Friday, August 30, 2013

A Circuit Horse You’d Love to Own

It's the second blog hop is here! Brought to you by She Moved to Texas!

What’s a horse showing on the AA Circuit that you wish you could own?

I agree with Laure, I'll take them all! :)

But for real, it's a toss up between Brunello and Jersey Boy.

I think I will go with Jersey Boy... 

 He is so cute and look at those knees!

One day I would love to do a Derby, I love how he always looks so chill and in his element when he's out there!

Whats not to love!!!???

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Hip Hip Hooray!

3 day weekend!!!

Day 26: throwback, the day Henry arrived!

Thursday panned out to be a better day then I thought. Hubby ended up being home so I was able to take a lesson.

I got to the barn before everyone else and the lesson that was supposed to be going on never showed, so trainer said I could tack up and we could go jump outside.

Tacked up, ran Henry around and got on. He was C A R A Z Y in the round arena.

Climbed on and we went to work. Hacked around and trainer had me do a few laps galloping because well Henry was still high.

Then we did some lead changes.. she had me do a little forward of a seat, put my knuckles in his neck and to jump shift my weight... we had some great changes and a few that weren't. But over all a win.

Then we jumped...

Started out warming up over 1 back and forth.

Then I did 2 with a short approach back and forth. I had maybe 6 strides till to jump and I had to pick up a canter from  halt and jump the jump.

Then I did 2 off the right lead, left hand roll back to 3, U turn to 4. We did 4 a few more times and also did if off of the left lead cause that is my weak side.

We were both lathered in sweat at the end of the lesson.. but it was good to have a private, haven't had one in a while.

Cooled him out, hosed and vetrolined, grained while I iced his legs. Took him home, gave kisses and took Louie for a hand walk- he's rehabbing and his mom is gone at school so I'm babysitting during the week.

Grained both boys.

Headed back to the barn to finish leaning my tack and watch Erica and Lyssette in their lesson.

Twins! lol

Love this boy SO much!

Turn out today, lesson Saturday and turn out Sunday... hopefully a lesson Monday!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Equine Aid Review

Kate with Lucy had a contest and though I didn't win, but Equine Aid contacted me and sent me some samples.

Now Henry is a good drinker, I have a trash can sized barrel in his stall with water and I keep that full- he also has an auto water but I like to make sure he has enough water all the time. We have had the water turned off at the barn for broken pipes or what have you and the small auto water isn't enough cushion in my opinion.

I planned to use the packets at the horse show Sunday but my bucket kept getting taken and used on other horses much to my disliking so I never was able to use it.

I did though get to use it this week and Henry seemed a little confused, as was I by the swamp like look of his water, at the beginning but it didn't detour him from drinking his water. He played with it a little but seems a-ok with the Equine Aid.

I saved one packet for the next show becuase off property is where I think it will be the most benificial.

I also ordered some to have in my show stuff :)

I'd defiantly recommend it!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Lesson?

Day 23: Riding Picture

Tuesday night is the normal ladies night lesson.

I got to the barn, changed, got Henry and got him ready. No one was there so I texted my trainer... I guess the lesson had been canceled but Erica and I weren't aware.

I ended up turning Henry out and cleaning all my tack from the show... I figured that one more day of turn out/relaxing wouldn't hurt him.

With tack clean and horse loved on/turned out I put him away and went to pick up B.

Guess the lesson got moved to Thursday but I don't know if I can get a sitter so...

Day 24: Action shot

Hopefully I can get out to lunge him tonight, Idk Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Make sure to go enter Lauren's contest at She Moved to Texas!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rought life of Henry

Monday after work I headed out to the barn to love on Henry. Gave him a Vetrolin Lineament sponge down and then we found the tinny little bit of grass on the property and munched on it. I chatted with Tyler (trainers daughters retired horse) while Henry played lawn mower.

Then we tried to take some confirmation shots but he wanted to be as long to me as possible, leaaaaaning towards me lol. Oh and standing square, whats that?!

Put him back in his stall, filled his water and gave kisses.

Lesson Tuesday, something Wednesday, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Don't forget to check out Hillary's contest! I am eager to try SNM even if I don't win :)

Monday, August 26, 2013


Got to the barn at 6:10 am and since I was all loaded up, I helped load hay bags and then sat around till it was time to load.

