Friday, April 17, 2020

Schooling Schooling Schooling

The weather has been amazing!! I love being able to have a CLEAN horse... Cole does his best to be as dirty and nasty as possible.

We still have lots of green grass... everyone in the barn is worked up to being out all day which they love and I love.

Cole and I have been getting in a ride about every other day... Hubby is still working and I am home 24/7 with the girls. I am so thankful they are willing to put up with me riding- even for 20-30 min. My littlest is mostly good at playing in the dirt and then insisting she gets a ride on each horse that's out haha! Her absolute favorite is Scooby and she tells everyone who will listen that he is hers- my oldest doesn't like that because she is very in love with her horse and does't want her little sister to steal him ha!

We are headed to a lesson tomorrow - hopefully getting some good schooling and show prep for whenever we are allowed to show again :)

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