anyone (alive or dead, famous or not) who would it be? My grandma, I miss her and wish she lived closer.
  8. Favorite guilty pleasure? CANDY, seriously I love candy
  9. Tell me three things on your bucket list.1. Horsey Vacation 2. Own horse property and private facility 3. Take a LONG tropical vacation with my hubby
  10. If you could ride any well known horse who would it be and why? Gem Twist
  11. Would you rather: Ride without stirrups for the rest of your life OR have one arm tied behind your back at all times? If I was riding Henry, no stirrups... a softer horse, idk :)

  1. How long have you owned/leased your horse/s? 7 years owned... leased many times before that
  2. If you were going to be trapped on an island with only three things, what would you take? Food, family and Henry!
  3. What kind of saddle do you use? Frank Baines
  4. English or Western? English
  5. When you aren't riding, what do you like to do?  Being a mom/wife! :)
  6. Is your family supportive of your riding? Yep
  7. Favorite food & drink? Dr Pepper and Thai
  8. What breed is your horse? TB baby :)
  9. Favorite horse-related movie? Hmmm not sure
  10. What is your favorite animal other than a horse? Dog
  11. Favorite song? Well I love Lifehouse and Henry's show name is All In (one of my fav Lifehouse songs) but I like their song Everything too.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did I miss the weekend?!

"To get profit without risk, experience without danger, reward without hard work; is as impossible as it is to live without being born." Harry Truman. 

^gotta remind myself of this, my hard work and daily dedication has and will pay off. 

I think in the matter of a blink, the weekend was gone!

BFF graduated :)

Saturday I had a lesson with the gang :)

Tacked up, lunged Henry, got on and hacked around all before my trainer came down to the arena. I was pooped before the lesson even started ha!

We flatted around as a group and then she let Juliana and I jump.

Warmed up over the gate back and forth...

The first course was the gate off the right lead, around to the rainbow oxer, straight and roll back to the right over the domino oxer, left lead around to the 2 stride.

Second course was 2 stride (oxer to vertical), right turn to the dominos oxer, left turn to the rainbow, left roll back to the gate.

We did each course twice and then did the domino over and over to get straight- I felt straight but apparently wasn't lol!


I went out to hack, no one was around. As I was tacking up Clare showed up- woo hoo! And another girl with the eventing trainer showed up. Got Henry all dressed and lunged him. I was talking to the girl, she is home for the summer. I thought maybe she was a new boarder since I hadn't seen the horse that she was riding but it's a new one that the eventing trainer got- he's gray and cute :)

The horses were all up because the wind was crazy.

I worked on making Henry march around the WHOLE arena during my whole ride.

We went through our paces and then I did some no stirrup work, 3 laps each direction and then my legs were SHOT. Seriously I need to do more of it... I am promising to do some at least once a week, I have to!

Cooled out and chatted with Clare... untacked, hosed off, iced, took him back to his stall, grained, filled waters and went home.

Henry begging Clare for more carrots

BFF's eating their grain

Lesson tonight, turn out tomorrow, maybe lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Shout out to Viva Carlos!

Thanks to L. at Viva Carlos for the Liebster award! 

HOW TO ACCEPT THE AWARD: The Liebster Blog Award is a way to recognize blogs who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is a German word that means beloved and valued.  Here are the rules for accepting the award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
  5. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or fewer followers to nominate and include links to their blogs.
  6. Go to each blogger's page and let them know you have nominated them.

11 Random Facts About Me
 1. I was homeschooling till 8th grade.
2. I'm dreading turning 30 this year.
3. I love being a mom and can't wait till I can stay home.
4. My youngest brother and dad are adopted.
5. I love Dr Pepper.
6. I know how to surf, I am not great at it but I can do it.
7. At the age of 8, I looked up barns and called around in order to get horse lessons- and my parents thought that telling me if I did the leg work would detour me from horses lol! 
8. I want to own a barn one day, but don't want to be the trainer- just the BO.
9. I love iced chai- non fat 4 pumps of chai 1 pump of vanilla latte's from Starbucks!
10. I need to be pushed while riding otherwise half the time I'd take the easy way out.
11. I love to be around people and enjoy my friends company.