Henry Loaded like a champ and he rode to the show with the ponies :)

Got there and Henry was a bit antsy so after checking in, I put him on the line for about 5 min to move his legs around. He was an angel and then stood and munched on his hay.

I watched the W/T classes and then got warmed up when they were over.

Rode in 2 flat and got:
2nd Equitation 18+ AA
3rd Hunter Under Saddle 18+ AA

I was a little, ok a lot nervous going into the jumping because we had only warmed up over the 12 inch piles of polls, they are so not jumps! lol

We did well tho! Didn't know I was supposed to halt in my Eq class but it's ok, we still put in an ok round :)

1st Handy Hunters Open 2’3″-2’6
2nd Low Hunters Open 2’6
3rd Equitation over Fences Open 2’3″ – 2’6″

Handy Hunters 2'3- 2'6

Eq Hunters 2'3- 2'6

Low Hunters 2'6

Proud of my boy!

Turn out Monday, maybe a lesson Tuesday, hack Wednesday, turn out Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream Divison

Lauren at She Moved to Texas started a blog hop... I am so game!

So I am a very realistic "dreamer" meaning I tend to dream things that are attinable.

Right now my dream division would be the 2'6 Modified, MAYBE the AA 3' Hunters if I was on a roll.

I know these are both no biggie to Henry but if we were at an A or AA show I wouldn't want to over-face myself because I would be nervous enough just being there!

Join in on the blog hop!!

Trainer ride today was a hack, tomorrow lesson and Sunday show!

I also ordered a new to me, but used to others figure 8 nose band since Henry broke the one on my Collegiate bride, I love the way he looks in figure 8's so I thought I might as well get one to replace the normal one he broke :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Tuesday: I had a lesson. Got to the barn, got Henry, groomed, tacked up and went to wait my turn for lunging.

Lunged and got on.

He was good in the lesson, we hacked around and did some haunches/shoulder in on one of the long sides and of course a few lovely lead changes.

Jumping we did:

1. Vertical
2. Oxer
3. Panel Vertical
4. Gate
5. Gate
6. Oxer with a Wall

Henry was good!

Cooled out, cleaned tack, got my stuff together for Wednesday and took home boy home/gave grain and kisses!


We trailered off site to go schooling at another facility.

I lunged Henry a bit, he was chill and then wild lol. Got on and he was a little looking but nothing to worry about. Hacked around, he was strong so lots of halting and backing to remind him I am boss.

Then we jumped. Everything was lines, so that was fun but also challenging.

There were basically two outside lines and two diagonal lines so my trainer made courses with those for us.

Everything was like 2'6 .. I didn't feel nervous or scared but I was having a tough time with pace, I feel like we are hauling but we aren't ... gotta practice that more at home.

We were both drenched is sweat by the time we were done but he was listening and didn't stop at anything. He was pretty much the same horse that he is at home which gives me more confidence for Sundays show.

Cooled him out and of course just as I was about to get off, he took off with head in the air and little buck- idk if something spooked him or a bee stung him but I thought for sure I was going to fall off (I was holding on to the buckle on the reins and had a water bottle and crop in my other hand).. somehow I managed to stay on and of course NO ONE SAW. Haha, oh well!

Headed home, unloaded, vetrolined Henry and put him away with his grain.

I love where Henry and I are right now, he's *fun* to ride, I feel competent- don't' get me wrong we still need polishing but I LOVE riding him.

He will get turned out today, idk tomorrow, lesson Saturday and show Sunday :)

Day 17: horse show, Henrys first show over a year ago :)

Day 18: feed, a day: 3 alfalfa, 1 oat, 1 grass, 4 quarts of grain, smart combo, electrolytes (when needed) and big off (when needed).

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When Life Gives you 102 Degrees...

You ride bareback for the first time (on Henry)!

Got Henry- was sweating bullets just walking down to his stall and back, groomed, put leg protection on and let him get out his crazies.. Even though it was hot he had a few bucks but not much.

Then I took him inside and hopped on bareback. Henry is tall and I had to almost jump from the mounting block- gently of course!

His back is SO boney that this will not be a regular occurrence for us lol. But he was well behaved and I didn't fall off!

