Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why oh WHY ...

do I have to work... the weather is amazing and I just want to be outside and bathing my horse!!

I had a lesson this morning...

Worked on lead changes on the flat and then went to jumping.

So my drawing is not to scale... the arena is really big and had other things in there but these were the jumps we used.

1. vertical
2. X
3. oxer
4. vertical
5. wedge box

The line is x one stride oxer two stride vertical.

So we warmed up over 1 and then added in 1 to 4, then 4 to 1.

Then we did the line... I had to remember to whoa over 3 cause Henry gets forward.

Then we moved onto the wedge and really keeping him left over the jump since he like to drop right.

We mixed the wedge and then line back and forth.

He was good, cooled him out, untacked, hosed him off, grained, kissed and put him away.

Trainer ride tomorrow and lesson Saturday.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello Beautiful Weather!

Oh man it was SO nice out yesterday!

30's at night and 60's/70's during the day... all I want to so is leave work and go ride and bath my horse!

The lesson was canceled due to it being my trainers birthday (also GM's bday) and so I planned to hack...

Got to the barn, grabbed my fancy horse, groomed, tacked up, lunged and headed down to the big outdoor arena. My shoer was playing carpenter and fixing a jump he broke and his wife was taking a lesson.

I hacked around and Henry was pretty good. I rode in the Segunda and he wasn't as soft but nothing horrible. There was like a dressage court set up in one corner of the arena with polls so that was good for him to have to trot and canter over/around and not stress. I love just going around that whole arena, it is huge and I love it!

I worked on lots of two point and I haven't really worked on that much since the challenge that was done with Sprinklerbandit.

Cooled him out, untacked, groomed and put him away with some grazing while I filled his water... oh and grain. yeah he is so spoiled!

Eating his grain with Louie creeping in lol

Off today, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enough Said...

Hacked last night (Monday) and Henry was AWESOME. Seriously I can't describe how well he went!

No one else was riding so I took my time grooming, tacking up and lunged him a bit. Then I hopped on and when to work.

He was not heavy at all in the bridle, listening to my leg, good with the shoulder/haunches in, good cantering.. he wasn't sure about the sun shining through the doors but hey if that little look is all I had to deal with, yes please!

As I was finishing up the new eventing trainer had a lesson starting so I cooled out and got off as they were getting going.

Gave lots of kisses and treats to Henry.

Hack Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

After the Storm, Comes the Calm

Yep, not giving up!

This morning started out all wrong... hubby and I went to a movie last night and were up WAY TO LATE so it was HARD to get out of bed and then when I did get up and ready to leave, hubby wasn't home from his run so I had to wait for him to get home... i'll be home by 8 am turned into 8:30 am so I was a bit late to the lesson but I texted my trainer and let her know the situation and that I would be coming.

Got to the barn, grabbed Henry, trecked up to the barn, groomed, tacked up, lunged and got on...

Flatting was ok- nothing to write home about but nothing horrible.

Onto jumping... I'll explain what each number in the picture was -
1. Big X
2. Lattice Pannel
3. Lattice Pannel with a pole over it
4. Polls

So as as a group we started over 4 and turned right around 3 to jump 2. Did this a hand full of times and then changed it to 2, left turn up 4, roll back to the right to 1.

Then everyone else went on a cool out walk and I got a private jump lesson which was awesome. We did 1 down, 2 up, left turn and go all the way around the arena to 3 up, around to 1. Did this a few times and Henry was good.

Then we did 1 down, 2 up, left turn to 3 down. Henry was really drifiting right so we worked on 2, left turn to 3 a bunch... I was instructed to jump the left side of 3 but then after the jump to make sure to keep him straight because he was bulging left after the jump. Funny how they will drift right over the jump and left after- ugh!

But Henry jumped great the whole time and I felt good too... It was fine tuning that we were doing and I love that!

To top it all off my trainer said how Henry jumps really good and how we did good today... love hearing that!

So after a sucky start I walked away feeling great and super positive! Now to enjoy the rest of my Saturday :)

Of course I let him graze for a while on the way to his stall :)

Friday, February 22, 2013


Yay it's Friday!

Henry has a trainer ride today... the indoor arena was getting a major footing makeover so they rode outside- the outside arena was still wet and slick so they just jumped an X and the wedge. He was good :)

Lesson tomorrow.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Forgot a few things...

I am at 93 followers!!! 7 more and I will do a contest/give a way! :)

I ordered Henry's new blanket today... his current one has SO MANY little holes from his friendly neighbors teeth :)

SmartPak Deluxe High Neck Turnout Blanket

I think it's so pretty and he will look great in the hunter/burgundy!