 11 Questions I made up for me:
1. Favorite type of Jump- Swedish Oxer
2. Favorite Professional Rider/Horse Team- I can't think of a team but I really would have loved to follow Gem Twists career as an adult and think he was an awesome horse. I also admire Beezie Madden for her immaculate riding and my trainers niece Lauren Hough her for stellar riding and contribution to the equestrian world!
3. Favorite Riding Exercise- Gymnastics, Henry always feels solid in them!
4. Lease favorite Riding exercise- No stirrups lol
5. Where do you see yourself next years (horse/career/life)- Another baby, horse shows, hopefully working part time and enjoying riding!
6. Advice you would give yourself 5 years ago- never stop taking lessons!
7. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Hmmm I think I am ok with my name.
8. If you could train with anyone who would it be and why? I like my trainer... if I was to ride something else- I would ride reining and train with this guy Olly that my bff rides with- great guy, good teacher and good at what he does.
9. I'm giving you $5k what would you buy? Hmm, probably custom saddle ... or custom chaps and horse show money... or trailer.
10. Give me the recipe for your favorite dish you can make
I'd say artichoke pasta but since you can't have a bunch of the stuff in it... ill say one that is really easy to make: Buffalo Shredded Chicken: 4 chicken breasts, 1 bottle of Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce and 1 packet of ranch dressing powder. Cook on low in the crock pot for 3 ish hours. Shred and it's delish on rolls or salad :)
11. Dream vacation destination? Somewhere very tropical!

11 Questions for my peeps :)
1.  What would your ideal last meal be?
2. Ideal riding outfit?
3. If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid- where would you go?
4. What are your top 3 musts for a boarding facility?
5. What one beverage can't you live without?
6. Dream car?
7. Where do you want to go with your riding?
8. Where do you shop the most for real clothes?
9. What do you do to calm your nerves at horse shows?
10. Favorite bathing products?
11. If you could pick 2 horses off which would they be?

The Peeps I nominate!
1. KK at Good Time to Review 
2.  Amanda at Keeping it Low Key
3. Kate at Party Down
4. Karen at Contact
5. Nicku at Polka Dot Periodical
6. Lauren at She Moved to Texas
7. My Dandy Longlegs
8. Carly at Poor Woman Showing
9. Sarah at Eventing in Color
10. Kelly at Princess Diva Diaries
11. Shelley at Diary of a Hunter Princess

Also love these blogs but L nominated them already :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thursday.. Friday... SASSY!

Henry had been full of sass!

Thursday I was alone for my hack, Erica was leaving as I was getting on. I decided not to lunge and just hope on- HA! Ended up getting off and letting him blow off some steam ;)

Got back on and went to work. I've decided Henry hates being ridden alone in the arena.

Hacked around a bit and then we worked on canter, halt, backup, canter, halt, canter, halt, back up, canter the other way, halt, canter the other way....

Goal was to really get him first soft and second listening to me. It worked!

We were both pooped by the end.. cooled him out.

Bathed and cleaned the man parts.

Friday was a trainer ride.

More sass from Henry. Wondering if it's the new bit they are riding in- but my trainer knows her stuff so yeah.

He jumped well. It's funny cause I am weaker typically off the left side and J is weaker off the right side. Maybe Henry will be equal b/c of our special eyes?

The arena as I left the barn
Lesson tomorrow for me, hope we are both on our A game!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In so deep

Maybe I need to just sit there...

Don't worry ya'll I am still the queen of a bad eye to the right that now is getting me in deep to ever jump- aye. I think the key is that I need to get more forward to the jumps, pace Karley pace.

Got to the barn last night, got Henry, groomed, tacked up and headed down to lunge.

He was super quiet and then BAM he blew up and was bucking and running around crazy. So glad he doesn't do that junk while I'm on him :)

Got on and the arena was HARD, I chose to work off the rail where it was a tad less hard but still not satisfactory. Kat and I both shuttered at the thought of falling off on the "cement" type footing.. I also continue to worry about Henry's feet/legs- ugh!

We flatted around in the lesson. Henry was a tad heavy so I did stopping and backing a few times to get homeboy off my hands.

We warmed up over and X with the others.

Then we did the bounce to the one stride.

Then I did the gate off the right lead, around to the one stride off the right lead- got in deep and freaked out and circled him. Ugh Henry is such a good boy to deal with me.

Picked up my right lead again and got more pace to the 1 stride, left turn to the domino oxer to the rainbow, right turn to the 1 stride to the dominos to the rainbow. Did the one stride to the domino to the rainbow a couple more times to get it right more then once and was done... Seriously Henry saves my ass a lot. ha! If I could fix my dang eye we'd be so much better off. I need to remember forward forward forward- that seems to always fix it.

Cooled him out, untacked, hosed off, put on a cooler so he would dry, took him to his stall and gave his grain, filled his water, cleaned up my mess, took down his extra hay, took off his cooler and gave kisses.

Maybe a hack today, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.

TBA had a post on ice boots.. I am thinking about getting these. I have searched all over town to find the blue gel packs to ice Henrys legs but all i can find is the ones that harden up when frozen. I'd like a set so I can ice his legs after a hard jump ride/show.

I also got a new helmet so I wouldn't overheat... so far I love it! And a new white saddle pad monogrammed :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy...

