Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet Grayson!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

First here is a little video from Tuesdays lesson! Thanks again Kat! :)

Screen shot from Tuesday.. DEM KNEES!!

Henry got turned out Wednesday and Thursday and a light hack today.

I also have some really really exciting news....

Meet Grayson! He's a 7 month old, QH colt. Cute as can be, both his parents have temperaments to die for. He has good breeding (Doc Bar, Mr San Peppy, Easy Jet).

Still trying to figure out what name I want to register him as but  his barn name is Grayson (for now).

First bath, such a good boy!

Rocky teaching him how to be a real horse

Super excited! Not to mention I got a KILLER deal on him :) Hubby even loves him and he lets B come right up to him and love on him/give kisses.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas, Video and Lesson round 2

Some how my draft was published.. woops! Funny thing is my draft is still open right now on another tab, not sure how it got published.

Here is the real post :)

Here is a baby video of our warm up Saturday, thanks Kat!

Don't miss out on the Christmas exchange!

I need to make my Christmas wish list

Tuesday lesson...

Got Henry, groomed, tacked up, lunged (he was nuts, bucking like i've never seen before) and got one.

I was the only person in our lesson for a while so trainer let me start.. but then I ended up having to wait for the others to jump soooooo extra long lesson for me! lol, jokes on me! It's all good I need the work out :)

Sitting trot, posting, shoulder in, shoulder out, haunches in, haunches out, canter, lead changes... and the lead changes were almost all clean! One bad one going right to left but the rest were good, hallelujah!

We jumped.. warmed up over and X and then did a vertical, about 2'6... I have to give a shout out to Kat cause she did it too on Holly!! So proud of her!

Love putting a clean blanket on my horse!

Off today, hacking 2 days but not sure which (Thur-Sat).

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One more day!

B and I headed out to the barn last night when I got off work.

Walking down to Henrys stall at 5 pm.. blah darkness!

Hi Boys!

Got Henry, headed back to the barn, groomed, tacked up, quick lunge and got on.

I worked on transitions and keeping in a frame and not falling apart. Starting out walk to trot and back to walk, then walk to trot to halt, trot, halt, walk, trot... you get the point.

I also worked on changing directions and changing the bend at the right point as well as going down the center line of the arena. I know Hunters don't do that stuff at shows but Henry can get really attached to the wall/rail so I work mostly off the wall/rail to make sure he isn't focused on that.

Cooled him out, untacked, groomed, hock booted, grained and cleaned.

Hubby shows up and took Henry back in the dark for me- woo hoo!

Lesson tonight, off tomorrow, hacking the rest of the week.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bounce bounce bounce...

Friday Henry has an unexpected training right.. I was hold he was really good :)

Also my Nov Horse Box came!!

November box came with:
Saddle pad blanket wash
Mane comb
Liniment Gel
Wound care spray gel
Apple delights

Saturday was lesson day.

Got to the barn, got Henry, groomed and tacked up. No lunging and hopped on. He was super forward at the walk and felt really good.

After a bit of walking almost everyone was in the arena and we started the lesson...

Flatted and Henry was good.. a bit spookie but once we got in our groove it was all good.

Jumping we did a bounce. I have never done one- I've done 1 or 2 strides but this was a first.

It was good after I got what was going on... challenging but good :)

Sunday was a day off for Henry.

Hack tonight, lesson tomorrow, off Wed, I'll be out Thur/Fri/Sat and I'll pick 2 days to ride :)

Def thankful for my Chai this morning!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Round 1 fam pictures wind nasty wind, last night was 100 times worse!
Headed to the barn last night after work.. took B with me cause she wanted to come.

The wind was howling and pretty nasty.. ok I have never been in wind that bad ever in my life, it was pushing me over and I couldn't stand still/against it- crazy. I left B in the barn cause it was so windy and dark it wasn't safe for her to come with me.

I got Henry and as I was coming into the barn the 2 people that were there were leaving... so B and I were alone, lovely.

I opted to lunge since Henry was HIGH and no one was around. Groomed, booted up and headed out to the round pen- nasty wet slop greeted up so I went inside. Turned the lights on and got to work.

Started by the open side of the arena but Henry was loosing his marbles (I've never seen him be this looney) so I went to the other half of the arena. He was still SO jumpy but not in a way that was dangerous.

Burnt off some steam and got him out and moving which was the goal.

Cooled him off, groomed, hock booted and grained while I leaned up.

Hubby showed up as we were about to take Henry back to his stall. I ended up letting the hock boots marinate a little longer and hubby did this...

Swept the whole half of our barn- it looked beautiful when he was done!

Took Henry home, gave him his extra hay, grained Louie, gave kisses and headed out.

I might be able to sneak in a hack tonight and lesson tomorrow. We shall see :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's raining its pooring...

Mid chew head shot

Last night was the ladies night lesson. Of course the rain held off till the afternoon and evening when we rode. I went down to get Henry and decided to grab Blue for Erica too.. Henry and Blue are both chill dudes so leading them both was no biggie.

