Tuesday, July 30, 2013

F S S...

Friday Henry had a trainer ride.. report was that he was good but strong.

Saturday (weekly lesson was moved to Sunday) I had about an hour worth of time at the barn so I got Henry, groomed him, booted him up and went down to the big round arena for him to blow off some steam. He was super lazy lunging and then I just let him wander for a bit and we went back to work and BAM the crazy came out!

Cooled him out, quick bath and put him back.

Sunday we had our lesson.

Got Henry, tacked up, lunged and got on.

My grandma came to watch my lesson, she is super special to me in MANY ways but for the purpose of this blog- she is the reason I was able to ride/show as a kid.

We flatted around, I got told to keep my shoulders back- surprise surprise! :)

Warmed up over some jumps... then she raised them and did a course I think that involved a gate, a little swedish oxer, panel vertical, square oxer, an X ... i think that was it lol.

Off Monday, lesson Tuesday, lesson Wednesday, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday and hack Saturday.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This or That..

Tuesday had a lesson. Lunged Henry, well he kind of lunged himself- bucking like a CRAZY!

Hacked around as the lesson was already started. He was good.

Jumped... warmed up over a baby X and a few other things then did a little course: line in 6, left turn to a vertical/panel, tight inside left turn to a gate, right roll back turn to a vertical.

Henry was good, not great but not bad.

Cooled out and did our normal cleaning, iceing, grain etc.

Compliments of She Moved to Texas...

Appaloosas or Pintos: I was a bay appy with a blanket on it's bootie SOOOOO bad!
Palomino or Buckskin: Buckskin
Bay or Chestnut: Chestnut
Star or Stripe: Star
 Mare or Gelding: Gelding
Quarter Horses or Arabians: Quarter Horses
Fjord or Haflinger: Fjord
Clydesdale or Percheron: Clydesdale
Thoroughbred or Warmblood: TB
Saddlebreds or Tennessee Walkers: Neither
Connemara or Welsh Pony: Welsh Pony
Cross Country or Fox Hunting: Fox Hunting
Equitation Under Saddle or Hunter Under Saddle: agree that it depends on the horse!
Hunters or Jumpers: Hunters

Dressage or Cross Country: Dressage
Local or Rated Shows: Local but one day Rated
One Day or Weekend Shows: Weekend
County or Antares: Antares
Flash or Figure 8: Figure 8
Polo Wraps or Boots: Boots
Standing Wraps or Shipping Boots: Standing Wraps
Square Pads or Baby Pads: Square Pads
Standing or Running Martingale: Standing
Ariat or Tailored Sportsman: TS
Traditional or Technical Fabric Jackets: Traditional
Field Boots or Dress Boots: Field Boots
Black Jacket or Navy Jacket: Navy
Spurs or no Spurs: Spurs
Crop or no Crop: Crop (GM says to always be prepared!) :)
Charles Owen or GPA: CO

Off today, maybe a hack tomorrow, trainer ride Friday, hack/lesson Saturday...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Freshly Drug Arena

Got to the barn, trainer was there with some clients vetting a horse.

I got Henry, groomed at tacked him up and showed the little kids a few things, let them give Henry treats and then got myself together as they were all leaving.

We headed into an open, freshly drug arena with one other rider but no one else at the barn. I opted out of lunging and got on.

Henry was a little up, but I put him to work and he was good.

I warmed him up with some walking, posting and sitting trot.. a little shoulder in too. Then we went to cantering... I went all the way around the arena and also did circles in weird places to make sure he was listening. He was awesome... balanced, listening, not spookie, pretty soft (after a few stops and backing).

I ended with some trotting on a long long rein.

Walked a bunch and cooled him out.

Untacked, hosed off, iced, cleaned tack... took him home with his grain and gave kisses

Lesson tonight, off Wednesday, hack/lunge Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson/hack Saturday (we have family plans and have to leave the house at 11:30).