Yep that would be my ring tone that I heard going off as I put Henry in the cross ties after our ride.

Backing up...

Got to the barn, Kat and I went down to get the boys.

Tacked up while they were watering and dragging the indoor ring, got on and got to work. It ended up being Kat on Magic, Juliana on Louie, Rachel on Shelby and me on Henry.

Flatted around, w/t/c, no stirrups a little, walk canter departures, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, transitions from canter to trot, halting and backing.

Henry was a good boy, normally he is so crabby Mondays- guess he likes having lots of friends around riding with us!

Cooled out and got off.

Heard my phone ringing so I went to check it- missed the call. Basically my friend forgot to pick up B- I called my bff and she ran over and got B... I threw my tack away, hosed Henry really fast, took him to his stall, gave his grain and kisses and flew off to get B. That's the first time that that happened and it stressed me out!

Lesson tonight, off tomorrow, idk Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday and my bff's college graduation!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What a Weekend!!!

2009 Rodeo on Speedy

Wednesday night, B and I went to the mixer.

Thursday night, all three of us went to family night.

Picked out her own cowboy hat and rocked it!

My friend and her dad roping at Family night

Friday was a trainer ride, Henry was really good.

Saturday was a lesson for me. Got to the barn, got Henry, tacked up and got on. It was hot so I opted out of lunging. It was just Clare, Mona and me.

We flatted around, Henry was up but nothing bad. The wind was KILLER and the heat was extreme.

We went outside so that I could jump. Warmed up over a little line and then went to the rainbow oxer and the in an out. I was seeing nothing and getting Henry to the base of EVEYTHING. Had a moment where I was thinking I couldn't do it- then sucked it up and got more pace to the jumps and bam it worked. Jumped the oxer three times well and then my trainer said good and zoomed off in the golf cart. We turned around to see the hill of fire...

Coming down the hill

When it had moved East

As I was finally leaving in the afternoon

Not exactly how I wnated to spend my Saturday. I had my "other mom" ready to come pick Henry up and take him to their house.

I cleaned Henry up, helped move the horses from the back hill pastures and then waited...

Boarders stared to show up and were frantically asking what was the plan... um yeah we were all wondering the same thing.

Question: Does your BO have a plan for fire? Or other situations like that? I knew since my trainer was there that we were "taken care of" but I found it unsettling that there wasn't a barn plan and the BO/BM were no where to be found till well over 2 hours after everything "started".

Once all was cleared, I put Henry and Louie back in their stall, filled waters and went home.

Henry watching the firemen up on the hill

Went out around 9 pm that evening to make sure that all was still well.

Sunday I spent from noon on at the rodeo helping out with flags and warming up horses for people :)

Monday hack, Tuesday lesson, Wednesday off, Thursday idk, Friday trainer ride, Saturday lesson.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Henry had yesterday off and today he got a nice turnout :)

1: A time you've been scared for your life on horseback.
I can't say I have been scared for my life but nervous and a chicken yes lol

2: There's a huge party at your friends house or you could have a lesson on the same night, which do you go to?
I'd ride and go to the party late :)

3: Favorite markings a horse can have.
I am dying for a bay horse with a white blanket!!

4: Would you rather deal with bolting, rearing or bucking?

5: Agree or disagree; To have good eq means to be a good rider?

6: If you could try any discipline on any horse for 1 day, what discipline and what horse?

7: 3 horses you'd want to ride/meet the most?
Jersey Boy- seems like a really really cool horse!
Gem Twist- we know i love grays!
Maddy- my heart horse, wish I could have her back

8: On a scale of 1-10 how good would you say your seat is?
I think Henry has improved my seat so 6 or 7? I'm not the best but I'm not horrible.

9: One of your goals for the next year, horse-wise.
Go to some shows and do better then last year :) We are more composed this year, yeah!

10: Would you rather teach lessons or train horses?
none of the above, I like taking lessons and working with my horse.

11: Have you ever given a lesson for money?
Worked for someone giving lessons yes

12: If you were a trainer, would you want to train little kids, pre-teens, teens or adults?
Whom ever is a good student and WANTS to be there.

13: Have you ever ridden someone's horse for money?
Nope, almost got a job riding for money but didn't take it. 

14: If given the opportunity, would you exercise track horses?
Yes I think it would be fun!

15: On a scale of 1-10 what is your confidence like in the saddle?
right now, 7

16: 3 things you need to work on, riding-wise?
Shoulders back, even weight in the stirrups (left ankle will appreciate it) and to trust Henry more

17: 3 things your horse needs to work on.
Stop hanging on my left rein, eliminate the idea of stopping out of his brain ... thats all I can complain about right now.