Hosed him off, cleaned, grained and took them home and gave kisses of course!

Day 16: Idol.. Beezie has amazing eq, Eric had a one in a million partnership with Hickstead and Jennifer has had great accomplishments with Jersey Boy!

Lesson Tuesday, Schooling Wednesday, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday and show Sunday.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

6 Days

Day 13: Bareback (this is Brodie, you can ready a little about him under the about Karley tab)

Saturday was a lesson... I was SLOW moving in the morning, feels like I am ever Saturday these days. Got there late but did a fast groom and tacked up.

Ran Henry around the round pen and got on.

Flatted around with the group.. the lesson already started so I just jumped in and did my own thing. When they cantered I joined them... then did a lead change when we were told to reverse, it required 2 tries :) Oh Henry!

Onto jumping.. I was told to wait, I hate waiting- not because I am impatient but because I sit and worry lol!

When it was my turn I did this:

Warmed up over 1 a few times. Then did the course numerically.
1. X/Wall
2. Vertical
3. Vertical
4. Wall Vertical (6 stride)
5. Rainbow Oxer
6. Oxer with a wall
7. Gate
8. Ground Polls to an Oxer

After the first oops at the second jump, I got my head in the game- sorry Henry didn't mean to bury you.

Henry felt good!

Cooled him out, untacked, gave a quick bath in prep for the show, cleaned tack, made grain and took Henry to his stall. Kisses for him of course!

Day 14: My Trainer :)

Went for a run tonight with the fam.. going to try and run 2 nights a week to add to my 4 days a week of riding... I can do it!

Hack Monday, lesson Tuesday, schooling (hopefully) Wednesday, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday and show Sunday.

Friday, August 16, 2013

9 Days

Henry had a trainer ride today. I was able to go watch and he looked and rode great. A few lead change issues but it's been a few weeks since she rode him- gotta get the feel back :)

The horse show is 9 days away. I am already nervous. I know I will do 4 or 5 OF classes and trying to decide if I am going to do any flat classes just for fun. Anyone want to come take pictures for us? :)

Lesson tomorrow... and I am dying to give him a bath!

Day 11: Discipline (oh and I love Jersey Boy!)

Day 12: Bigges Success- being a mom, being a wife (to a husband with a crazy work schedule), working full time, keeping my home going and still being a competitive rider!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dusting off the jumping cob webs!

Trainer is back! Woo hoo!

Oh and go check out Nicku's contest!!

Day 10: Treats

Got Henry, groomed, lunged (he was nuts, guess the 90+ degrees didn't affect him) and headed up to the lesson.

Henry felt great, he was listening and willing.

There was a horse eating white plastic chair that he kept giving a hairy eye to and tried to scoot by it but I don't play that game so I made sure my inside leg/spur was more uncomfortable then scooting :)

We went around as trainer instructed. She had up do posting and sitting at the trot, working on forward/backwards. She always had us lengthen and collect at the canter- Henry loved it and was game to go forward - any one clucking or trainer saying anything and he was like "oh they are talking to me" lol.

Then we warmed up over and X back and forth... then I was told to wait.

I sat in the shade and drank water- my mouth was dry and I defiantly didn't drink enough water throughout the day.

Then it was my turn... course went like this...

1. Vertical
2. Gate Vertical
3. Baby jumps Bounce
4. Oxer with a box partially in front/under the front poll
5. Vertical with a pannel

My course went like this...Canter 1 down (twds bottom right corner), left big loopy turn canter to 2, right turn and trot into 3, canter around to 4. Did this twice I think- then she added in 5 on a constant left circle. Lastly she had me do 5 on a left circle once and then the next time around go straight and right. We did this twice and then ended.

Cooled out on a walk with Kat and Lyssette.

It was a good lesson, our jumping was on *knock on wood* it continues through the show on the 25th :)

Hosed him off as he was covered in sweat, iced his legs (i've been doing this just as a precaution after lessons),  cleaned tack, got his grain/hay and took him home. Kisses and pats for my good boy!

I might hack tonight or Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to the Grind

Thinking about horse shows stresses me out! haha! The plan is to go to a schooling show on the 25th :)

Monday = hack day. Got Henry, gave him a really good curry/groom and then tacked up. Kat came and she got Magic. I did a quick lunge with Henry and got on.

