Thursday, February 19, 2015

TOA Blog Hop - Sugar Mama

Let's continue pretending that horse poop magically transforms into money instead of the other way.  So money doesn't matter.  If you could buy anything for your horse, what would you buy? 

Awesome topic from TOA :)

My horse's are already quite spoiled but if I had unlimited money, oh how awesome would that be!!!

I have been blesses lately with a new saddle and new to me trailer.

If I had unlimited budget I would be all over a new truck and trailer- living quarters please!! :) New, top of the line and everything!!

Brand new Chevy truck please...

And you know something like this would do for a trailer... hahahaha! it's only $140k ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bring it on

Monday was a holiday so everyone was out at the barn for lessons... thankfully hubby was off so I got to partake!

We rode outside. I flatted myself and then trainer had me jump after T and L jumped. I thought for sure she was going to put the jumps down, nope she didn't and despite my fear I knew she was going to make me do it so i just went.

Warmed up over the yellow x, then added in the purple X, right turn to the brown oxer, yellow X left turn around to the blue in an out... Had to do the in and out a few, ok a lot of times becasue I kept letting him drift right.

Then we did the black to the purple, right to the brown, left to the blue in and out.

Rem those pics of Henry jumping that i said scared me... well I did two of them. The tree oxer was square but shooot I am proud of myself. The jumps that weren't X's were 2'9 and 3' so I was pretty stoked. Henry says it's no big deal but shoot I am only 6 months from having a baby and csection so go me!! lol

Cooled Henry out after he was a rock star .. love this horse and that he patient with his chicken mom :)

Tuesday I hacked... did LOTS of no stirrups and man my legs are KILLING me today lol.

Went for a walk around the property with the kids after their flat lesson.

protecting my saddle lol
Henry got turn out today :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jump Around!

Here are some pics from a couple weeks ago...

Bad ass pony right here! Now if only I was brave enough to jump this big - ok the only one that really freaks me out is the tree, the other two i MIGHT be able to do lol.

Oh Hey Blog

I am Karley, nice to meet you... I've fallen off the wagon, so sorry. Hopefully I am back now :)

The biggest news is ... my saddle came!!!

It's so pretty!

I love it, it's comfortable, everything fits great, Henry seems to love it... I can't complain :)

We also bought a 2 horse used Logan trailer... I am SO excited to be able to haul myself and have the ability to go places when needed. I am hoping to get it all set up next week when hubby is off work and will take pics and do a post on it :)

I've been riding 3-4 days a week. Taking on average 2 lessons a week to get ready for the show coming up in March ;)

Still trying to decide what classes I am going to do at the show... maybe a Derby if I am brave enough to jump 2'9 ... I don't plan to win or place but it would be good experience.

Henry has been being a bad ass as usual and rockin the jumps. We even did that lovely flower pannel he loves the other day and he jumped it no prob- woot!

I need some riding riding pics I know... hopefully soon :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Monday I hacked... I was pooped but Henry was awesome and I was SOOO glad that I rode!

Tuesday B and I both had lessons... I flatted while she had her lesson and then we went outside to jump and she hung-out in the golf cart with trainer.

I jumped some courses and also worked on a line of three- one stride to a two stride. Henry was good, I am getting back into my grove and feeling more comfortable.

Cooling out after my lesson

Wednesday Henry got turned out.

Thursday I had another lesson... I flatted while the kids had their lesson and then jumped after they were done.

Hubby snapped a few pictures with his phone  while I flatted :)

We worked on courses and some tricky ish turns. Keeping pace the same through the whole course and finding the sweet spot when Henry wants to speed up and steering when he guess' where we are turning.

Again Henry was awesome and I am feeling more comfortable :)