Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Course

We made the lesson, woot! And there is a new course since my last lesson, yes it was like 2 weeks since I last had a lesson- hubby's schedule has been cray!

A and I had a lesson together.. she was struggling to make her pony listen so I just kind of did my thing on the flat to warm him up for jumping.

Then we warmed up over the orange X.... and then added in the 4 stride line. Did those 3 back and forth...

The course...

Orange X, right to the 4 stride line, right turn back to the hogs back (green), left to the one stride, left around to the 3 stride to 3 stride line.

Henry was great all things considered after we knocked off the cob webs lol! I have to remember pace ... then it's all good and Henry can do his job! Shocking I know.

But for real he was good... we ended up doing the blue line and black line both directions and together.

LOVE Mr H and Erica calls him! :) I need jumping media!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday I own you!

I squeezed in a hack on Henry... an hour and a half to get to the barn, tack up, ride, clean up and get home. I did it in an hour and 40 min, thankfully hubby still made it to work on time lol!

Lets go Henry

I ran him around quickly to see if he had any crazies, he didn't do I got on...

As I came into the arena I noticed that only 3/4 of the ring was used... what the heck people, why do you circle at one end of the arena?! The open end it NOT that scary- embrace it, go down there, use the whole arena! lol .. I will put some hoof prints in that sand :)

Henry and I got right to work. He was great, actually soft for him!!

I pushed his bootie around at the walk to warm him up, asking for him to really step around with his hind end through the turns.

Then went to the trot and did a bunch of reverse across the diagonal with a longer rein and really letting him stretch and move forward.

Something Rich Fellers said in the clinic that we watched was about asking a horse to move forward off your leg quickly and without you digging into them with your spur or leg. Which is something I have always done when I ride Henry, I want quick immediate forward transition ... sharp reply. He is actually really good about this :)

Did some canter laps each way and then asked him to do transition from trot to canter- he was great and did it with a nice low headset. Yahoo Henry!

I went outside and wandered around to cool him out, said hi to Ramone and Sunny, went down the road and then hopped off and put everything away.

Hopefully I can make the lesson tomorrow!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Saturday Night at the Show

A perfect way to spend late Saturday afternoon and evening with my friend and barn buddy Erica....

Watching mini clinics by Rich Fellers and Kristin Harden

Rich Fellers 
Walked around and saw all the shopping and the after party area

Sweet horse at the after party tent

Watched some awesome GP jumping ...

A few comments from the girl behind us..
- The horses not from the US don't jump as well here because they are jet lagged and can't breath in this air0 that is why only the US riders/horses are going clear
- Every rail you hit (not knock down, hit) ads 5 seconds to your time
- These jumps are quite small

I was sitting there thinking WTF?!?! She was serious and "teaching" her boyfriend with these nice facts lol!!

Such a fun night!! Thanks SIHS :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Buy My Saddles!!

Victor Equitation Saddle, 15' seat, QH bars, beautiful tooling.. buyer pays shipping... $450 OBO

Frank Baines, 16.5, Reg Tree, Deep Seat, always cleaned and covered, well cared for and awesome saddle. Buyer pays shipping... $1200 OBO

Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 Year Old Photography

Sunday Henry got a late night lunge...

Monday I was able to squeeze a hack in ... late night but hey I will take it!

There was a lesson going on so I just rode around it.. we have more and more "trainers" with these riders who are interesting to ride with. Henry and I aren't bothered by them but you never know where they going, what they are doing or if the rider or horse is in-charge lol!

Back to my ride. Henry was great! It was still hot so I just got on. Walked around a bunch- then just went through the paces - mixed in some counter canter... it was just a solid hack. The "trainer" that was giving the lesson complimented me on what a nice horse he is and how balanced he is.

We were both pooped by the end :)

Tuesday he got some turn out and I went to a barrel race with the bff.. it was really nice to have some time to go out without the girls and just chill- I needed it since hubby has been working so much.

Wednesday I squeezed another hack in before hubby had to scoot off to work again.... Took B with me and we got a Starbucks treat on our way...

Groomed, tacked up and got on... had the place to myself!

What happens when your 4 year old has your phone and snaps a few pics lol

Walked working on pushing his hip around to warm up... then went to trotting and lots of changing direction and yielding him off my leg.

At the canter I did more leg yielding and also changing direction and holding the counter canter... he did awesome and was listening so well! I didn't make it easy on him either and he stepped right up!

I love you Henry! Thanks for a great ride!

Let him roll in the round pen after he was done... he loved it and got so dirty.

Sweet moment with B and Henry

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big Boy Shoes

Thursday I went out to the barn late to ride with Erica and L. I used to ride with them all the time Thursday evenings when I worked my out of the home job.

Tacked up, lunged and got on.

Henry was for the most part good... defiantly feel the difference from the chiro.

I tried a new warm up with him- go through my walk trot canter with not really asking more then for him to do the gate... then going to work asking for everything done in the frame. His transitions are not really the issue it's his staying in the frame from the trot to canter.. once I go a couple strides he settles in but I really want him to stay in the frame from the trot to the canter.

I cantered a lot, asked for lots of transitions and quite once I got a few good ones.

Henry got turned out Friday and Saturday.

Grayson got his first set of shoes Friday! We were trying to keep him barefoot but he was wearing really uneven so hopefully this helps him out :)

Also I took a very laid back conformation shot of him while he was waiting his turn to get his feet done.. its at a bit of an angle but I think he's looking great!! There is some gray peaking through lol

Monday, September 21, 2015

Where we started to where we are ... Part 2

Here is the second edition of our journey to date.

2014- Not to much riding since I was prego over half of the year and the healing from a c-section... 

January (prego)

October (about 8-9 weeks post baby)

2015- Rockin and Rollin







So there we go... that was fun to look back on the pictures! What a different I felt coming back from baby #1 and #2... Harder coming back after baby 1- I was scraed to death, but I was more tired after baby 2 and had to MAKE myself go ride but only b/c I was exhausted all the time lol.

I am so happy where Henry and I are right now and how far we have come. He is such a fun horse for me to ride, despite me wanting to kill him sometimes through this training and still today lol.... Things can only get better from here :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Where we started to where we are... Part 1

Progress is the whole reason I have this blog... I can look back and see where Henry and I started after baby #1 - where we were after I had a second baby- where we are now :) Big THANKS to Kat and Andy for most of these pictures!

Part 1....

2011- green Henry, just had baby Karley lol




2012- Getting better lol







2013- Becoming a real team...




October (barely prego with baby #2 here)

part 2 coming soon :)