Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10-30-12 Lesson Video

First Time Through

Second Set Up

Third Set Up

Fourth Set Up

Fifth Set Up

Loving my Henry man!

Lesson in a Fog

Not only was it dusty in our lesson last night, I am still sick- now getting worse and it sucks.

I was so in my own head and kind of really out of it but I made it through the lesson so that is good! :)

I didn't get picked on to much which was nice, or if I did maybe I don't remember it. We flatted around and Henry was pretty good- I really thought about marching him forward, holding my frame and shoulders back :)

Then we moved onto jumping... L and I were first. We worked on a grid of three jumps with one stride between. It started as a half X on each to a half X, half X, vertical.. then half X, X, Oxer.. then X, vertical and a larger Oxer.

I think Andy took video so hopefully I can post that soon :)

I walked for a bit, untacked, put on the cooler and started the LONG waiting game for Henry to dry- which he never did but he was mostly kinda half way dry lol.

Off today, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and idk about Saturday.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Does anyone else BO take forever to cash checks?!?!

Videos- woot!

Thanks Kat and Andy for the video! :) It's from our lesson last Tuesday.

Last night Kat and I hacked together.

Henry was a little high- ok a lot high lol. I mostly cantered.. just working on being correct in my riding, his straightness, not dropping in the corners - his shoulder, my body and his bend- it was a good ride and he was super sweaty at the end so we walked for quite some time...

Group shot

Louie was insistant on kissing Henry! He also looks GIANT in this picture since he is in front of us lol


Cooling out

I curried Henry when I was done and then put on a cooler and we took the boys for more walking/grass eating.

Made up his grain, brushed him off more, put on his sheet, took him home, filled his water and gave him kisses.

Lesson tonight, off tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and I am not sure about Saturday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The night after...

My trainer had her annual party last night. We went and it was a blast!

We were the dancing man/woman from the Ipod commercials :)

This morning a few of us agreed to meet up and ride... only two of us showed, the other two weren't up for it after the nights festivities! LOL

I got Henry, game him a LONG good groom and then took him to the round pen for a lunge since I didn't ride him Saturday.

Such a cute pony!
Here is a little video of his lunging

I got on and headed inside... the arena was freshly drug and watered so it was fun to mark up the perfect sand.

Despite being DEAD in the round pen he was UP when riding... the guys were messing with the tractor and the jump standards and polls were all piled up- didn't you know that wood eats horses?! We had a quick chat about going forward now and I put him to work. Trotted a little but ended up mostly cantering... really worked on acceleration and coming back to a nice collected canter. We even did a few big fast, small slow circles (well actually halfs of the arena)... we are pretend reiners lol!

I was really asking him to pay attention to me ever step of our ride and it was a good workout for both of us.

Cooled him out while Erica was riding

Friday, October 26, 2012

Oct 26 2012

"Haters gonna hate... Especially when threatened by someone of skill. If you don't have haters, you're doing it wrong."

A friend put that on her facebook and I loved it so I thought id share :)

Today Henry had a trainer ride. The jumps were all still set from the clinic so he got to jump random jump that were not in the "normal" spots or our half of the arena.

He was good and jumped everything that was put before him. At the beginning he was strong to the jumps but a few stops, back up and again to the jump he was good.

Turn out tomorrow.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hey Thursday

No lesson tonight cause my trainer is getting ready for her annual Halloween Party ... she texted me this morning and said I could come during the day but I was already at work so it wasn't possible.

So I hacked... we had the whole arena to ourselves and it was awesome. I worked on my sitting trot at the normal trot speed, slow sitting trot, forward/working posting trot, canter departures, forward canter, collected canter and 2 point at the canter.

Doing our thang :)

I walked for quite some time to cool him out.

After untacking I sponged him off since it wasn't freezing outside, cold yes but not freezing yet. Put on a cooler and waited for the dude to dry... cleaned my tack and picked everything up.