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

First off.. thanks to Kat at The Sixth Stride for my Vetrolin! It came in the mail today :) I am kinda addicted to this stuff so thanks so much girl!!!

I had a lesson today (Saturday).

Got Henry, tacked up, went down to lunge- he wasn't bucking or crazy just kinda ran around, very chill but it was like he needed to get it out haha... Hopped on and off to the lesson. It was a small lesson today, 3 others and myself.

Flatted around, I really worked on bending him and straight straight straight- no bulging, he's not bad at it per say but we are refining everything.

We moved onto jumping, I was the only one jumping... warmed up over an X- stopping shortly after jumping and side passing him off my left leg.

Then we did this vertical with a panel in front... so kinda like a psudo oxer?! Back and forth a few times.

I was instructed to keep my hands really low, not touching Henry's mouth/face at all when asking for the lead changes- so that is what we did, he did pretty well with his changes, more on that later...

Then we did a mini course... Rainbow oxer, around to vertical/panel thing, around to the panel/vertical in the line, lead change, trot roll back to the X (skipping the second jump in the line).

Then we worked on the last two jumps of the course- just to get the lead change better (it was on a straight away).

To end we did in in and out... vertical to oxer. First time through I didn't have enough pace and luckily Henry is awesome and fit so he carried us through. Then we did it two more times and got it great so we ended the jumping on that.

To end the lesson, we did some lead changes on the straight away... oh how I love this horse but hacking lead changes is just work ha! Got a few good ones each way and were done...

We went for a little walk with some others to cool out.

I bathed and cleaned man parts.

Cleaned tack while Henry wore his sweet ice boots (im icing after hard rides).

Grained and took him home- of course gave kisses!

Turn out tomorrow :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

20 things you wanted to know :)

HAPPY FRIDAY! Henry had a trainer ride today (Friday) and I got a video, picture and report that he was really good :)

Lesson tomorrow for me!

1. Whats your horses name and how did they come by it?
Henry (JC House of Fortuny) or All In for horse shows. He came with the name Henry and of course is JC name. I picked All In for a few reasons. It's a song by one of my fav bands Lifehouse. When we go into the ring I want us both to be in it 100% and giving our all.

2. What are your favorite breeches?
I love the way the TS trophy hunters fit :)

3. Tall boots or paddock boots and half chaps?
I have both but prefer tall boots 


4. What brand of tall boots do you have(if you wear them)? If you had an unlimited budget what would you get?
Right now I have Ariats, I'd love to get customs once day but breaking in another new pair of boots sound just horrible right now ha!

5. Favorite Helmet
I think that the Charles Owens look the best on my round face :)

6. Shows or no shows?
Shows, though they make me so nervous, but I still love to go to them!

7. Jumping or flat work?
Now that Henry and I have built up a good relationship, I enjoy jumping him more- as I think does he.

8. Hunters, Jumpers, Cross Country or Derby's?
Hunters for sure, though one day I would love to do a Derby!

9.  What other disciplines have you ridden?
I've done team penning, rated in roping (need to learn how to throw a rope), general western riding, ran flags, taken a few dressage lessons... I think that's it.

10. Dressed to the nine or whatever you can find when riding?
I like to have a nice turnout, sometimes I am not so good at this and sometimes the lack of money for the nicer things come in the way. If I can do it though, I like to look good :)

11. Where do you shop the most for you? Your horse?
I would have to say Smartpak for us both, but I also visit the local tack shop, Ebay and horse show venders as well.

12. When was the last time you rode and what did you do? Tuesdays lesson :)

13. What tack do you use every ride/day?
Martingale, square pad, thin line pad, half pad, saddle, girth, front and rear boots, bell boots and a bridle. I also always wear spurs and have a crop... not sure if that counts.

14. What are your horses color(s)?
I used to always claim(ed) hunter green but now I would say- hunter, navy and maroon.

15. How often do you clean your tack? 
I wipe everything down after I ride and clean (and condition) my saddle about once a week.