Went to work and despite Magics antics in the round pen, I made him listen and contain his excitement and desire to participate!

I feel like a broken record but I worked on lots of trotting, transitions and then hacking around on a longer rein. Cantered a bunch too.

We were both feeling the burn after the ride but being that Trainer comes back Tuesday for our lesson, I need to get in a good ride.

Cooled out, untacked, hosed off, cleaned tack and put Henry away with some kisses!

Day 9: Photo Fail, not my proudest moment

Lesson tonight, hack tomorrow, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Breeches came!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Smartpak is normally really good with shipping but my Piper Breeches have been a couple towns over for since Thursday and I am dying for them to arrive! The tracking device is nice but also killing me while I wait....

It says they are out on the truck today sooo they will probably get here tonight.

Day 7: The Barn

Day 8: Arena

Hack today, lesson tomorrow, hack Wednesday, off Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I love Saturday

Day 5: ribbons

This morning I decided to go out to breakfast with my fam and then to the barn to ride after since trainer is still gone so no lesson was scheduled.

Got to the barn, got Henry, tacked up and hopped on- no lunging so he was a bit "up".

Got to hacking around, his trot was super springy so I used that to my advantage and did some forward marching trot. He felt AWESOME!

He was sure that the different colored dirt by the gate to going out of the arena was going to kill him, we addressed that and moved on with our ride.

I got some good work out of him and ended by going on a walk around the property with Mona and Erica.

Untacked, hosed off, cleaned tack while Henry ate his grain, put home boy back and headed home.

Day 6: Riding buddy- and my bff :)

I watched horse racing this afternoon... the Fourstar Dave Handicap in Saratoga... Wise Dan won, what a neat horse. His jockey is larger (128 lbs lol) and they kept talking about him having so much weight to carry and if he could do it, well he could! Love how he is just so powerful and how his jockey didn't even have to whip him, he loves his job and does it well!

Party tonight that hubby and I are excited to do to :)

Turn out tomorrow!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh how I love Friday!

Happy Friday!!

I rode last night, I was a lone ranger at the barn and as much as I don't like riding alone, I did it.

Got Henry, tacked up and headed down to lunge. There was a horse hauling in the arena across the street so Henry showed off his sweet moves too.

Got on... went right to work. He was a bit heavy but a few stops and backing and it wasn't bad. His frame was better and he was forward, moving great and listening. We had one moment where the cat jumped down from above and tried to kill us but other then that he was solid.

We were both sweating by the end of the ride, again a good feeling :)

Cooled him out and walked a bunch, untacked, threw him him in a turn out so he could roll while I walked Louie around for Juliana... hosed Henry and put him in a stall to hangout while I cleaned...

As I was cleaning my tack, hubby and daughter showed up. They helped me get together Henry and Louie's grain while I finished cleaned tack, picking everything up and spraying Henry down with flyspray/tail mane stuff :)

We took Henry back, filled both horses waters, gave them grain and cleaned Henry's stall.

Day 4: Schooling Helmet

Hack tomorrow!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 3: My Fav Outfit

Henry had Wednesday off... I'll be out to hack him tonight :)

Day 3
I love my Trophy Hunter TS and Dapple Bay top (it's a long sleeve with a hood, super comfy!).. I am also a big lover of American Eagle polos :)

What are ya'lls favorite riding outfits?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 2: My Tack

Hey Tuesday! No lesson but I was still going to ride. I got to the barn around 4:15 and got Henry, tacked up and went down to lunge...

Came back up to the indoor to ride with my peeps. They were all tacking up and I got to work.

I worked on a soft (for Henry) horse, a lower hack frame, quick response, no stirrups and sharp transitions. There were to kiddos riding so it was good practice for us- they stopped and turned without warning quite often lol.

He was great, our ride was great and I was feeling great (even with the no stirrup burn lol).

Cooled him out, got off and tag teamed Erica and Kat, untacked mr awesome, cleaned up, hosed him off, got his grain, took him home, gave kisses and left.

Day 2: My Tack

Off Wednesday, hack Thursday, turn out Friday, hack Saturday.