Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hackney Pony?!

Homeboy is practicing for his hackney debut :)

We worked in the biting harness last night.

Warmed him up and then worked on transitions and even walk to canter. It is so cool to have him respond from a walk to a canter - go Henry!

He was quite sweaty when I was done. I undid all the "stuff" and let him roll while I put it away.

Hosed him off and took him back to him stall.

Still trying to figure out a work schedule for him... 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Come On July!!

All of the Rolex posts, meet ups and loot have made me jealous!!! I had to setting to live through you all and watch the live stream... thankful for that though!

Thursday was another lunge day and Henry was a good boy and looked great. I can't rem exactly what I did with him though ha!

Friday was  a crazy day and I wasn't able to work Henry but he did get out for a bit. My prego brain is killing me!

Cookies please!

Saturday mr sassy pants was there in full force. Since it had rained, the round pen above was nice footing- thanks you Jesus for tending to the footing since it never gets taken care of lol!

I booted up Henry and took him in to lunge- he was all calm to start with... then BAM who know whats happend but he did his screaming and running act while I stood there in the center waiting for him to be done.

Then we got to work... He is really a good boy to lunge, I worked on transitions and just ultimately getting him moving and working.

Cooled him out by going for a walk outside and then I put him in turn out and let him hangout for the rest of the time I was up there.

In that time we hung out, cleaned Henry's stall, added new shavings (yep I buy my own) and then gave him a groom before I put him away. It was chilly and the weather said it would be chilly that night so I put his blanket back on.

Love it when he comes to me :)

Sunday it rained in the morning and then B napped in the afternoon so I was stuck at home but I did go up and love on him in the evening after we went to church :)

I can't wait to ride, 12.5 more weeks of being prego!

I plan to get him out every day this week but not sure what exactly he will do each day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blog Hop: Appreciating What You Have

Let's take a moment to appreciate the Pros of our current ponies, whether you own them or just ride them in lessons. 

Henry is amazing, I know I am bias and wouldn't have said that 2 years ago lol!!

- He is game to work and work hard, he has a lets get it done attitude and will give me 100% even if we are both dripping with sweat and have been at it for a long time.

- He has a great mind away from home- the last show in our first Eq flat class- almsot all the horses lost their marbles and Henry was cool as a cucumber- we had horses bucking riders off, taking off, running up our bootie... you get the idea.

- He is always in my pocket and showing affection, sometimes to much but I am not she to correct that lol!

- He is very gentle with Bayley and lets her ride and feed him treats.

- He is a pretty handsome horse- def easy on the eyes!

- He deals with me riding him and trying to figure out this whole process of making a broke horse!

- He's become brave.

- He has more athleticism for jump height then I ever plan to use ;)

- He is making a great hunter :) Now to dapple in the Derby world!

- Hauls really well!

- He's just what I like to ride, not sure if that is b/c of all the work I put into him and have learned to love it?! lol

- He's friendly to other horses and like to play

He's not perfect but I'd like to say we have become a pretty great team. It hasn't been easy to get there but the hard work has paid off! I am sure there are lots more things but lets keep this manageable ;)

Also don't forget to check out Hillary's contest!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Man Crush Monday on Tuesday

So handsome!
Oh how I miss riding!

Got Henry last night, gave a quick groom, picked out feet and booted him up. I decided to put a bridle on him and take the line with me so that I had a little more control since it was SO windy.

Worked him both ways on the line and then let him go use the whole round pen. He was 98% good, only a few "spooks/jumps".

Went back up to the barn and trotted him in hand for my trainer- she said he looks great.

Now to figure out how to keep him fit till I can get back on. Oh how I wish I could afford to put him back in training blah!

Also, Henry has become a lean mean bell boot eating machine. Like seriously he rips them off with his teeth and laughs at me. Anyone have any advice for how to make him keep them on? I know that he is board so hopefully being back in work will help that out.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Breaking the silence - last weeks review...

Such a stud! Thanks Kat for the pic :)

So some of you may have noticed that I haven't been riding and Henry really hasn't been getting worked. This isn't normal for us - we are both work horse type personalities. I think we both thrive off of a schedule :)

Basically we have been playing a game of he doesn't look lame per say, but mom knows there is something wrong and I don't want to push him just because.

He had a few rides put on him over the last few weeks but he would take a "weird" step every once in a while and that didn't sit well with me.

The only way that I could explain to the vet what I was seeing was him taking like these weird peg legged steps. I also felt like his toes were really long and his feet didn't look right- I thought the plan was to keep toes short and a good amount of heal, but I am not a vet or shoer.

