Thursday, April 23, 2020

Saturday is for Social Distancing

Saturday B and I went for lesson on our beloved Unicorns Scooby and Cole.

We ride with different trainers but they are at the same barn and they have lots of room so they did our lessons at the same time which is super nice!

I have had Cole 5 months now, it's been a learning curve for me to get all of the reining stuff down. Henry is broke and I've walked the whole training process with him, making it so I know him so well and he knows my riding.

Cole is super broke and was an open horse (meaning Professional caliber) so he is like a Ferrari... and I have never driven a Ferrari BUT I am learning. I feel like ever lesson we are getting more tools and I am enjoying this process SO much!!

B and Scooby during their lesson

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Baby Chase

Baby mama: Funny Face Smoke (

Baby daddy: Bridlewood Bacardi (

Equals Chase...

Mom is a paint and dad is a black welsh... and I got a SOLID bay baby lol!! Fancy (mom) is a finished reiner but doesn't compete any more and has had a super cool welsh cross that does pony hunters. My sister and I both own her.

If the girls don't want to do anything pony, we will probably sell him but for now we are enjoying him, B has been enjoying working with him and it's such a cool experience for her.

Right now he is going through the pregnancy phase lol
I will dig up his new new pictures for you. What a cool deal it has been to have a baby born at home!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Schooling Schooling Schooling

The weather has been amazing!! I love being able to have a CLEAN horse... Cole does his best to be as dirty and nasty as possible.

We still have lots of green grass... everyone in the barn is worked up to being out all day which they love and I love.

Cole and I have been getting in a ride about every other day... Hubby is still working and I am home 24/7 with the girls. I am so thankful they are willing to put up with me riding- even for 20-30 min. My littlest is mostly good at playing in the dirt and then insisting she gets a ride on each horse that's out haha! Her absolute favorite is Scooby and she tells everyone who will listen that he is hers- my oldest doesn't like that because she is very in love with her horse and does't want her little sister to steal him ha!

We are headed to a lesson tomorrow - hopefully getting some good schooling and show prep for whenever we are allowed to show again :)

Thursday, April 16, 2020


I am pretty proud of the work I have done to create this space... lots of time dragging, weeding, picking rocks and junk.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Henry is Still Number ONE

Don't worry, Henry is still the king of the castle.... Sadly I just can't afford two show circuits so for now hes living his best life.

His best life is hacks, every day turn out on grass and nightly buffet in his stall... he's not mad.

He defiantly has more of a dad bod now, to go with my mom of three little kids bod haha!! But we enjoy each other- there is something about an almost 9 year bond that is just always going to be home, he's my ride or die.

See that white fencing, that is supposed to be my arena but the previous owner dumped crap dirt in there and no matter how I tried I couldn't make it work... so I found this lovely sand behind and have turned it into my arena. I will take a picture and let you guys see it's full glory.

Henry living SIP without a care in the world.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Wesley is all Grown Up

My baby is all grown up! He's had 3 months with my trainer and is so handsome!! My sister will be taking him again in May and hopefully will get to show him later this summer or fall.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Schooling show and Affiliate 1

Before the world stopped.. we were able to attend a schooling show in the end of Jan and the first Affiliate show in the beginning of March.

Schooling show...

This was all a learning experience for us.. Cole is new to me so I had no idea what type of prep work he needed or how he would be in the show pen.

I learned
- he needs a tad of lunging day 1, but not much and its way more work for me when him to lunge
- getting in the show pen to just school was so good for both of us
- he is so smart and a pro at this, he knows its game time and we are competing when we step into the show pen

- I didn't feel nervous at all once I got going in the warm up arena.. this is a whole new feeling for me since puking was the norm when showing hunters ha!!
- reining shows are like a big family hanging out, lots of meals together and hanging out

Affiliate 1

This was at a new facility that I had never been to.. normally our shows are at 2 different facilities only an hour and a half away. The first show was at a place over 3 hours away and a new facility- it was good for me to see how he acted when I wasn't familiar with where we were.

Spoiler- he was pretty great, a tad spookie at one corner (the second time he went in the show pen, so I call his bluff lol)

We headed up Friday- getting the horses settled and a schooling ride to stretch their legs and get our bearings.

I did a schooling class on Saturday- it's the "level above" where I am showing but we wanted to get in the pen and let us both see it... it went so good! he was game for it all and I stepped up to the plate. We ended up getting 3rd in the class...

Sunday it RAINED SO hard on us all day... lovely weather for showing. Thankfully they have a covered warm up arena and show pen... but you got soaked walking from the stalls to warm up and then show pen.

We had a great ride in our Green as Grass class, not as killer as Saturday but still we got a score in both our runs, didn't 0 and didn't forget out pattern. We ended up tied for 4th.

I am so thankful to have those horse... I feel so lucky to get to show him.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

What day is it?

Is this all over yet? I know this is going to be first world problems but its ok, im allowed to have feeling lol!

I have been working hard and had but goals for this show season... in reining you can only do the division I'm in for two years and I wanted to fully take advantage of it. My plan B was that I could win the buckle next year if I had a major mess up but I didn't plan on being sidelined after only one show.

I know everyone else is in the same boat but I am still bummed. Really bummed if I am honest...

I am VERY thankful that my horses are at home. We are really not hurting too much other then I can't wait to eat out or have someone else cook for me and to see our friends/people.

Cole is back home now, but for January and February he was at a barn right by my house that has a covered arena so I could prep for show season and not miss out on riding ... jokes on me now lol

I'll recap our schooling show and Affiliate 1 show next time.

Hope you are all doing well <3 <3