Monday, October 16, 2017

A New 4 Legged Baby

5 more weeks till baby girl #3 arrives.... I CAN NOT WAIT to meet her and not be prego!

I might have bought myself a great birthday present this year haha... totally reasonable and a wise decision :)

Meet Wes... hes 7 months old, QH, reining bloodlines... I can't wait to see him in like 2 years!! Can we fast forward?!

Henry has been doing a lot of this... I can get on him but not off soooo he's on maternity leave with me haha!!

I created a grass grazing pasture in one of my smaller pastures in the front of our house... spoiled horses!

Henry has also been loving living out in the pasture... cleaning stalls over 30 weeks pregnant had to stop so everyone got promoted to pasture life. I am having to learn that it's ok that they are not all clean and pristine all the time haha!!

Jets been chilling too... does anyone want to come pull manes for me?! pleassssssse

The girls are getting some riding in.. if it can't be me then at least someone is enjoying our horses :)

Henry and Wes are already buddies... lets be honest, Henry is buddies with everyone ha!

Hopefully I will be better at this posting business... sorry to abandon you blogger world!!


  1. Now that is an excellent bday present :) What a cutie!!!

  2. My kinda birthday present! You need to do an update of everyone on the farm - I can't keep all your ponies straight!

    1. Right I really do!! I'd love to bathe each one and get a good shot... I'll work on that hopefully before baby other wise it's going to be a while lol

  3. So...I've lost count. How many horses do you have? :) The new baby is cute!

    1. Henry- staying forever
      Wes- he's here for now we will see if I like him lol
      Jet- project and will be sold this spring/summer I hope
      Holli- forever home we love her
      Maui- he's a trouble maker and might find an new home lol

  4. Congratulations on the new baby!

  5. Haha, you're collecting! Congrats on the new addition and soon to arrive new addition as well! Happy Birthday!

  6. Lol, I agree with above, we need some Bio's of current ponies. Also naming a pony Maui is asking for trouble ;) he's just living up to his name. Wes is cute.


  8. He's going to be so nice! Exciting!!!

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