Monday, August 31, 2015

Engage Your Core

Screener from right before the show

I've been riding despite my ability to blog, though I guess if it's blog or ride we all know what would win haha!

I was super sore from having to ride him down at the show, so sad... I literally have never been in that much pain. My core and back were out of control, guess thats good that I was engaging them rather then pulling cause my arms were totally fine.

I hacked last week and planned to lesson but hubby's schedule didn't allow :( But Henry got out for 3 rides and turn out the rest of the days.

Henry and Blue
Barn buddy E is on vaca so I have been turning Blue out... Henry loves having a turn out buddy.

Our hacks have been good... Working on really keeping him straight, especially to the left he wants to not be straight- homeboy loves it when I make him be correct :)

I texted the Chiro to come out when he has time.

How Henry feels about Mondays
Hoping to get in on a lesson tomorrow morning woo hoo!


  1. Mondays are the pits Henry, I agree! Fingers crossed for a lesson tomorrow!

  2. i kinda love/hate those rides that make my core sore lol... have fun in your lesson!

  3. Agree, Mondays are awful... actually Tuesdays aren't much better. haha.

  4. Riding > Blogging! I hear yah! Sounds like things are going well :)


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