Wednesday, November 2, 2016

T-3 Days

Went out for a lesson yesterday to get ready for the clinic.

Trainer has painted a bunch of jumps so we had new stuff to jump and we were inside... oh and the rope jiggler was taking up 40% of the arena with her student and they were on the ground 90% of the time ugh!

Despite all that Henry was AWESOME and I did my part well. Woot!

Oh he did think the giant latter was scarrrrrrry but hey I'll take that over the new jumps lol

It rained almost all of last week and through the weekend so we haven't been doing much of this...

But have been doing as much as we can to get ready for the clinic.

Henry has been doing lots of this too...

It looks like Ireland here- the rain made the grass pop up hella fast!

Stay tuned for my outfit post and then clinic posts!!