Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Rodeo Go-er

I lessoned Tuesday and Thursday... and went to a barrel race Wednesday.

Monday hack

Jumped inside Tuesday ... a line... nothing fancy.

Jumped outside Thursday and did a line and then a fun little S over a stone wall, chevron and black wall. I rode for almost 2 hours so I was POOOPED at the end! But Henry was great and I had fun :)

Lunging before getting on Thursday

Then we went to two rodeos over the weekend :)

Being a good boy at the race
G got ponied around and then stood with all of us around the arena.. he was awesome for his first time being ponies away from home and maybe 4th time being ponied :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I love pictures :)

I normally don't get to ride Saturdays but hubby let me ride :)

Thanks Kat for the pics!

I wrote about the lesson already but wanted to share the pics :)

idk what my hands are doing- eek

I hacked Monday. Worked on just a general w/t/c since it has been almost a week since I rode because of the rodeo trip :) Also did some counter canter and incorporated it on a circle which was cool to really be able to feel how I had control over his body and he was listening and balanced so that we could do the circles on the counter canter. Go Henry!

G, your head is not supposed to go through there!! Leave it to him to find a way to a place he isn't supposed to be lol.

My new boots, love them!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rodeo woot!

Last week we went on a last min road trip with my bff to a rodeo. 

She did awesome, made the call back for the top 36 and placed in the 2nd round and average woot!

Super fun few days!

Telling Katy what a good girl she is

Addi riding Rocky :)
Henry got a couple rides - including a trainer ride while I was gone so he wasn't stuck in his stall. Hubby also turned Henry out ever day :)

Saturday B was telling Henry how good he was for my lesson

Happy Boy after our hack Monday

Hacking Tuesday since the lesson was canceled

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Is he really 2?!

First off, if you follow me on Insta you probably say this pic...

Someone is growing up!! Can't believe he is 2!! 

He has been SO easy to work with (so far) and taken everything in stride like and old soul! Bridle, saddle, lunging, grooming, feet, blankets.. etc 

I always have said I am not sure what he will be discipline wise but I just want him to have a good brain and be fun.. so far he is!

Henry and I have had a great week too!

Lots of good rides this week and two jump lessons... thanks Henry!

He was solid jumping- even our first inside jump in a while. 

How Henry feels about being ridden on Monday's

Tuesday's lesson we worked on bending lines, angles and steering around lots of people in a little indoor while jumping.

Saturday's lesson we worked on stride, lead changes on a straight line and a little more angles. Oh and we jumped our first Chevron.. well he had jumped it a long time ago but it was my first time and I was cool as a cucumber :)

My hacks were just being lighter in the bridle and a tad no stirrup work.

This next week is going to be tough to ride b/c hubby has a crazy schedule but I will get in what I can :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

18 on the 18th... TOABH

Thanks for all the advice on boots!!

Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.

1. I love what a chill dude he is.
2. I love how handsome he is.
3. I love how he loves to jump.
4. I love his work ethic

5. I love how sweet he is with B.
6. I love how athletic he is.
7. I love how we can go to new places and he is calm cool and collected.
8. I love how far we have come together.

9. I love that we look good together.
10. I love that he has a good canter despite his AWFUL trot lol
11. I love his shinny copper coat.
12. I love that things have been hard along the way but that we have grown together along the way.

13. I love that he does random funny things, like sticking both feet in the poop bucket lol
14. I love that he breaks any crazy stereo types that OTTB's are nuts :)
15. I love that ive been apart of all his training after the track.

16. I love that we aren't even close to where we started haha!
17. I love that I love showing him!
18. I LOVE that I am so comfortable on him

Thanks Beka for the great hop!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Boots, I need Help with Boots!

I would love a custom pair of tall boots... but I can't really afford them.

I am not hard to fit... size 7 Reg height and Reg calf.

I love the Mt Horse boots I scored on Tack of the Day... but I would like something higher quality for showing.

I am not really a fan of the Ariats that I have... they aren't as buttery soft at the Mt Horse's and they make my right leg go numb. They aren't the Monaco which I am sure are buttery soft and nice, but a bit more then I would like to spend- though if I have to I would.

I am looking for your advice... I want mid- high end please... for the hunter ring... ready set go! :)