Monday, January 9, 2017

Jet's Progress

I've owned Jet for 3 months now.. here are two pictures almost 3 months apart. Oh man I miss the summer shine (though he is wet in the top pic)... he is gaining weight slowly but it's coming.

He's not a big hay eater so it's been an up hill battle with weight. I have him on hay and a sr complete feed pellet that he really likes... it has joint supplements in it so thats awesome! And it's a local ish feed company.

Friday, January 6, 2017

We are both Crabby

It's wet... I don't have a covered arena.

Start hissy fit... I am crabby not riding... Henry is crabby not being ridden...

I was actually able to get out and ride on the 31st and came out to find this...

Shoe is fixed and now it's too wet to ride.. temper tantrum done.

He's cute and I miss riding him!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Blogger Gift Exchange 2016

Allie at was my secret santa. I seriously love doing this every year- horse people shopping for horse people, what could be better!!!???

She wrapped my present sooooooo cute!!

I am a horrible wrapper but I love getting wrapped presents lol!

She included something for everyone- seriously she is THE BEST!

Got a shirt from her ranch- LOVE
An awesome stiff body brush with my monogram- girl i love a monogram!!
Candy canes for all the ponies!
Herbal horse goodies- i love this stuff and am thankful for restocking a few of my favs!
SUPER cute ornaments- again monogram obsessed!
Stickers for the girls... as a mom of girls she knows exactly what little girls love, ponies and stickers!

I got the best presents this year!

Thanks Allie you rock!