The vet has been super busy so I was finally able to get him out and we blocked Henry's heals Monday. Then decided to go forward with x-rays.. which thankfully were scheduled for Tuesday.

We xrayed both front feet and his navicular looks great- praise the Lord! They asked if I wanted to do more shots and I said please do whatever you think is necessary since we are already here. Everything looked good.

Henry was a rock star, no sedative was needed and he stood still for over an hour while he was prepped, x rays taken, we talked, more x rays, we walked... you get the picture.

I wasn't able to stand there when they took the x rays (pregoness boo) so I didn't hear all the details but I trust my vet.

My understanding is that we are going to address shoeing - shorter toe and more heal (esp on the right) so that his feet are in the right position. 

Prayers that all is well after that and that we can keep that shoeing going for years to come! :)

Also cleaned Mr Henry's man parts Tuesday night, he loves it lol!

Wednesday and Thursday he got a little turn out- he has no front shoes on yet, vet and shoer need to talk and shoer won't be back out till Friday.

Thur evning

Thur evening

 Friday= shoes!
Friday he got his toes did
Saturday = turn out
Saturday Henry got turned out while we watched the lesson :)

Sunday while everyone else was celebrating Easter, B and I hung out and worked Henry a little. I did some lunging (cause I am too prego to ride) and he looks much better :) He wasn't wild either which was nice, but he is almost always composed on the line- what a good boy I have raised :)

Picture of Henry by B :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey thanks Tumblr!

First off, make sure to check out Forging Fictions contest- what a COOL idea!!

1. Most embarrassing horse fall?
I don't know if any of them have been embarrassing, they all just suck lol!
2. Ideal lesson?
A perfect flat warm up. Then some nice course work- great distances, my eye being spot on, lines, roll backs, bounce or two, swedish oxer.. then a walk around the property with friends cooling out :)
3. What’s your goal for the end of this year? Ten years?
This year: get back in the saddle lol!
Ten years: Still riding and showing and loving it :)

4. What’s your biggest riding fault?
5. If you could ride one horse, (dead or alive) which one would it be?
hmmm idk... I think I would be happy to ride any nice fancy horse lol! But I always love riding my own horse so thats hard.
6. If your next ride was your last, what would you do?
Have a nice looong flat warm up, jump a great course and have a long hack/walk around the property.. oh and making sure that it was all documented with pictures :)

7. What do you spend too much on at the tack store?
Grooming/Shampoo supplies- I always have a large stash lol!
8. What’s your view on imports? Homebreds?
There are some NICE horses imported.. I don't have the money to do it and even if I did I don't know if I would import. I am not a big fan of homebreds- there are SO many qualified breeders out there.. but I know they can get pricey so that is where it's a gray situation for me.

9. What is your typical riding week like?
Pre prego... Sun turn out, Mon hack, Tues lesson, Wed off, Thur hack, Fri trainer ride/turn out, Sat lesson.
10. Have you ever wanted to stop riding? Why?
There have been hard times but I never wanted to stop riding.. maybe wasn't stoked on the horse i was riding but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

I'll update on Henry in a few days, working on some stuff and want to do a complete recap of whats been going on :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blog Hop: Immediate Inspiration

Most of us take lessons, whether its a couple times a week or a couple times a month. Some of us have more then one instructor. Why do you train with your trainer? If okay or possible, share a picture of your trainer riding.

Obviously right now I am sidelined- but I am an avid lesson taker. I like to be productive and correct in my rides and need to keep jumping to stay on my game (we aren't allowed to jump outside of lessons). I typically take 2 lesson a week and love it.

After college there were about 3 years that I didn't ride with anyone, I took a few lessons here and there but didn't really like any of the trainers. I actually found my current trainer through L almost 5 years ago.

She's old school and tough but I like that. She comes from a great background of good horse people and great training. I've been riding for a long time and have ridden with some great trainers so I knew that I didn't want someone to sugar coat things or not hold me to a high standard. If I am paying for a lesson, I want you to give me a lesson!

L posted some great pictures so go check them out at her blog!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shad shad shad!!

It came it came it came!
 It is beautiful and I love it!!! It's a bit too big but I can have it taken in, better then too small :) It fits nicely over my belly tho- to bad I don't have breeches that fit- I could show! lol

So handsome :)
Henry has had some lunging and lots of turn out.. nothing exciting.

