Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Second half of Sept

Henry and another WS

When you let your 3 year old take your picture

Happy Place

I've been making time to ride 3 times a week (sheesh it's hard to carve that time out) and Henry is getting ridden by the WS 1 time a week. He has been a rock star :)

Grayson is learning about fly spray and over all ground manners are being sharpened, he is so sweet and has gotten a little too cuddly b/c hubby thinks it's cute ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back on the wagon

Monday was hack day. I headed out early to ride with trainer and others but she wasn't there (they were at a show this weekend so i should have known that she would take Monday off oops) so I rode with the others.

Tacked Henry up, lunged and then hopped on. I just worked on going through the paces and me being stronger... also him staying in the frame when I make my gate transitions- I am weak and he knows it. homeboy is SO stinken strong!!

Tuesday I hacked around with the lesson folk- Henry is not a fan of schooling lead changes, thankfully he is good about them when on course! - and then the WS got on and jumped Henry. Pictures to come :)

Off today, lunge Thursday, trainer ride Friday, turn out Saturday... Hubby had a crazy work scheduled last weekend, this weekend and next weekend so hopefully I can get on a regular riding schedule once it settles down :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dear Trainer...

I think you forgot that I just had a baby and that this is my 5th ride back.

Just kidding.. kinda ;)

Thursday I went out in the am for a hack... flatted around and then before I knew it, trainer was having my jump a little vertical and working on keeping Henry straight (and a smooth lead change at the right spot) ALL.THE.WAY down the center of our gigantic arena. Don't get me wrong, I was up for the challenge and did everything she asked without a peep...

Incase you are new here, Henry is strong- so strong. We have used a million bits and nothing gets him off your hands but lots of stopping and backing up and eve with that he is still just a strong horse.

My calfs, back, shoulders and ok well my whole body is sore! What was supposed to be a nice 30 min hack turned into an hour and 20 min hard ride... GO ME!

It felt great at the time ha!

BUT I am so happy to be back riding and love that I am not scared or feel like I am going to die this time around :)

Friday Henry had a trainer ride... He was good and I caught the tail end of it :)

Turn out Sat and Sun and then back to work for us both Monday :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I am SO behind!!!

Now that I am kinda back riding, hopefully I will update more- tho taking care of two little ones and a hubby who works lots of hours leaves me little to no time to blog... gotta figure out a time to keep this baby updated!

A quick run down via pictures to get this caught up ...


Henry and J

2nd ride back jumping the big stuff ;)

4th ride back :)


Other Random stuff...

Rachel kicking some bootie!

B riding all by herself :)

I am trying to get back in the saddle as much as possible... I feel SO big and can't wait till all the baby weight is gone and my balance is back.

Going to try and jump in on some of these blog hops!