(insirt screaming child throwing a fit on the ground)

No horse show... yeah I am sad. These are the times that I wish SO BADLY that I had a trailer so I could take myself! The fact that the show peeps won't refund me any of my money makes me even more mad but oh well nothing I can do...

There are some local schooling shows that I will set my sights on, that way if something happens that doesn't affect me/my horse I can still go :)

Yep yep SO true :)

Had a lesson today- there were like seriously 6 other people hacking kinda lessoning while I had my lesson. It's either lots of people or no people during my Thur am lesson.

So it was SUPER windy outside and all the horses were a bit up... Trainer had me stay in the left side of the arena and figure 8 over the poll (#4) being one side of the 8 and the open rail (far left of the picture) the other side. This wasn't hard but the random people who couldn't steer made it interesting and Henry's spooks made it interesting too lol.

Then we circled over the 4 poll and worked on lead changes.

Finally we moved onto jumping... Trainer had set up the horse eating latices- woo hoo! lol So we started with the latice/with a poll on top vertical- jump 1... back and forth. Them moved onto 1 to 2- he jumped the oxer so big and flat the first time, it was so weird feeling and apparently entertaining for all who were watching. Then we did 2 to 1... did both of those a bit. Then we did 1 with a short turn left or right- depending on which way i jumped it- and rolled around cantering over the poll on that side, 3 or 4, then halted.

It was a good ride, I was and am exhausted- dang that time of the month, it seriously takes all my energy away!

Trainer ride tomorrow and lesson Saturday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Monday Henry was a doll for the trainer ride! They schooled over all of the random stuff below in the big arena and he did it all with class and jumped HECK OF cute!

Tuesday I went and rode a little early for my lesson so that I could spend more time with B. I kinda did my own thing on the flat while my trainer got her lesson horses ready.. she came over and gave a little tip here and there.

Then we worked on some lead changes on the flat... never Henry's strong point but we had some good work :)

Then we moved onto jumping... there were two things set so we just went with them- I raised both a little before I got on as they were little little.

We started over the jump on an angle... working on straight take off and landing, soft low hands and keeping him between my legs which would lead to easy quick changes :)

Then we did the angle to the straight vertical and back over the straight to the angle... switching it up all over whatever trainer said.

He was good and it was a good ride.

Off today, lesson Thursday and schooling at the show Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday, Staurday, Sunday ...

Oops I am a little behind.

Friday the WS was sick so Henry didn't get ridden. So she is supposed to make it up Monday...

Saturday we have our usual lesson. Grandma and Grandpa were good sports and came out to watch despite the wind... I was in a t-shirt :)

We rode in the big outdoor arena... flatting went well despite that fact that I was having a heck of a time keeping my irons- it was weird.

Onto jumping... this is NOT drawn to scale. Ha! This arena is super big, but you get the point.

We started warming up over A and it was an X... back and forth. Then we did A off the right lead, around the box to B, change to left lead to C. Did that a few times with the group. Then she put up the jumps a smidge and told me to do them backwards- C to B to A. Thougth I was done... NOPE... Then I was told to do B left turn and over D- the box thing. Yeah I was not having that! But was told to just do it- ugh!

Thought I was going to head first dive into it when Henry stopped. Approached it with my leg on but he stopped- ok I wasn't riding for a stop but when he stopped I said ok cause I didn't want to die. Came back to it and he jumped it super big... then did a about 6-8 more times trying to get him straight- he was SURE we were supposed to jump the right corner/poll but finally got a couple good ones and was told I could be done- few!

Thanks Lyssette for the pic of the scary (to me) jump :)
Cooled him out, cleaned him up and headed home to prep for Bayleys 2nd Birthday party.

Sunday was bath day and making sure the trailer is clean and ready for us to load our stuff.

This week will look something like this...

Monday- Trainer ride and I will start cleaning out my box getting it ready for the show.
Tuesday- Lesson
Wednesday- Turn our for Henry and more cleaning and packing for the show.. and packing at home :)
Thursday- Lesson and load my stuff (yes all three bridles) in the trailer... Trainer and Lyssette will be leaving with Henry sometime in the afternoon.
Friday- Horse show
Saturday- Horse show
Sunday- Horse show and head home

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day!

Had a lesson today- Woot! First of the week!

I lunged Henry before I got on but actually I didn't have to do any work, he was NUTS so I stood there while he got his craziness out.

Thought we were riding below but my trainer said to come inside since it was windier then heck outside and she was organizing her lesson binder.

We went through our paces on the flat..

Then onto jumping... thanks to my trainer we got to jump the lattice of death ;) Henry's fav haha!