Dry dry dry

I have been working hard on Henrys tail.. pretty proud of where it is today :) I took a few pics today to show it.. I know his Baker is a little small- it was for my old horse and I want to use it lol! The new Baker sheet hubby got me fits him awesome but it's supposed to get to 48 tonight so I thought he needed the blanket and not the sheet.

Kisses for the boy as I cleaned his stall, cleaned and filled his water, gave him his extra hay (he ate his grain while he was drying) and told him to stay warm and clean lol!

Trainer ride tomorrow... turn out Saturday.

I got some fun stuff in the mail today but I will post about that tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We've Come Pretty Far

This time last year I might have had a heart attack doing what I did last night. I love that I feel confident enough to tackle whats ahead of me... don't get me wrong, I still think "oh crap" but I am able to focus and just do it.

We rode inside last night cause the daylight isn't there anymore for us to ride and jump outside.

We flatted- sitting trot, shoulder in, posting trot, walk, canter, collecting the canter while also having soft contact.

Then we moved onto jumping. There was a grid of polls to an x that eventually became an oxer. There were guiding rails in the front and on the back of the jump. Henry was like what the heck but thankfully I was awake tonight and rode him well so no stops :) Maybe the fact that we weren't jumping in the dark with the light of the golf cart helped too ;)

Lead changes were eh but hey we are getting better everytime.

Off today, lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Friday and turn out Saturday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old School Pictures + A Ride

Sorry they are sideways and funky... but enjoy! :)

Adam- my fav horse as a kid

Cappuccino- appy mare to showed/rode


Carli, Kristin and me (in the back looking serious lol)


High School Horse Show

High School Horse Show

My first trainer was hard core- no stirrups lol

Running flags at my High School Horse Show

Back to reality...

I hacked last night. Henry was acting a little funky- really lazy but wide eyed at nothing, literally nothing was there and I had to really push him to go forward past nothing. He also had a really runny poop. I just did about a 30 min ride- worked on walk to canter transitions, moving his hind end (haunches in and out) and as always frame.

Lesson tonight, off tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and turn out Saturday.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012

Went up to the barn for a nice afternoon ride. The Hawley Bennett clinic was still going on so I rode inside... it was also extremely windy and cold so I was a-ok to ride inside :)

Hacked around, Henry was good, w/t/c, lots of frame and bending through the corners... ended on a super stretchy trot with my reins really really long (practically on the buckle). He was really good... only a few spooks- or attempts to spook cause I pushed him forward and focused his attention back on me. There was lots going on at the barn so I am not surprised that he was distracted.

Hack Monday, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Structured Chaos?!

There was a clinic going on at the barn this morning... so we rode inside. Shortly before our lesson, I peaked at the indoor arena and there were tons of people warming up for the clinic- luckily it cleared out and we took it over.

I did a quick lunge as my trainer advised it since it was chilly and foggy outside.

Got on and we got to work. He was working really well for most of the lesson. We had moments of resistance of a frame, he also felt really willing to go forward forward forward with me but luckily I was able to direct his energy accordingly. I LOVE that I am not worried or phased by these things anymore.

My trainer had us do a follow the leader type game and it was interesting... to say the least.

We went for a walk after our lesson to cool out, I untacked, curried, put on a cooler, cleaned, took him to his stall, grained and loved on him.

Cute boy!

Kisses for Henry :)
I went and watched the clinic for a while with Lyssette and then headed home.

We also went to the pumpkin patch tonight as a family...

Friday, October 19, 2012


Not quite feeling 100% + jumping in the dusk/dark = no bueno

Flatted around... pushed through the urge to take breaks and tried to work hard. Got told that I was looking good... worked really diligently on keeping a frame, along with lots of stopping and backing- I will have a light horse one day! ha

We moved onto jumping and light was lacking. Henry slammed on the breaks at the first fence - great. I am not surprised, it's not something I wanted by any means- I felt him hesitate and closed my leg and then BAM at the last minute he stopped. Got after him and went right back to the jump, he jumped. We went a few more times and then went the other way, he stopped again (despite me being very aware and riding aggressively) and I really got after him and made him jump it from the spot he stopped at.

We continues over the jump, alternating out turning left and right after it. Also worked on a constant turn over the jump, short approaches, square corners.

