Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22nd

Yay for Saturday morning riding. I am not so sure I am happy to give up the two days a month that I might actually get to sleep in some to ride but hey my horse is worth it right?!

Ok back on track... tacked up and lunged like normal. He was better lunging- Irene said to just let him run and eventually he will get tired, so I did rather then normally I try to make him trot first then canter. Anywho I got on and went to work. I always seem to get on when everyone else is on a break so it gives me a chance to get going and weave around to warm up.

*side note- I rode in my new Ariat/Baker boots again today and I really do love them. They aren't as secure as my half chaps but they are super compfy and are helping me get my leg stronger.*

We worked on the same things as late but added in stopping and backing up. I am riding in a slow twist full cheek snaffle these days and he can get a bit heavy.

At the end of our ride everyone went for a walk and was going to head back to the barn... Henry decided to through a bit of a fit because he wanted to go with the other horses. Irene had me walk around the arena a bit with Lyssette and then head up to the barn to get him over his fit. Ugh it freaked me out but I rode through it which is good.

Hopefully I can beg the hubby to take pictures sometime this next week. I am hoping to ride tomorrow but am not sure if it will happen because Sean is working on a friends moms car- so Ill probably be on baby duty :)

I also cleaned some of my tack today which felt good! A bridle, breast plate, martingale, martingale/breastplate combo and saddle ... go me!


  1. Lol, we can come out on Sat and take photos, it would be nice to have some light!

  2. I won't be riding this Saturday (10/29) but next Saturday (11/5) I will and id love pictures!


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