We did that back and forth a bunch working on short approaches, straight over the jump and lead changes- I think we only missed like 2 or 3 the whole lesson so that is AWESOME! Eventually she made it a bigger vertical and he jumped well... we had one stop when she put the top poll on- stinken horse!

He was tired, I was tired and we walked forever. I hosed him off, loves on him, cleaned everything and put him away.

Our bits of the moment lol! Yes we rotate through all three :)
Trainer ride tomorrow, lesson Saturday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lesson Was Cancled...

So I hacked hacked hacked :)

Henry was better, not fab but better.

Today's goals were really working on transitions and frame.

I ran him around in the round pen before I got on and then rode around outside for a bit and then headed inside to work work. He was still up but oh well I worked with what I was dealt :)

Frame into every gate, quick and good transitions were a must. LOTS of backing up... Henry needs lots of backing up lol!

I ended with just letting him canter on a lose rein to blow some steam off.

I rode for an hour and a half... that is a LONG hack for me but it was great!

Then we took a walk around the property to cool off.

I then un-tacked him and gave him a vetrolin bath... put his cooler on and walked him back to his stall with some stops to eat the delish green grass :)

Off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

My grandma will be in town Saturday and I am so excited for her to see me ride! She is the #1 reason why I was able to ride :) Henry PLEASE be good and show your best side ;)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Henry does NOT like Mondays lol

Hacked today... Henry never likes Mondays. He doesn't understand why this weekend is over and what this work stuff is.

Love my horse but sheesh he made me work hard tonight! The frame wasn't there and he was UP UP UP.... we worked through it. Nothing to write home about ha!

Lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday along with the little Miss' 2nd birthday party! :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We Become What We Dream...

The birthday girl got to ride
What more could any of us want on our birthday then to ride?! Notice the candy in her right hand- she practically threw it at me so she could ride. This girl loves candy but she loves to ride more! Thats my daughter for sure!

Friday the trainer ride went well... he was good- spookie like my ride Thursday. Trainer reminded the WS not get after him for ever little look/spook and pick on him and when she relaxed a bit he was SO much better. He jumped well and lead changes were great!

I cooled him out and cleaned him up cause the WS had to leave. Gave him his grain while he hung out in the cooler to dry off... groomed, blanketed and took him to his stall.

Then miss Bayley got her ride on Buster and we headed home to bath the dirt and candy covered 2 year old :)

Saturday was just a hack, trainer is gone.

Tried a new bit, it was a fail- he wasn't at heavy but his head was straight up in the air and I couldn't get him to go in a good frame and hold it... no bueno.

Anywho just hacked around on him- working on crisp transitions, frame, changing direction and him being willing to listen to me and bend, halting and not giving him anything to hang on (my hands).

Beautiful day

Signature mirror picture

Turn out Sunday, hack Monday, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson/hack Saturday.

Friday, February 8, 2013

I can't beleive she's 2...

So this blog is about Henry and me BUT it is my little miss' birthday today and I have to give her a shout out :) Can't believe she is 2! Love you B!

Newborn... LOVE her!
Birthday Princess

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

First here is a video of Tuesday nights lesson... I am not to stoked on my riding BUT this is a journal/timeline of Henry's training so I shall post it for us to look back on :)

Today I had a lesson... it was good. Henry was SPOOKIE but hey we worked through it and I am becoming good at ignoring it and riding like nothing happened.

This was the jump set up...

Warmed up over 1 back and forth. Then did I 1 off the left lead with a short turn around 3 and jumped 2 off the right lead. Did that a few times switching up the turn after either left or right to work on leads. Then I did 2, left turn to 3 with a right turn.. did that a few times and alternated the turn after three to work on the lead changes.

Trainer pained the polls so they are really bright now- at first Henry looked a little but quickly got over it.

Keeping positive!

Trainer ride tomorrow and hack Saturday.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

I didn't fall off last night ;)

Oh onto the lesson... I haven't walked into a lesson feeling anxiety in a while but last night I did... trainer had this set up:

1 was a normal X, 2 was the latices (horse eating if you ask Henry) and 3 was an X but parallel to the ground- two polls and 4 standards- does that make sense?!

Anywho that dang 3rd jump haunted me all night...

I got on and started hacking a HIGH horse... trainer told me to get off and go run him around. I waited my turn and let him get the crazies out... got back on and it was so much better!

Then we moved onto jumping- we did 1 back and forth as a group trotting and then cantering. Then L and I did some mini courses... right lead to 1, then 2 and a tight/roll back to 3.. did it a couple times that way.. he jumped everything and way over jumped the crazy X thing but hey we did it!

