Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekly Updates

I guess I am failing at regular updates so weekly updates it is :)

Saturday and Sunday Henry got turned out.

Monday he got a light lunge.

Tuesday he had a trainer ride and was awesome... woot!

Wednesday Henry got turned out and we also were on feeding duty for Grayson and all the other horses where he is at.

Thursday Henry got turned out, hubby helped flatten his stall mats and we added shavings to make his stall nice and cozy... also groomed him up and of course he rolled right away in his stall.

Someone take me out, I am done!

All tucked in pre roll.. i was able to keep his attention with treats lol

Friday Henry has a trainer ride. He was good but a little strong... two days off and no lunging will do that to him lol.

They worked on a bending line of three jumps- wall bending right to the rainbow bending right to the oxer... then the other way so bending left.

We are still on a water restriction soooooo the bath I am dying to give him will have to wait... hosing off will have to do.

Saturday (and Sunday) will be turn out days for Henry :)

Oh and in 5 days the little miss will be here!!! Send us prayers Friday! :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dem Knees!

Monday Henry got lunged... woo hoo exciting!

Tuesday Henry had a trainer ride. He was good ... They jumped him around and he was a good boy :)

In the evening after B took a nap we headed out to Grayson as a family. My friends parents bought a chunk of property so it's a bit of a drive out to him.
SO thankful for a hubby willing to pick out the nasty fox tails!

Wednesday we went on a family outing to an Aquarium. Henry got turned out :)

Thursday Henry had another trainer ride. He was definatly forward but jumped everything really well!

J and Henry doing a roll back

And now for a few pictures of Henry and J from 7-1-14 thanks to Kat and Andy :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blog Hop: Unpopular

What is 1 unpopular horsey opinion you have?

I want to strongly second what L said but will chose my another on top of that one :)

I am kind of the blanket police...I understand that these are my opinions and I might be a little nutty :)

- if you clip your horse it is your job to blanket them appropriately, you need to have the right layers for the differrent tempitures and change them when needed.

- if you start blanketing you need to follow through on a regular schedule... not just when you feel like it. Don't start blanketing a horse who has a full coat if you don't plan to follow through with it and manage the blanketing.

- DON'T leave a heavy blanket on when it's hot or not having one on when it's cold.

I am at the barn twice a day when it's that funky blanket season and have a (large) variety of layers to accommodate weather. I even have multiple of different layers in-case one is ripped and can't be used.

I feel like if we intervene in the natural warmth process, then it is our responsibility to keep them perfectly regulated.

Ok I am off my soap box now :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blog Hop: Interested Parties

Another great hop from Viva Carlos!!

What made you interested in your current horse that lead you to buying them in the first place?

After B was born I knew that I was going to need to get a new horse, Tucker my current horse wasn't going to live up to what I wanted to do jump wise and I wanted to show again and be able to jump higher.

I ended up finding him a great trail/pleasure home and then leased a horse in the barn for 2 months while I searched for something young and with potential.

My trainer said no to what felt like a MILLION horses... but that was ok b/c I told her to be picky.

Her approval was what made me buy him... he was not the perfect horse but he had potential, he was more then I "wanted" to spend (but very very green so obvi not a million dollars) and I thought he was pretty easy on the eyes.

 Started at this...
Then to this at our first show...

To something much more respectable...
May 2013
Our last show before I got too prego to ride in more shows...
Oct 2013

Into this hansom dude...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Proud to be an American!

Tuesday Henry had a trainer ride and being that I am on leave, I got to go watch! Woot! He was good and it's so nice to see him do his job and do it well!

Thanks Kat for catching this picture

Wednesday Henry had the day off with just turn out :)

Thursday Henry had another day of turn out..

Friday was another ride... got to watch again :)

One of the eventing trainers had a line of 5 fences set up that were all one strides. It was set really short and of course Henry was good through it :) Proud mom! They also did some other fences and I caught a picture of the oxer below.

I cleaned him up for them and put on his fly stuff before I put him away. Also cleaned my tack that they used and conditioned it.

3 weeks from today and this baby girl will be here!! Then time for me to heal so I can ride again :)