Monday, August 31, 2015

Engage Your Core

Screener from right before the show

I've been riding despite my ability to blog, though I guess if it's blog or ride we all know what would win haha!

I was super sore from having to ride him down at the show, so sad... I literally have never been in that much pain. My core and back were out of control, guess thats good that I was engaging them rather then pulling cause my arms were totally fine.

I hacked last week and planned to lesson but hubby's schedule didn't allow :( But Henry got out for 3 rides and turn out the rest of the days.

Henry and Blue
Barn buddy E is on vaca so I have been turning Blue out... Henry loves having a turn out buddy.

Our hacks have been good... Working on really keeping him straight, especially to the left he wants to not be straight- homeboy loves it when I make him be correct :)

I texted the Chiro to come out when he has time.

How Henry feels about Mondays
Hoping to get in on a lesson tomorrow morning woo hoo!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2 Classes

I need 3 coffees, 6 horses and like 12 million dollars

So Henry loaded and traveled great.... got to the show and it was a hurry up and wait situation. Like always right?!

They had done all of the flat classes that were in my realm so I singed up for two 2'6 classes to warm up and then was going to do the 2'9/3 classes.

Tacked Henry up and got on... he was HIGH lol so I just rode and rode and rode. We jumped some warm up jumps thinking that it was almost the 2'6 stuff... only to find out that they were going to wait days for ponies and then water/drag. 

Hung out some more and then did a few more jumps before I went in and did my two rounds... 

The first round was great except homeboy didn't want to do one lead change BLAH! 

Second round was even better, then homeboy knocked a rail in the last line.... AHHHHHH for real Henry?!!?

We got a 5th in the 2'6 Hunters, despite our lead woot! To bad he didn't do a nice clean one!

They still had a million 2'6 round to go and no one, including me, wanted to wait around for hours in the heat to do the 2'9/3' so we packed up and went home... 

All in all Henry was good, a bit of a turn to warm up, but good... next show we shall do more. 

Maybe I will joing SAHJA next year and do the 2'9/3' stuff and try to get a tri ;) Henry and I need one of those! lol

Friday, August 21, 2015

We are ready, I hope!

Had two great lessons this week... oh Henry I just love you so much!

Packing for the show

I ended up riding Tuesday night with the late crew, always love riding with those ladies- used to be my go to when I worked out of the home.

Our course looks like this now...

Tuesday we did the purple to warm up.

Then moved on to the blue 6 stride line off the right lead, left hand turn to the red line.

Then she had us do the yellow oxer off the left lead, right hand turn up the 5 stride.

It took me a min to get my crap together but over all Henry was great and such a stud!

Cooled him out and pulled some more mane in prep for the show.

Thursday night hack

Friday I had a lesson. Last one before the show...

I flatted around on my own and trainer threw in a few things here and there... she had me do some lead changes through the center of the ring, counter canter and lead changes in the corner... gotta love the flat workout before any over fence work ha!

We warmed up over the purple.

Then we did the yellow oxer off the left lead, right hand turn to the blue 6 stride line, left to the red line, left to the yellow oxer, right to the green line...

3'3 baby!

Then trainer mixed it up and we did things a bit backwards... right lead to the red line the other way (3 stride to the 2 stride), right hand turn to the 6 stride line, left hand turn to the green 5 stride line.

Here is a video of that last line :)

Again Henry was awesome, we worked out my issues and hopefully we are ready for the SHOW- WOOT!

Quick hack tomorrow, bath and loading the rest of the trainer... then we are off Sunday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brunello's Da Man!

I have said before how Jersey Boy and Brunello are two of my current fav horses... not sure if you all watched but Brunello won the USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship for the third year in a row, woot!

Henry and I haven't had anything that amazing happen in our hacks buuuut he is a pretty amazing chestnut too :)

Hubby just worked 7 days/nights straight... keep in mind these are 12+ hour shifts plus a min of an hour commute each way. SO I haven't been able to ride since Thursday. I can not wait for my lesson tonight lol!!

KFC ... chicken chicken
Henry has gotten out every day though cause I can do that with the girls :)

It's been over 100 for three days in a row... too hot! I bet Henry is happy I haven't ridden him ha!

Maybe I can convince hubby to take some pics tonight if he comes .. or maybe Kat and I can take pics of each other :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Menlo Charity 2015

A group of us from the barn went to the Menlo Charity Horse Show... it was fun to hangout with everyone and watch lots of fancy horses.

Dreaming of having the money to show there!!!

Warm up ring

SOOOO big, no thank you! lol

Love all the fancy set ups :)

Love the camo
Bay Area people, lets all meet at a horse show sometime!! That would be fun!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maybe a Show?

Lessons and riding have been happening, bloggin has not... oooooops!

Henry says liverpools are no big deal... woot! It has been a while since we jumped one so I was glad it was all good!

He's been great for my lessons and rides! Love this dude!

Grayson was watching over me as I cleaned his stall... He is out in pasture and only goes in the stall when the weather is really bad but I wanted to make sure it's ready when needed and hubby was there to help me with the girls so I had free hands!

Gray went to the barrel race Sunday... big boy!!

I need more riding pics, gotta see if I can get hubby to come take some :)

There are talks of a horse show on Aug 23rd, going to see if I can get a sitter since hubby works so I can go show!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

3' and 3'3

Monday and Thursday this week were hacks... exciting I know :)

Tuesday morning I took an early lesson...

We did this course again.

Backing up though, I flatted and trainer had me do some lead changes- Henry's FAV!!! lol

Then we used the above to do courses again. Henry was being awesome, I really can't complain one bit..

The wind was killer so I would do the course and then come back and trainer and I went through them since I wasn't able to hear her.

She commented how good he was being, I told her it was probably because I was riding well lol... she said that was possible too!

I am hoping to find a sitter so I can take a lesson Saturday, fingers crossed!

Also, I took the tape out and measured the jumps... all of them were 3' and  3'3. Woot go me and Henry!! I wasn't even nervous or worried, yeah yeah!!