Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This ranch and my girls are taking all of my time!!! Not that I don't sit at a desk all day, I don't have time to blog ha!!


The biggest is that we got a pony- B is SO excited and LOVES Sonny SO much! He's an old (like 28 ish) hunter pony. We are working on steering and even trotting a bit... he knows where the out gate is and where I am lol!!

Addi loves Sonny too and he is perfect for her as well :)

Henry and I are plugging along... his foot finally seems a ok where he stepped on the clip and no infection happened- yahoooooo!

We tried a pad with the frog cut out and he got a bruise on the back of his frog/heal so shoer came out today and put a full pad back on- hoping he feel back to 100% tonight - Please Henry I am ready to go take a lesson and maybe get to a show this season!!!

We both like to have a job and are ready to get back to the regular scheduled program :-P

Grayson is doing well. I've put a few more rides on him... he just needs lot of horse just loping around and I hope to have my chill western pony I dreamed of!