Groomed, tacked up and got on.

Did a nice long walk warm up while Kat and Erica got tacked up. We flatted- posting and sitting trot, 2 point, canter, counter bending, trying to keep our horses from spooking... you know the good stuff :)

Then I was in the spot light for jumping...

The X actually had my fav (NOT) latice panels on both sides as well so it was a wider/scarry jump then I drew but I wasn't sure how to draw the panels ha! Anywho we trotted it both ways 2-3 times and then did the figure 8- over the polls on a straight line (a little angle to the X), left or right turn to the opposite line. The ground polls were set a little long so the 2 that I was instructed to do became a holding 3 - but that was great for us cause Henry LOVED to speed up after jumping so it helped me really bring him back.

It was a fun exercise, more challenging then it looks- keeping your horse stright, getting the strides and then staying straight after the poll for the lead change.

Walked for a while with Erica to cool the boys out.

Untacked, grained inside so he could dry and I could clean tack.

more carrots please!

Then we took all three horses down in the golf cart.. Henry was anxious to get home and walked in front of the cart as I was driving it twice- smooth move!

Off today, hack Thursday, hack Friday and lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blanklets, Blankets and more Blankets!

Currently Henry has a good wardrobe but I really want another, more durable (I have a neck blanket but it's not going to hold up much longer) blanket with an attached neck.

Here are some options:

Rambo Med Weight

Riders International

Amigo Bravo 12 Plus

Rambo Plus Medium

Does anyone have an recommendations?

He is trace clipped..

He has the following blankets (I know I have a problem):
Big D Med Turnout (times 2 but one had lots of nice little holes from his bff Lou)
Big D No Fill Turnout (times 2 but one is really dead)
Smartpak High Neck Turnout- Med Weight
Smartpack Fleece Cooler
Baker Blanket
Baker Sheet (times 2)
Amigo Sheet (but in Navy and Red)
TuffRider blanket with a attached neck
Wool cooler that he came with
2 Coolers

I think that's it, that's all I can remember from the top of my head.. few!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Is it already Monday?

Saturday we did the full hack on the flat in the lesson, woot! Henry felt great, a little too great at times with his scooting but nothing life altering :)

Walked, trotted, sitting trot, canter, shoulder in... the norm.

After the lesson a few of us went on a walk around the property.. it was a nice cool down and bit of fresh air.

After un-tacking and cleaning Henry up, I put on his new hock boots (been using them since last Tuesday) and let him hangout in them while he ate grain and I cleaned tack. I am going to try putting them on him for a bit before our rides too.

Took him back to his stall and gave kisses :)

He got turn out Sunday, hopefully a hack tonight (B might be sick so we will see), lesson tomorrow, off Wed, hack Thursday, hack Friday and lesson Saturday.

Don't forget to check out Amy's contest! I want to win so maybe you shouldn't check it out :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Spring in his step...

Back in the saddle! I tack walked for 30 min and even snuck in a little trotting ;) He felt extra springy in the trot.. great! Hahaha

Apparently he didn't want me to take his picture! But I think he is so handsome so I took is anyways :)

I get to do a light hack today and a hack tomorrow... then if all goes well we can add in a little jumping and work back into normal life!

Happy Friday everyone!

Oh yeah and My Equine Odyssey is having a contest!! I can't comment on her blog for some reason but I would love to try the Grapefruit Coat Refresh!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Other Saddle Pads...

Henry is bouncy.. very bouncy. Like my trainer will only walk and canter him because his trot is to much for her ha! Thankfully his canter is nice so we aren't all the way screwed :)

I have been on the quest to try and help my back and his through this process while riding and showing...

I have used your typical sheepskin half pad...

Also bought E's Thin Line pad off her :)
Most recently I got a Ride-Light pad for my bday

 I have to say that I do like riding in both the Thin Like and Ride Light best. It's funny how you adjust as a rider to bounce or a not smooth horse and then when you try out a pad that makes it better, it's AMAZING!

I tried them together but it didn't work ha!

Do any of ya'll have pad secrets that I must know about?!

Do share :)

Also Forging Fictions contest! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Change it up

A little humor to get through this Wed!
 Folks we have a new banner picture! Thanks to Kat and Andy :)

Last night was the day after the injections so hand walking for us.. Henry was very bright eyed and bushy tailed!

I walked him for about 30 min, groomed him and then put him in a stall with some grain and his BoT hock boots on.

Then I got my trainers horse Frosty ready and rode him western. He is flabby (she said it not me lol) so I did a light hack but it was fun! If only Henry had a trot like Frosty... I could sit it!

Got Frosty and Henry tucked in for the night and then headed home.

More walking tonight, talk walk tomorrow, light hack Fri and Sat... if all goes well we can start upping the work :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

3 Day Weekend, Yes Please!

I loved having Monday off, we should do that ever week (the day off not the big spending)!