16. What kind of bit do you use?
Right now we are using a Mullen Mouth Tom Thumb Pelham and a twisted full check snaffle. We have used a VARIETY lol.

Awww Henry is so cute!

17. Mares or Geldings?
Well my heart horse is/was a mare but I am pretty sure I am partial to geldings.

18. What is something you want to improve on in your riding?
I wish I was more confident. I tend to air on the side of are you sure I am a good enough rider to do that- I don't think super highly of myself. I get told to "go do it" a lot haha! I have years on years of lesson- maybe one day it will click and I will believe more in myself. I know Henry is super talented so it's time I jump on the bandwagon with him :)

19. Favorite horse themed quote?
Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

20.What was your most recent equestrian purchase?
Breeches! I bought a pair of the Bradley Breeches by Smartpak... I've ridden in them a few times and liked them for schooling but not for show.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I wish there was a snow cone place in my town!

First off, make sure to check out Hillary's contest!

I had a lesson last night.

Got Henry, tacked him up, lunged (he bucked more then I think he has in the last 2 years combined that I have owned him), got on and got to the lesson. The ground was a little hard and crunchy in the big outdoor arena... he felt a little funny.

SOOOO I was glad when my trainer said to head to the indoor :)

I don't like jumping inside, but I don't like the hard funky ground more.

Inside he felt great and acted great... there were a lot of people inside and everyone was going different ways- but Henry was awesome, listening and just going with the flow!

At one point while jumping Erica and I met in the corner, thankfully we can both steer, sorry Erica!

This is my boy friend.. don't worry my hubby knows lol!

Cantered forever (it took everyone a bit to all get cantering so we just kept going while everyone else worked it out lol), did some lead changes and then some polls with Kat.

She did a little X and I tried to participate but was told to shoo lol.

Then I warmed up over a vertical a few times and then of course it had to get bigger. Henry was great, I need to remember to really keep him straight straight straight. My trainer is such a stickler on being straight... I watch videos, horse shows and see pictures where others aren't straight and see them winning but them I remember that I was to be the best I can be and I know she will hold me to that till the day I die haha!

One of the times I really berried up and Henry was AMAZING and with some leg and a cluck he jumped it, saint horse for sure!

Cooled out, untacked, hosed, iced, cleaned, headed home and grained him. Kisses too of course :)

Turn out today, idk Thursday (id like to ride but don't have anyone to watch B so hopefully a lunge), trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Strange, So Strange

So I got this weird message from the alleged author of that text I posted yesterday... soooo I linked the article from Eventing Nation and removed the written text.

Back to Monday...

It was cooler and windy out, Henry was feeling good (I swear he sees things I don't, Saturday and Monday he was just weird)..

Groomed, tacked up, punches holes in my WB bridle (cause homeboy broke the nose band Saturday and I am waiting for the replacement)...

Went down to the big around arena to lunge.. he was almost too quiet and then BAM something set it off and he was all sideways and I swear- seeing dead people or something. Tried to get the crazies out of him and then hopped on and rode down there- its a BIG round arena so plenty of room to ride.

Worked on adjust-ability, listening (sharp transition) and frame. We were both sweaty by the end but I still felt like he could have gone another 2 hours...

Cooling him out, untacked, hosed off, B fed Henry a bunch of treats, iced his leg, cleaned tack, took Henry home and gave kisses/grain.

Lesson today, idk Wed/Thur, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Because ...

Warming up over the little panel Saturday- Pic Thanks to Kat/Andy

In the bounce :)

I had this drafted for a while and kept forgetting to post it, thanks to Eventing Nation for this amazing article!


Hack tonight, lesson tomorrow (if my babysitter is available- waiting for the confirmation), idk about Wed/Thur, trainer ride Fri and lesson Sat.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Cleaning?!