Then we did 1 off the left lead to 2 and roll back to 3.

Good boy Henry! No stopping!

Cooled him out, groomed, put him away and gave kisses/grain.

Turn out today, lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monday Funday?

Love this.. thanks KK

Hacked last night... Henry was cray cray after the guys were moving some stuff from next to the round pen to another spot with the tractor. It was funny cause he was so drawn in but also spooked lol!

Hopped on and rode around two lesson kids there were riding.. they were little up downers who did a smidge of trotting and I basically had to stay out of their way cause steering wasn't their best skill lol.

Henry was a bit strong and high so lots of asking for the frame, stopping, backing, good departures... I felt like he wasn't going to give me a good frame no matter what I did. My trainer even laughed and commented on his "i swallowed a pipe" look. I did my best to get him to give, it wasn't as good as I expect from him at all but Mondays are never good days for us... So when he gave in I praised and thanked him lol.

He was lathered when we were done... oops!

Lesson today, off tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Kinda big news, we are going to a show the 21st-24th.. not showing cause it's an A show and I can't afford to show but we will be schooling. I will be going up the 22nd-24th... I am nervous but it will be good for both of us.

Lastly, I am almost to 100 followers!!! We are at 89 woo hoo! When I get to 100 I will do some give away/contest :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blanket Help... please! Oh an Sunday...

So Henry has a medium weight Big D blanket... it has not held up AT ALL. I am done doing repairs and am just going to get him a new blanket to take the place of this one when it die dies.

I am looking at the following...

smartpak deluxe high neck turnout blanket

smartpak deluxe turnout blanket

baker turnout blanket

Does anyone have any thoughts? Opinions? Advice?

Henry needs a medium weight blanket as I would prefer not to layer unless it's below 32.

Sunday Bayley and I headed up to the barn to love on Henry. Hubby had to go back to work early so we had the day to ourselves :)

Hack tonight, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday ... Saturday .. THE Fall Video

Lets start with Tuesdays videos since I know you all was the see the fall video...

Jumping Video - as you can tell he was super touchy, he mellowed out a little and we he had some ok fences.. nothing id write home about.

Bad Henry- The fall... enjoy.

Friday in the trainer ride Henry jumped a legit jump... J is crazy brave! He did stop twice with her but they jumped something that scares me! lol

Here is a video- this was after they did it a few times- the first time was a good one and the second was a bad spot but hey he still jumped it! Sorry it's sideways- I just kind of took a little clip spur of the moment.

Saturday I woke up to my trainer texting asking if I could get her a coffee on my way to the barn cause she was running late... I chuckeled, got her a coffee on my way and let her know I was coming but would be a bit late...

We had a lesson and we got to ride outside! The footing was great and Henry felt like a different horse- in a good way, not that he isn't a good horse to ride normally but his gaits left awesome!

There were only three of us which is small for Saturday but I really enjoy the two people who were there so it was fun :)

The arena that we rode in is really really big so I will do my best to draw a picture of the jumps we did... this is just half of the arena that we rode in .. the arena is really double this size...

So we started with the exercise on the left 1.... we trotted through the polls, then one side of them was put up and we did it again- trot in and canter through/out, then they were put up to littler verticals and we trotted in and cantered through/out. We went both ways through it and it was hard but fun... it was a bounce btw :)

Then we moved on to some verticals... 2 to 3- straight to 2 as if 3 wasn't there and then turn to 3.. we did this back and forth with the same straight to the first jump then turn approach. Then we did 4 to 5 and 5 to 4 with the same approach as above.

Last thing we did was 4 to 5 to 2 to 3, left hand turn/roll back to 2. It was good and bad but we ended good.

Cooled him out on a walk around the property with E and L.

Lots of cleaning today- cleaned Henry, cleaned my tack, filled his water, grained him, even clipped Henry's muzzle, bridle path and ears.

My new shirt came from!!! LOVE it!

Nom Nom Nom

Enjoying some post lesson grass... it was a little muggy today! Weird warmth but not clear skies.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Victory Victory!

I win!

I set up almost the same stuff that was set Tuesday... but I made the panel/vertical about 2'6" so that we had a little more to jump and a big ol X :)

I win, no stopping and I rode the snot outta him. Oh and lead changes were rock star status!

Convinced my trainer and S to go on a walk with me to cool out the horses. We headed up to our old arena/barn and the arena was as hard at pavement- kinda sad to see our old stomping ground like that!

Untacked, groomed and grained...
He looks guilty...

Pepper loves my well Henry's blanket

Screen shot from 1/22/13 .. wish I was doing this instead of being at work!
Trainer ride today... lesson tomorrow.