About Karley

I am a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt and EQUESTRIAN. I have been riding Hunters since I was 8,  rode in college and now have Henry.

Here is a small blurp and picture about the horses I have owned:

Maddy (Miss Action- http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/miss+action2)- This was my first OTTB and my "heart" horse. 16. h, chestnut. I got her when she was 4 and man was I spoiled with the most laid back, loving and trustworthy OTTB. She and I did everything from english schooling shows, to trail rides including going through water, going to rodeos, chasing cows and racing with Rachel and Rocky. I will ALWAYS love Maddy and am thankful for the years I had with her! She now lives as a pasture pet doing exactly what she was made to do- be loved on!

Taylor (Saturation)- She was a quick project I had- she needed a home and I took her and put a little time on her and found her a new home. She was a 3 year old, 16 h OTTB. Very sweet and leggy. Loved water- every time she was turned out if there was a ounce of water she would be covered! She has a fabulous mom now who loves and spoils her!

Brodie- Beautiful horse but we didn't get along at all. He was a jerk to me but loved hubby. He was a 15.1 hand, 7 yr old QH.He went to a home that wanted a all around horse and they scored on him- this horse has some nice training its a bummer we didn't mesh.

Speedy- He is an appendix QH. HEART OF GOLD to the core. He was an ex barrel horse, has some amazing training on him. I rode him in rodeos for grand entry with flags and had a blast doing it. He was in his 20's and now is owned by two little kids who do Jr rodeo and love him to death. He takes the best care of them and they kick butt in ever event.

Tucker (Pacific Heights)- a WB/TB Gelding, 16.1 h, gray, 12 yr old (although there is thoughts that he was closer to 17 ish). He was my dream horse but due to a past injury wasn't staying sound to do what I wanted. If I could have kept more then one horse I would have kept him to just ride around on the flat. Super sweet boy with a heart of gold... He and Maddy would have a forever home with me if I had the funds or property to keep them in a nice pasture. Tucker has a great mom who just trail rides and dotes on him.

Here is a fun footer of Maddy, Tucker and Brodie