Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Videos- woot!





Thanks Kat and Andy for the video! :) It's from our lesson last Tuesday.

Last night Kat and I hacked together.

Henry was a little high- ok a lot high lol. I mostly cantered.. just working on being correct in my riding, his straightness, not dropping in the corners - his shoulder, my body and his bend- it was a good ride and he was super sweaty at the end so we walked for quite some time...

Group shot

Louie was insistant on kissing Henry! He also looks GIANT in this picture since he is in front of us lol


Cooling out

I curried Henry when I was done and then put on a cooler and we took the boys for more walking/grass eating.

Made up his grain, brushed him off more, put on his sheet, took him home, filled his water and gave him kisses.

Lesson tonight, off tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and I am not sure about Saturday.


  1. Considering how he looked in the round pen, he was a good boy in the arena

  2. I love Henry! He's so cute and what a fancy mover! I still say you guys want to be eventers...just sayin'...;)

  3. Love the videos, you guys looks super good together.


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