Friday Henry had a trainer ride and he was awesome!

Saturday I had a lesson... It was a good lesson sans the fact that Henry broke the nose band on my bridle. He was really into throwing his head and I was really trying to not touch his face but while we were warming up, snap went the nose band... so I had to jump without it- happy happy joy joy, NOT!

So after hacking we jumped-warmed up over the little panel on the ground- broke the nose band... Then we did a gate panel, around to the line, around to a bounce (trot in jump one stride jump one stride jump). Henry was good when he wasn't throwing his head in the air like a drama queen- yes he's a drama queen b/c I was being really careful about not hanging on his face.

Henry and Tyler begging for treats

After the lesson Erica, Mona, Kat and I went on a little walk... Henry continued his drama with his head- aye dude chill out! He was also spooking a bunch.. maybe it just wasn't our day lol!

Hosed him off, iced, cleaned, grained and took him home :)

Saturday night I was on a cleaning spree... Cleaned padock boots, a couple pairs of reins, a martingale, cleaned and put my bit on a new bridle ...

Turn out today for the homeboy.. maybe that will reset his brain :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Groove is in the Heart

Since I wasn't able to ride Tuesday (no sitter) I took a lesson Wednesday... Kat and Juliana rode too so that was fun!

Got to the barn, got Henry, groomed and tacked up.

Headed down to the big round arena to lunge.. Henry was a bucking machine- crazy cause that is not normal for him. I waited till he was done and then headed up to the arena for our lesson.

We flatted around a bit, mixed in some lead changes.. he was good.

Then we jumped this little baby panel to warm up. The first time over I could tell Henry was like um ok, this is weird but he did it and was great.

Kat went a few more times and then it was Juliana and my turn...

We did the rainbow vertical, left  almost roll back to the gate and a sharp right turn down a line of three jumps- 2 strides between each.

After doing this a few times we went to just doing the line and doing it- Jump, 3 strides, jump, 3 strides, jump. Now Henry gets the 2 easily no problem so I had to REALLY compact him to get the three, but we did it and he was being a really good boy!

He was dripping in sweat as was I by the end but it was a good lesson.

Cooled him out, hosed him off and did Vetrolin, ices his leg while I cleaned tack, took him home with his grain and gave kisses.

Also the Chiropractor came out last night and did Henry on his way home. He said he was stuck in his left SI (which is why his right lead had been hard for me to sit/felt funny- which is why I ended up calling the Chiro in the first place a week ago) .. we so got an adjustment and should be feeling better now. He commented on what a nice horse Henry is- which made me really happy :) I am super thankful that I found him (almost 5 years ago now- wow)!!

Henry will get turned out today, trainer ride tomorrow and a lesson with me Saturday.

Dreaming of Horse Shows

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

90's R&B

Yep I listened to late 90's R&B on Pandora while I rode :)

Grabbed Henry, groomed him, tacked up and got on. Oh and I decided to ride in the twisted snaffle per my trainers instruction.

Since it was Monday, I decided to start out just hacking around to warm him up. He started out great, then got really weird and jumpy over the random wet spots in the footing of the arena- worked through that and then he was good again.

After doing a good hack I decided to work on picking up both leads on a straight line... I came about 8 ish feet off the rail and worked on picking up the left lead and right lead. Wanted to make sure he was listening to my leg and what I was asking and not just going because of the direction we were  traveling... does that make sense? I did this both directions and he was AWESOME!!!

We were both sweaty so I walked for a good while cooling him out.

Hopped off and snapped a picture. He's so "full" haha! And it's not fat, one solid boy for sure!

Hosed him off, ices his leg while I cleaned tack and took him home. Kisses and cookies were given of course!

Turned out Tuesday, lesson Wednesday, turn out Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

3 Days in a Row

Thursday I convinced the fam to come to the barn with me... grabbed Henry, tacked up and hopped on. It was quite hot already by 10:30 am so I intended to just run through a few things and just get up both a bit sweaty. Oh and hoped hubby would take some pictures.

