Monday, May 4, 2020

Virtual Horse Shows

Has anyone jumped on the virtual shows train? I found a reining one so B recorded her entry Saturday and I know I am bias but I think she and Scooby did amazing!!

See for yourself!

Cole and I got in a lesson too and I feel like I am still having ah ha moments ever lesson and I love it!! I feel really accomplished at the end of my rides. I may not get in as many rides as I would like during the week since I have become a teacher (send help, I am not made for this) but I am getting some in and lessons.. Can't complain.


  1. OMG the homeschooling... like I reread Liam's work from yesterday and was like, oh crap should have read this yesterday better, you need to correct xyz. Its really not my thing either lol. You guys both look great, glad you're liking the reining.

  2. Cool From a young age you have learned to ride ... and that photo is a very good memory.


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