Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riding with my girl

Tuesday I hacked and B had a lesson... love the mommy daughter pic opportunity!

After our ride Henry chilled in his new cooler ;)

Wednesday Henry was off.

Thursday Henry got turned out.

Friday he had a trainer ride and they said he was awesome.

Saturday I jumped on the tail end or the lesson.

Marinating in his BoT sheet and hock boots pre ride :)

Hacked around on the flat myself and then trainer had me jump... a baby vertical to warm up and then an airy vertical back and forth. Of course my mind plays tricks on me, I thought I was going to die... but once I did it all was good. Worked on getting a good spot and smooth changes after :)

All tucked in for the rain :)

Henry gets today off and we will be back at it Monday after hubby gets off work :)

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and I am thankful for my horses :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Loot loot loot!

Thursday went like this since no one was there for lessons...

Friday I went to two wonderful tack stores and ended up with some good loot :)

Cooler for Henry, rope halter and bronc halter for G

Loose ring for G, for Henry: green polos, D twisted wire, cookies, bell boots, for my new saddle: irons, pads and a brush, and new socks!

Saturday I hacked .... I just let the draw reins do their thing and put him through the paces.

Sunday Henry has a trainer ride and they said he was mostly good- a bit lookie at jumps but overall good.

Monday I had a flat lesson.. with about 5  other people and then 3 or 4 other people riding while out lesson was going on... talk about chaos ha! Thankfully Henry doesn't care and loves when there are lots of people around :)

Went through the paces withe everyone and then when they were all done, trainer had be stay behind and we worked on some counter canter  and going across the diagonal without Henry trying to change his lead or me not riding him well so that he would swap.

After we were done I went outside and walked around to cool out.

We did some family pics tonight sooooo hopefully those turn out better then the round 1 attempt ha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Wear Review

I bought some new riding tops with birthday money from my grandma and some of my own money too... happy birthday to me lol!!

Under Armour Sonic HeatGear Longsleeve

I like the fit, wish it was a little longer but I have a long upper body and a larger chest so that doesn't help. I am not really sure how the layer for this one is supposed to go- I wore it by its self... anyone have advice? 

I give it 3 of 5 stars

Under Armour Tech 1/4 Zip

This one is longer and fits me much better. Comfortable and love the color :)

I give it 4.5 of 5 stars

Ariat Lowell 1/4 Zip

Love the fit, similar to the above. Very comfy when riding. Kept me at a great temp.

Got this in black and maroon.

I give 5 of 5 stars

Ariat Tek Team 1/4 Zip

Love this one as well.. layers well. Keeps me at a good temp.

I give it a 4.5 of 5 stars.

Ariat Ladies' Lowell Wrap Collar Top

I really like this top too, it fits like the 1/4 zip. Got it in gray and it matches great with my maroon and gray SP breeches and is long enough for my upper body!

I give it 5 of 5 stars.

Love my new winter tops :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lots of Horse Things!!

Friday my boots came, of course I had to try them on!

Saturday I did a quick hack on Henry- not in the lesson cause Hubby needed to get some sleep. Then we went out and helped clean out where Grayson (and Rocky) will live when the weather is bad and they won't be in pasture... Also got the round pen up woo hoo!

All Cleaned out and ready for the pipe panels to make stalls :)

Mr G in his pasture coming up for some loves- this horse really is SO sweet!
Sunday Henry had a trainer ride and apparently he was partially great and partially a royal but head.

Monday I went up to hack Henry.. he was a TURD!!! I didn't lunge him and maybe that was a mistake?

I was just planning to hack him- working through WTC and then working off the rail and circles.... you would have never known that my broke horse would be such a jerk circling!!! He was awesome every where but this one spot in the middle of the arena he wanted to blow out to the left- despite my left spur in his side AND pulling the right rein. I am sure I was doing something wrong but trainer wasn't there to ask... I worked through it the best way I  knew how and ended on a good not but man it was not cool....

Tuesday morning we headed up to Grayson. I lunged him a little (yay for the round pen being up). worked on some ground manners, washed his tail and worked on the horse eating fly spray. He doesn't care about the bottle but something about the spraying makes him scared but we made some GREAT progress today. So nice not being prego so that I can work with him rather then having Hubby be my hands.

My lesson got moved but I still went up mid afternoon to hack. It was COLD and WINDY so I decided to throw Henry out to lunge before I climbed on... and since out Monday hack sucked I needed to try a different approach lol.

Fresh Arena
Our ride went MUCH better, how a hack should go haha!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


The fitting went GREAT today and I ordered a saddle!!! 12 week is going to be a lifetime!!!

So we pulled Henry's right front shoe and I have been using an easy boot while I wait for shoer to get back in town (Sunday). It hasn't been perfect but it's worked...

Tuesday I had a lesson... flatted around kind of on my own and then we jumped.

Video for your Viewing :)

Enjoy the nice LONG spot we got and my inability to go with him, poor Henry- he is such a good boy!

Thanks to Kat for the video :)

Wedneday I did a lunge in the evening to make sure that he was going to be good for the fitter Thur am.

Thursday I met with the fitter and the rest is history!

Hopefully I will be able to get another hack in Saturday AM and he will get a new shoe Sunday.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Saddle Dreaming

I am hopefully going to meet with the Antares fitter this week.. he is located out of So Cal but is going to be in this area so we are setting up an appointment. We shall see how that pans out :)


Of course Henry's right front shoe got jacked up and I pulled it... shoer is out of town of course... going to find an easy boot to use b/c he can't have all week off and I NEED to be able to ride if she fitter comes!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tuesday Night Video :)

Thanks to Kat for the video from Tuesday night... you don't see our warm up but we did warm up over and X. Then kids, the first jump in the video is what happens when you ride down to the now oxer doing nothing, hello Karley you must participate!! Once we did the first real jump I put on my big girl panties and it was game on, everything else went fab :)

Screener lol

Henry had Wednesday off and we took some fam pics, I will be sure to share when we get them back :)

Thursday I did a quick hack outside as it was getting dark- just a long and low hack. Then I went on a walk around the property with one of the kids and her pony... she is good friends with B.

Friday I hacked about mid morning and Henry was a DONKEY! He was just not liking me lol. I worked on transitions and STAYING IN A FRAME dang it, not something we normally have an issue with but my sweet horse decided to create one. Ended my ride with a stroll outside to cool out.

Saturday is turn out day.

Sunday will be a trainer ride.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jumping inside, my fav!

Monday I hacked.. Henry was a bit jumpy at everything- though I didn't lunge and it is much cooler these days.

Tuesday night lessons inside oh how I missed you, NOT.

Jumping inside is not my favorite but here is winter and I must embrace it. Big girl panties Karley.

We flatted, did some lead changes and then worked over an X, oxer and vertical with my fav latice! ;) Once I got going I was ok but that oxer taunted me. I am my own enemy- once I get jumping I am good but starting I question if I am going to live lol!

And just incase you are interested, Henry and I are famous- Canter CA poster child he is!!

Henry got turn out today (Wed) and hopefully a hack Thursday.

Be sure to check out The Owls Approves contest! Or don't so I can win ;)