BFF did awesome at the rodeo... he held her own for sure and was in 6th after the night. Pretty stinken awesome for her first pro rodeo!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rodeo Season!

Since we were talking about what you have on hand for medical stuff, I decided to take a picture of my little box :) I don't keep my bute in here and the wraps are in my tack box but you get an idea of what I have. Need to get gloves, ductape and hydrogen peroxide :)

Spoiled horse!


Lunged Henry last night, I am finally coming to the realization that I am too big to ride (24 weeks today) but I will find a way to keep this boy working and in shape :)

Heading to a rodeo tonight to watch the bff barrel race :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Medical Kit Must Haves

I've wanted to put together a formal medical kit for a while but need to really sit down and make list of what I need in order to make one trip to gather it all.

I've thought about buying this, this or this... so that I have something all in one spot but never have pulled the trigger.

I have a Tupperware with basic things-
Standing wraps
Vet wrap
Bag balm
Gauze pads
Cotton roll
Epson salt
Petroleum jelly
Wound kote
Wound treatment
Liquid freeze

So what do you all keep on hand?

I know my trainer has all sorts of stuff too but I like to be prepared with my own stuff if possible :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog Hop: Our Commericial Moment

What are you buying next? Not your "Wish I could" list but your actual practical pony shopping list. And if its a high ticket item you are saving for what is it and when do you expect to order/get it?

Oh I love shopping! Just wish that I could get all the things on my wish list!! (I should update that btw)

My list:
- Shadbelly, I ordered this but am waiting for it to arrive :)
- Pull on bell boots, I swear I need stock in these because Henry eats them alive!
- Shavings, because the barn has switches to these pellets and they only give like 10 pellets per horse which isn't enough bedding for even a mouse.

I am saving for:
- Ogilvy
- 80 Baker stable blanket
- Horse shows next year

Boys aren't so smart...

So I figured that Henry would be sore from his shoeless run on Sunday, I mean hello it was gravel road he was hightailing it on!

I got him out, booted him up and put him in the round pen. Walked for a while to warm him up and then did a little trot- homeboy was sore, not bad or really off but I could tell he was sore. Not surprised since he was slid stopping on the grave, rolling back and oh yeah his left front was without the shoe and pad through it all!

So I had him walk more then a little trot and walk more... just getting him moving and stretched some. Did a little canter both ways and then hubby took him for a little cool out walk while I made grain and cleaned his stall.

Oh Henry... you should just listen to your mom! ;)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Picture Book...

Friday Henry had a trainer hack and it was reported me was perfect, woot!

Picture book of the weekend...


Saturday started out with visiting this dude
Turned him out in a small area
Cleaned my hook of stuff at the barn, two bridles, breast color with martingale attachment and martingale.
Went to the queen contest and B got to ride Rocky
Skipped B's nap and went out to love on this guy (and clean his stall lol)

He want so curious about my phone, didn't try to eat it at all but was very inquisitive :)

Turned this dude out while I cleaned my saddle... he pulled a shoe of course. I still lunged him a little to see how he looked- totally fine.
So pretty pretty!

I guess that Henry's hose down after his turn out and lunge gave him new energy because I was letting him eat grass by his stall (like I do EVERY DAY) and he decided to take off and tour the mare motel. It didn't help that Louie was out in the big grass turn out and he was TEARING IT UP so Henry of course needed to participate. Then Ramone got involved and was rearing in his stall aye! Even after I caught Henry and it was all over Ramone was still going a bit crazy so Erica talked to him to calm him down while I put Louie away... fun times.

Needless to say, Henry needs work bad- let the games begin dude!

Shoer texted and his shoe is back on so tonight it's on! ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blog Hop: What Junk Is In Your Trunk?

My trunk is FULL... oh how I wish I had "more room" but then I would probably buy more things that I don't need lol!!

This is what I have at the barn, I have a whole closet and corner of the garage  at home ;)

Bottom layer: meds, extra bath stuff, clippers, treats, sponges, lead rope and halter

Bottom right: bell boots, towels, boots
Top left: polos, soap, tail bag, shoulder back, mints, snacks for the prego, bute, sun screen...

Right top: brushes, gloves, spurs, sun classes, rubber bands, scissors, curry combs, face fly spray, vetrecyn
All drawers and stuff in.. middle has one of my coolers, helmet, BoT hock boots and some sprays hanging

Outside all closed up :)

I should do a tour of my horse spots at home too! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One Day...

getting to see my little ones do this...

 or this..

Pregnancy will all be worth it!