18. Top 3 favorite riders?
George Morris
Beezie Madden
my bff Rachel

19: Is there anyone you'd say is a bad rider ? (don't give names)
 I don't care much for the Saudi team riders. (agree with L)

20: Are you better on the flat or over fences?
I feel like Henry and I have made a team in both but prefer to jump.

21: How high do you think you've jumped?

22: How high do you think your horse would be capable of jumping?
Trainer says he will make a really nice 4 ft horse- eeek that scares me to jump that big

23: Opinion on tackless riding.
Not my thing

24: Have you ever lied or over-dramatized anything about your riding?
I'm sure, I am NOT one to brag about how good I am- I'd rather people come to their own conclusion.

25: Do you think you're a good rider?
I am always get better!

26: Ever had barn drama?
of course

27: Favorite things about the barn you're at?
I've found a great trainer and it's close to home!

28: Will you show next year? If so in what?

29: Plans for your horse over the next year?
keep the forward progress and hopefully more show ring miles

30: Would you share your tack with people?
i refer not to unless I know they are someone who will treat it as well as I do or better

31: Has a horse ever shattered your confidence?
I don't think a horse has but having a baby sure did!

32: Ever been scared to get on a horse?
you bet!

33: Do you get nervous before shows?
Yes very

34: Hunters or Jumpers?

35: Last time you fell off? What happened? Were you hurt?
Henry slammed on the breaks on and smacked my face on his neck, flipped me over his shoulder and I landed on my feet. I wanted to kill him for stopping at a 2 ft fence and trying to kill me in the process. My back was/is jacked up but it's ok ill live.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Eye to the Left

Ugh my eye coming off my left lead SUCKS.

Last night we had a lesson.

I got Henry, tacked him up and since we were riding inside, I decided to just get on and not lunge. He was a little high but I was on first so I worked him while the others trickled in to get his brain engaged.

We had a good ride on the flat- I got told a million times to pull my shoulders back, aye I think I will hear that till I die.

We trotted the polls with the group, was told to hold off to let Lyssette go and then it was our turn again. Trotted the X a few times to get him warmed up then it was made into and oxer.

We had one stop, it wasn't as dirty as his normally are. Honestly idk what happened. I had my leg on, felt him suck back a little so I put my spur on hard and clucked. I feel like over the small stuff I can be a little more assertive but when the jump is bigger, I haven't become brave enough to put the reins in one had and wack him with the whip while still trying to stay on over a decent sized oxer.

After the stop we had a good schooling over the oxer. Off the right lead I am golden, off the left lead my eye sucks. Henry gave me his all. I really worked on keeping my shoulders back and my back flat and felt like we had some really good jumps :)

Cooled him out. Hosed him off. Iced his leg. Gave treats. Chatted. Cleaned tack. Took him home and grained/filled his water.

Off today, hack/lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boots and Half Chaps

Hack day with Kat!

We got the boys, tacked up and as we were getting ready to hit the arena- bam, Frosty started his remodeling!


I lunged, Henry was a PILL.

Once I got on we went right to the canter. Felt as though I needed to be assertive and remind him that I wasn't a push over. It took us a minute to get on the same page, but we got there.

Lots of cantering, circling in random spots, going all the way around the arena, stopping, backing ...

After we were done, Kat and I went for a walk to cool out the boy. Henry was foaming ha!

Hosed him off, iced his leg, cleaned tack, made his delish extra dinner (grain), put on his fly stuff and took him home.

Lesson tonight, off Wednesday, hack/lesson (?) Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Warm Weekend!!

Saturday was lesson day. I was running a tad late so I hustled to get Henry, tack him up and lunge. When I got to the round arena, there was a line so I didn't feel quite so bad anymore.

Lunges home boy- he wasn't high at all. Got on and got going in the lesson. He wasn't perky at all, I was pushing him a lot which isn't a normal ride for us.

We flatted around in the lesson- he was good, a little heavy so stopping and backing was in order a few times.

Jumping started with cavalettis, then an X.

Then Juliana and I did a mini course... trot a blue and white vertical, around left lead to the ranbow oxer, right lead to the domino oxer, left lead to the 5 stride line. That line gets me every time, that 5 feels so forward but I need to JUST DO IT!

The other course we did was domino oxer, left lead to the 5 stride line roll back to the rainbow oxer.

I was quite warm during the lesson, at one point I had to take off my helmet and cool off. This warmer weather is kicking my bootie.

Cooled Henry off, gave a quick bath, ices his leg, put on all his fly attire, grained him, took him to his stall and kissed him.

Screen Shot from 5-28-13's lesson

Sunday off, Monday hack, Tuesday lesson, Wednesday off, Thursday hack, Friday trainer ride and Saturday lesson.