Henry had a big day- or my checkbook had a big day I should say :)

Some clipping went down :)
Hocks were injected
All tucked in after both procedures haha!
Hand walk tonight and tomorrow, tack walk Thursday, light hack Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Round 2 of the fam pics!

1 of 2 pictures that were kinda ok with Henry, none were great and I wanted a GREAT bunch :)

Saturday started with rolling outta bed and heading to the barn. Grabbed me fab pony and tacked him up. Love having a blanket on him so that he is all clean and sleek! Makes grooming not take long at all!

Hopped on and walked around till everyone gathered and the lesson started.

We flatted inside... WTC, shoulder in, sitting trot etc :)

Then outside to jump. Warmed up over an X and then did a course...

X on the left lead, right turn around to the 5/6 stride, left turn to the single oxer, left turn to the gate, left turn to the 2 stride, left all the way around to the 1 stride (oxer first).

We did that twice and then ended up breaking down the 2 stride since when my trainer rolled the ground poll out in front of the oxer after I did my first time around, I lost my eye. We got it back and all was right in the world- even jumped it both ways.

Sat night we took some more fam pictures since I really didn't love any of the ones with Henry from the last shoot.
Sunday B and I went to a barrel race with my bff.. she took first in the 1D, yeah no big deal :)

Henry got turned out today, hocks getting injected tomorrow, hand walk Tues and Wed, light hack Thur and we will see from there :)

Last but not least, be sure to go over to Hillary's blog Equestrian at Heart to enter the contest! She always has a great blog so be sure to follow her :) Sounds like an awesome product and I want Christmas soap!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

We've arrived!

Word on the street was that Henry was awesome today!

He isn't the bad/hard child anymore- thank you Jesus!!! :)

Lesson tomorrow and some more family pics (thanks Kat and Andy for being willing!!).. hopefully the wind stays away so we can get some good ones :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

SmartPak Saddle Pad Review

Return to the SmartPak Homepage

I have a saddle pad addiction... periodically I go through and clean out my collection- either throwing old ones away or passing them onto others... of course that means I need to replace those ;)

I'm always looking for a good quality pad, square pad I should say. Another day we will talk about the "other" pads I have.

I had purchased a USG Saddle Pad and love it but it's hard to spend $60+ on multiple "regular" pads.

I looking into the Smartpak pads, loved them!

I have the following with monograms:

They have held up to washing and lots of wear.
Very reasonably priced!
Thick and well made.
The have great classic colors.

I recommend these for sure! Go buy some! :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My fav picture!

- Lesson was good last night
- We jumped an X and a little gate on a circle
- My lower back is jacked up and I need to figure something out cause I can't live like this
- Henry needs to be clipped, hopefully my trainer will get to him soon :)

This melts me heart, love them both so much!

Idk how the rest of the week is going to pan out but I'll keep you all posted :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thankful for Henry!

I hacked in my lonesome last night... I hate riding alone but so is life. Someone came in when I was cooling out- tag teamed :)

Thankful for this dude!

He followed B everywhere with his eyes hoping she would feed him!

Lesson tonight, idk Wed/Thur, trainer ride Fri and lesson Sat :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog Hoppity Hoppity Hop and 2 Point Final Time

Bucket List Time! Blog Hop from The Little Bay Princess :)

I want to hear about your equestrian bucket list! I think we all have things, whether they be on paper or in our head, that we would love to do someday. Pick three that are horse related, and tell me a little about them.

 1. I want to compete in a derby! Even if it's just a small one... and I want to wear a shadbelly for it and have lots of awesome pictures taken- oh and ride really well :)

2. Show at the A level and be competitive, not look like a fool and maybe even do well? :)

3. Custom saddle! 

My goal for the 2 pointing was 12 min... I almost met that goal. I am pretty proud of the time I go though so no complaining here...

Hack tonight, lesson tomorrow, idk Wed and Thur, trainer ride Fri and lesson Saturday.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

MacLay Land

I'm stuck in Maclay world today... It's so fun to watch all of these amazing young riders!! Congrats to Lillie for winning!

Friday Henry had a trainer ride and I was told he was good.. he also had the Chiropractor out and that went well :)

Saturday was our morning lesson. Got Henry, tacked him up and got on. Since he was ridden Thur and Fri I didn't feel the need to lunge and I was right. He was great to ride.

Felt like he had some more bounce to his step, just what we need ha! But over all he felt great!

We even schooled some lead changes and over all they were better :)

We jumped...

6 stride, left turn to the gate, left turn to the 2 stride, tight left turn to the 1 stride, left turn to the hogs back, left around the gate to the rainbow, right to the 2 stride...

I was having a hard time going from the 2 stride to a trot and into the 1 stride.. we got it thought and Henry is such a good sport and horse!!!

Went for a little walk with Erica and Kat and then back to the barn to untack and clean up.

Post ride, waiting for the hose :)

Got Henry all cleaned up, put on a cooler and gave him his grain to let him dry and eat while I cleaned tack and chatted.

Henry got today off with some turn out :)