It was a good lesson except the stopping.. but like I said, I am not surprised he did it- he's never been jumped in the dark.

I went to watch the lesson today and as I showed up at the time I was told to be there, they told me that they were done with him... ugh.

A lesson tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A little somthing like...

Me: How as Mr Henry today?
Trainer: Very high, he should be great for you tonight.
Me: haha ok cool. Sorry he was wild!
Trainer: No problem. The round pen worked wonders and his tongue was hanging after a few fast laps lol!

Hope this means and AWESOME lesson tonight :) Double day for Henry... seriously this horse is so fit it probably doesn't phase him!

Lesson tonight, trainer ride tomorrow and lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sick... really sick

I am/was sick, really sick. It sucks...

Sunday night/Monday morning I was on deaths doorstep. I stayed home Monday to rest.. didn't get out of bed almost all day and when I did I felt like I was going to pass out.

I made it out to the barn (with the help of my hubby) and lunged Henry.. nothing crazy just light work out to get him out and about, stretch his legs. Hosed him off, grained and fly sheeted him.

No lesson tonight, I asked my trainer to ride him today or tomorrow in place of the lesson since I am still super weak and need to have some more down time. She said she would ride him tomorrow.

Tonight I'll probably check on him, maybe another lunge or turn out.

Trainer will ride him tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and a lesson Saturday. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dear Henry...

Today was supposed to be a light hack/relaxing ride. Apparently you had other plans.

Someone was lunging in the lower round arena and that created a glimmer in your eye :)

We worked around through the whole arena, things were going well- shoulder in, haunches in, bending, low headset, frame,  forward, collected, canter in half the arena and around the jumps (making sure you were listening to me and my leg)... then I asked you to go straight down the WHOLE long side. Half way down (or up) it you were SURE that I was going to turn you and ask for a lead change... nope I just wanted you to go straight.

Outside leg means move off of it, not lean into it and go faster.

It took you some time to figure it out, boy were you sweaty and foaming.

Thank goodness I had my ipod cause the music kept me relativly calm- a few "really Henry!?!?!" 's came out but other then that we worked through it.

FINALLY you went straight and we quit.

Here's to tomorrow being an easy hack?! ;) Probably not ha!

I love you!

Hack tomorrow, lesson Tuesday, something (not sure what) Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello lesson that kicked my bootie.

I got on at 5:15 and got off at 5 to 7.. yes long lesson.

Worked on haunches in, shoulder in, frame frame frame... then came lead changes. He was into cutting the corner and hauling. SO MUCH WORK and I didn't feel like we "got it"... I mean I know that it is going to take time but I want to feel like we are getting there, which I guess we are if I take a step back and look.

At the end my trainer asked if I was tired.. I said no I am mad. It's frustrating when I know I am doing what she is telling me to and he just ignores it or says screw you I am bigger.

Needless to say my upper back is sore today ha!

Today Henry got a trainer ride and they worked more on leads... also rode him in a different bit- twisted wire. We have ridden in this before and I am sure we will switch back and forth, around and around may times over our time together haha!

They also jumped him and he was good. He jumps with such ease and like it's no big deal... love that.

Bayley is sick today and I wnated to get a sitter so I could ride tomorrow morning but we will see. Hubby works Saturday and Sunday so its going to make for a long, lonely, single mom weekend ha!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Picture Story

Waiting for our turn in the round pen

Still waiting
Crazy sky and a semi wild Henry

Awesome view and a good pony

I don't normally go to the barn Wednesday nights but I went up last nice since Bayley is sick so we stayed home from Church... just did a 30 min lunge workout for Henry.

Lesson tonight, trainer ride Friday and riding either Sat or Sun this weekend- not sure yet cause hubby works both days so we will see where I can sneak it in.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hack and Barn Meeting

Medium hack tonight... did mostly cantering. Nothing fancy... trying to keep his attention, good transitions, changes of directions, halts, backups, soft hands, self carriage, collection, lengthening... good boy!

Cooled out and back up to the barn to clean up and grain while there was a barn meeting.

