Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maybe a Show?

Lessons and riding have been happening, bloggin has not... oooooops!

Henry says liverpools are no big deal... woot! It has been a while since we jumped one so I was glad it was all good!

He's been great for my lessons and rides! Love this dude!

Grayson was watching over me as I cleaned his stall... He is out in pasture and only goes in the stall when the weather is really bad but I wanted to make sure it's ready when needed and hubby was there to help me with the girls so I had free hands!

Gray went to the barrel race Sunday... big boy!!

I need more riding pics, gotta see if I can get hubby to come take some :)

There are talks of a horse show on Aug 23rd, going to see if I can get a sitter since hubby works so I can go show!


  1. Are you going to the woodside show on the 23rd? I am so it'd be cool to meet up

  2. exciting!! also Grayson looks super cute tied to the trailer haha

  3. I can't get over how big Grayson is!

  4. Rooting for the show possibility! Grayson is too cute, and looks like a calm kid at the trailer.

    1. He's pretty chill about everything in life... Well except fly spray lol


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