Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hey Thursday

No lesson tonight cause my trainer is getting ready for her annual Halloween Party ... she texted me this morning and said I could come during the day but I was already at work so it wasn't possible.

So I hacked... we had the whole arena to ourselves and it was awesome. I worked on my sitting trot at the normal trot speed, slow sitting trot, forward/working posting trot, canter departures, forward canter, collected canter and 2 point at the canter.

Doing our thang :)

I walked for quite some time to cool him out.

After untacking I sponged him off since it wasn't freezing outside, cold yes but not freezing yet. Put on a cooler and waited for the dude to dry... cleaned my tack and picked everything up.

Dry dry dry

I have been working hard on Henrys tail.. pretty proud of where it is today :) I took a few pics today to show it.. I know his Baker is a little small- it was for my old horse and I want to use it lol! The new Baker sheet hubby got me fits him awesome but it's supposed to get to 48 tonight so I thought he needed the blanket and not the sheet.

Kisses for the boy as I cleaned his stall, cleaned and filled his water, gave him his extra hay (he ate his grain while he was drying) and told him to stay warm and clean lol!

Trainer ride tomorrow... turn out Saturday.

I got some fun stuff in the mail today but I will post about that tomorrow :)


  1. Sounds like a really great ride.
    Love all the pictures.

  2. I am super jealous of your ring. Like seriously!

  3. Hate those'between' temps - trying to decide which clothes to put on my mare!

    1. I know right!? Henry has a nice wardrobe but man it's hard work for me to go up to the barn a million times a day!


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