It was hella long, lots of talking, stuff I didn't really care about and other stuff that stunned me that someone thinks they could enforce... we will see what actually pans out.

Lunge/turn out tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, something Saturday lol...

Happy Birthday to me!

Hubby blessed me with some AWESOME presents (though they haven't arrived but I was able to get out of him what they were)!!!

He also got me a $50 Starbucks gift card... I am blessed!

Baker™ Sheet
Not Henry but the sheet he got me :)

SSG All Weather Winter Lined Glove
New gloves, my fav ones are DEAD

Monday lesson.. what?!

My trainer is busy tonight so our regular lesson isn't happening. I was able to make a quick adjustment on the fly and take a lesson yesterday (Monday). Normally I don't like Monday lessons cause Sunday is Henry's day off and he is a horse who doesn't do well with lots of "off" time... typically I work him Monday so that his brain is ready for a lesson Tuesday, but that wasn't going to happen with the quick change of plans.

Henry was, as my trainer put it "high which makes it hard for you." But we had a lesson and a private one so I had to get all I could out of it. Which I really felt like I did.. nerves never once played a roll in our ride (a miracle!!!) and I was focused. Henry was giving me a run for my money but I stood up to him.

We were jumping the rainbows and he was going to the right over them to avoid the actual rainbows (made of wood) which ensued a battle. It took a while but we got that. It's crazy to me how I can hold me left rein and have my right spur in his side and he still goes right.

Then we worked on stopping him in the line since he wanted to do like 2 strides in the 4 (or 5 if I hold him).

Lead changes were better.

My eye was better.

Overall a good hard lesson but I liked it.

Hack tonight, turn out/lunge Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, not sure about Saturday.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday Henry had a trainer ride. He was good and it went well. I was able to watch on my lunch break... I love seeing him go around!

Saturday I had a lesson. Group lesson. It was good... nothing great- my eye is still not cooperating. But this is refining me :) I feel like my left stirrup is longer then the right and that was really bothering me so I need hubbys help punching a half hole. We worked on keeping Henry consistent to the fences. He likes to see how many strides he can add before a single fence and how many he can take away in a line.

After the lesson I bathes Henry (since we have the family pics Sunday), grained, cleaned his stall and filled his water.

Sunday he just got turned out. In about an hour we will be meeting to photographer to take our family pics.. wish us luck and heres to Bayley AND Henry cooperating :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thursday night...

I've had this fixation of perfection lately- I want every lesson to be great and to prove how I can step up and perform... and mostly do things right by Henry.

I Googled perfection and this is something I found and loved...

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Lesson last night wasn't amazing but wasn't bad. Henry really knows his job now and almost is packing by bootie when I get to a spot that I can't see and say "oh shit" - he doesn't do it all for me but defiantly gives 100% jumping from FUNKY spots! Ha! I am supporting him, but I need to keep the pace up to every jump- even when I am not sure of our distance- I can't just hope it's going to work out :)

Even though we didn't have all perfect distances, my trainer reminded me that we didn't have any stops, I am staying with him on the long/short spots and we are working together.

She even put jumps up as I was going through my lesson and I didn't even freak out- so thats a win!

Trainer ride today, lesson tomorrow and family pics (including Henry) Sunday! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lunch Date...

I had a lunch date today with this guy...

Lunged him, turned him out, cleaned his stall, filled his water, grained and hay'ed him and gave him kisses!

Lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.

October 2, 2012

It's October and 100 deg... really?!

Had a lesson last night... it didn't feel as hot at Monday but my head was overheating in my helmet ha!

There were some people looking at the ponies so our lesson started a little late. We hacked around on the flat and then jumped.

I felt so discombobulated jumping ha! I don't know what my deal was....

Lead changes were 75% there.. I have to get my head in the game and set him up for success 100% of the time.

Again not one of our finest lessons - though it really wasn't that bad... but these are what builds our foundation and makes me a better rider.

Hack today, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.

We are taking family pictures Sunday and I chose the barn for the location and Henry will be in the pics!! :)