Well Henry was a bit fussy and hubby's phone was taking all blurry pics.. boo.

I rode through Henry's fussiness- just hacked him around- and we were both drenched in sweat by the end.

Don't mind my wrists!!!

Friday I went up when B napped and rode. It was cooler (in the 80's) so Henry was a little more high.

I rode his around for about 30/40 min and worked on trying to get him to listen, chill out and have a nice hack. That didn't happen soooooo....

I called my trainer to ask what she thought about me going to the lower round arena and letting him get out some of his wild oats. She said to put him on the line first to see if he would get out any bucks and then let him free... he was a perfect gentleman on the line and then ran full out and bucked a few times when I let him off... guess he needed to blow off some steam since he hasn't been able to do that in 3 weeks.

Fancy boy is floating :)

Friday night we went to the fair which was a lot of fun and some delishious food!!

I love caramel apples and pumpkin pie, can't wait to eat this bad boy!!

Saturday I had a lesson. I was super slow moving and crampy/achy but made myself go ride. Henry was back to normal after his crazy run Friday.

We rode outside and the footing was ok, I just rode in off the track. Henry felt great except a little twist in his canter to the right that I have been feeling (I called the Chiropractor and am waiting for a reply still). But he is totally good :)

We went through the paces with everyone and even got to jump a little woo hoo!

We did an X back and forth to warm up. Then a line (6 stride) vertical and vertical wall- did that both ways a few times. Then we did a 2 stride in and out... X to oxer. Henry was great, felt great and hey we still have it lol!

Cooled him out, untacked, clipped up his muzzle and bridle path, hosed him off, iced him, gave grain, cleaned tack, took him back home in the golf cart, filled his water, gave kisses and went back up to the barn to clean the rest of my stuff up.

Driving and taking pictures is totally ok right?!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maddy .. Miss Action .. Made You Look

Meet Maddy.. my heart horse.

I love this horse... she has a heart of gold and did anything I asked- BUT had no competitive drive (why she didn't make a great race horse lol). If I could have her brain in ever horse I own, I would be set for life.

Maddy went to a lovely home where she is a spoiled and loved on a by a wonderful young lady who is a vet tech. I stipulated in the agreement that I could have her back if I ever wanted her - every valentines day, mothers day, anniversary, birthday and Christmas I ask hubby for her lol :)

About a year after she was at her new home.. someone is a porker

Love seeing her happy and healthy :) And with a boyfriend lol!

I checked on Henry last night, he was good... I turned him out, filled his water and gave him some hay and grain :)

Today he got a trainer ride.. they jumped an oxer and said he was great!!

Turn out tomorrow, hack Thursday, hack Friday and lesson Saturday.

Monday, July 1, 2013

100 + .. Im in CA not TX!

Saturday it was hot when I left the house at 8:10 am.. thankfully I wore a tank top and put on sun screen!

Got Henry, we both drug our feet up the hill. Groomed and got tacked up and on.

We started out inside where I swear I was sweating just walking around. I joked that we should have a no stirrup walk lesson :)

Henry was good. He felt good. Was a bit heavy so some backing was in order.

Went outside and J and L jumped. I hacked around a bit more and when decided it was too too too hot and went and sat with the others. We are probably going to jump Henry this week.

Hosed Henry off and let him eat his grain while I iced him.

J and I took the golf card to take the boys back.

Saturday night I convinced Hubby to go over to Woodside Horsepark and watch the Grand Prix :)

We also got to watch some Hunter classes and I was dreaming of one day when I have money what I could do :)

I will be going up and checking on Henry tonight.. it's 107 outside so no riding, hopefully he will get a trainer ride Tuesday am (supposed to be 105), off Wednesday, hack Thursday, hopefully a lesson Friday and a lesson Saturday.

My show fam :)