Thursday, May 29, 2014

Poor Grayson but Happy Henry

A friend sent this to me yesterday- hilarious!

Henry has a trainer ride Wednesday since they are going to be schooling at another facility on Friday.

He is so happy to be back jumping.. I can't wait till I can ride!
Grayson the other other hand, was gelded. He was not happy with us humans, well except B- he still loves her.

I don't like you mom!
Hand walking, a little lunging (slowly to increase) and hosing is on the schedule for him.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend in (mostly) Pictures

Firday Henry had a trainer ride... they jumped him and he was good. He was def happy to be out and jumping :)


A few hours in the morning of turn out
B and I went to a rodeo with R - she ran barrels

Sunday a little afternoon turn out :)


To the right

To the left

Henry has never been exposed to flags before.. i'd say he doesn't care :)

After all the fun he got a full body bath and man parts cleaned

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Tuesday.... exciting night of lunging!! Who would have guessed ;)

Waiting our turn for the round pen
I added fresh shavings to his stall and he of course rolled

And looks who is growing up and looking more and more like a real horse.. well except his big bootie :)

His color is still a mystery to be discovered... in person he looks roan but in these pics (like Alanna pointed out) he looks liver chestnut. Only time will tell! :)

For #tbt lets look at him 6 months ago.. CRAZY!

Oh and his manhood will be taken next week- woot!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blog Hop: Bit It Up

Monday Henry had some turn out in the am and then I lunged him after work. It was SO windy ...

Mid spook/buck lol
Crazy wind= crazy horse!
He finally chilled out...
Yep love this horse!

Onto the blog hop!!

What do you ride your horse in?

I would like to prefiss this with- Henry has a mouth of steal and is SO heavy.. I  have soft hands so that I can have the bit I need when needed- but not hang on him or make matters worse.

Currently Henry goes in a full cheek twisted snaffle or a mullen mouth pelham...

In the past we have used...





I have also tried a Wadaford, Slow Twist D and Full Cheek and a few others. He isn't bad in the lesser bit by any means but when I need brakes or to half half to a fence or in a line I have NOTHING to work with... and this isn't a training issue :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monogram love!

I think it was Lauren over at SMTT who I saw the helmet monogram at or maybe it was The $900 Facebook Pony.. shoot I can't remember!

Anywho I ordered some!!! SO excited and can't wait for them to come :)

PersonallyPreppy is where I ordered from. I ordered 3 since I figured I was paying for shipping I might as well get a few extra to use on who knows what :)

Chilling in the turn out Sunday

Sunday Henry got a nice long turn out- like 4 hours- long for CA standards I guess lol.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chestnut Power!!!

California Chrome and Jersey Boy both won today!! I had the Preakness on the TV and the Old Salem Farm USHJA International Hunter Derby on the iPad.. glorious Saturday afternoon!! 

Tomorrow, USEF Network is streaming the Empire State GP from the Old Salem show so make sure to watch :)

Thursday Henry got lunged, it was hot but homeboy needed to work!

I guess he had other plans on who was lunging who lol!

Workin it!

Friday Henry had a trainer ride. They hacked him around and then even jumped him some.. over a few X's and then did a 2'9 ish line.

J who was jumping him tried to put me into labor early in the line once (not cool lol) but thankfully Henry is freaking awesome and game and totally made it over the vertical- without touching it. Seriously I don't know how he did it haha!

Saturday was turn out day :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful I will be coming back to a broke horse :)

Since it has been too hot and I feel bad working Mr Fatty in the 95 deg weather (yep it was 96 still at 7 pm last night), Henry has just been turned out the last two days.

Tonight that will all change though and we will go back to him normal lunge sesh. I am in the works for buying a surcingle so that I have my own, I hate using other peoples stuff. 

Tomorrow will be a trainer hack :)

For a fun little throw back Thur... I think we have progressed lol :)

Greenie with a mom right after having a baby...
July 2011
 In our groove last summer...
May 2013

Packing me around prego :)
Feb 2014

So thankful that I will not be coming back to a greenie again :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blog Hop: Continuation School

Why do you continue to ride?

Only a horse person would understand- it's apart of me. 

Horses have been apart of my life for 22 years.. with about a total of a year in there of little breaks. I don't know life without them since they came into my life at the age of 8.

It is something that I have poored and invested SO much of my time, energy and money into- something I know I can do and am competent at.

I don't know where I got the horse bug because my parents are not horse people- none of my family is ha!

At the age of 8 my mom said if I called around and found a place to take lessons- I could take lessons. Little did she know that I would really do it :)

And so started the life time commitment... starting lessons, riding in shows, riding in high school, to riding in college and buying my first horse.

It's expensive- but I feel it's worth it. I don't shop for clothes, we don't take vacations or even day trips, don't have a nice car, live in a smaller house.. you get the point :)

22 years later I am still at it and won't quit!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Henry the Hunk!

We lead an exciting life these days... let me show you...

Bahahaha :)

Good news: he's looking less chubby! :)

Another lunge tonight- woo hoo lol!

On another note: Flies

How do you/your barn manage flies?

What is your fav fly spray?

What are your fly sheet rules? (when is it too hot for the fly sheet)

What are your fav fly protectant products?

This year they spread a TON of manure down by the mare motel and I am dreading what it is going to be like :(

Here is Henry's get up... the leg protection died so I need to get a new set :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

A few littls X's- he's an old pro PTL!

Turned out after his hack Friday
Friday Henry had a "trainer hack" ... nothing really structured that is why I put it in quotes. It's just to get him out and someone on him since I can't ride him.

He got flatted and then jumped over a few little X's and as he should be, he was great :) Even perfect lead changes- makes me so happy and even more eager to get back in the saddle!!!

Went out to put a sheet on him Fri night since it was in the 40's, so spoiled!
Saturday I had overbooked B and myself so Henry just go turn out.

Sunday B and I went to a rodeo with my bff and got to see some other friends too. Henry had the day off :)

Love these girls and their chestnuts :)
Tonight Henry will get a lunge :) Gotta keep that boy workin lol!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

He's so fat!!!

Seriously Henry has packed on the pounds!! I have cut out his extra hay and grain but he still is chunky! I know he isn't in much work but I'm doing what I can to keep him moving... maybe he is gaining sympathy weight since I'm prego? ;) lol

Birthday workout

Just call him mr tubby :)

Birthday "cake" for Henry made by B :)

Wednesday he got turned out for a few hours, we had dinner plans so i wasn't able to work him.

Tonight he will get a nice lunge in the bitting harness and hopefully we can keep chipping away at his extra fluff :)

11 more week of being prego- not that I am counting or anything ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HBD Henry!! :)

Yesterday was Henry's last day as a 7 year old...

He got to enjoy some time out and of course lots of love. He was super sassy going out to the turn out... he broke my toes Saturday so I was keeping my distance from him ha!

B and I hangout in the car and sand Frozen songs which was fun.

Put Henry away eventually and headed off to get some Mexican food for dinner :)

TODAY is Henry's 8th Birthday!

He will get worked and then spoiled tonight to celebrate :)