Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Oh Man It's Been Almost A Month!

Despite he blog silence- lots has been going on!

I've been trailering over about once a week to take lessons, this last week didn't happen but other then that we have been going.

Henry is to the point (knock on wood) that he is pretty broke and all I really do is keep us in shape lol!

I am still LOVING having my horses at home - seriously it's surreal at times! I haven't gotten sick of cleaning stalls or feeding... yet lol!

Henry has been hacking great at home! And I can't get over that this is ours!

We have been doing lots around the property so my tour pics are outdated soooo I need to take some new ones :) So I will work on that this next week and get ya'll a tour!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We might have snuck off to Disneyland

This ranch is keeping me so busy!! I am doing a horrible time at posting, so sorry!

So blessed!

Henry has been getting ridden- he LOVES his new life of living outside. He is in a pasture by himself for feeding and then gets to go out with Rocky and Cooper for a big chunk of the day... I also have stalls for all the horses if/when the weather gets bad.

Hubby and I might have snuck away for the first time since having kids with no kids this weekend... it was much needed time!

I also went over and had a lesson tonight with my trainer, hopefully I get some pics from Kat's hubby :) It was SOOOOO hot we all were dying! 

We flatted and did what felt like a million laps of 2 point.. i forgot to put on band-aids on the inside of my knees- i have some horrible rubs- thankfully one of the kids hooked me up!

We jumped a fun (and little) course... I loved that it felt small!

We did a red and yellow X as a warm up then I did a course- a bit more then the kids but I went first b/c they were instructed to pay attention lol!! No pressure :-P

Red and yellow to a imidiate left turn to and oxer, big left turn roll back to the red/white/blue, bit roll back to the right to an X two strides green pannel five strides to an oxer, long left turn around to the green rounds with no standars... we did the rounds a few times bc trainer wanted me to jump the left side- I couldn't seem to get my shit together ha! Finally did and we quit on that- Henry as always was amazing!

More riding this week! Maybe one day I will get hubby to come out and take pics of me riding- or maybe B will take some!!