Friday, October 31, 2014

10 More Things...

Thanks again to L for the filler!!!

Jersey Boy

  1. Is there something you don’t like about your riding? Yes... I wish I had better upper body posture and confidence.
  2. Does your horse buck? Thankfully never when I am riding!
  3. Is your horse head shy? Nope
  4. Favorite barn chore to do? I'd have to say throwing hay or grain b/c they all love you for both of those things :) I really like giving baths too... makes me feel SO good to have a clean horse!
  5. How many times do you ride a week? Right now 3 but hoping to get it up to 4
  6. Who is your favorite pro rider? I really like Beezie - who doesn't she is amazing!!! But also really like Jennifer Alfano (Jersey Boy) and Liza Boyd (Brunello).
  7. If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be? I am actually quite happy with my current trainer and know she has the ability to take any dedicated/talented (and financially able) rider up the ranks.
  8. Favorite Facial Marking? Either a little star or a big blaze :)
  9. Leg Markings or No Leg Markings? Like most, some chrome always catches my eye. But I am a fan of just a smidge on the legs or even none too- easier to keep clean and manage that is for sure!
  10. Ever broken anything falling off? Knock on wood, no...

I think I have a thing for Chestnut Derby horses!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Horse...

I planned to hack Wednesday but that didn't happen SO I made time for it Thursday...

I have been working on hacking with very little contact and having a horse who is really responsive to my seat and voice in downward transitions and quick to respond to my leg in upward transitions. He has been great, really great. I am really loving this horse A LOT, A LOT LOT! I mean I love him unconditionally but lately I have LOVED riding him ever ride.

I have also been going on a cool out "trail ride" around the property after my rides.. I am  not naturally comfortable going wandering around myself but I have been doing it to push myself. I think Henry has been really enjoying it and I must say I am starting to enjoy it too!

Hubby works the next 4 days sooooo no riding for me till Monday boo! Henry will get a trainer ride tomorrow and some turn out Saturday and Sunday.

Oh he also had the Chiropractor out today, lucky boy! His back/hips were out a bit, his neck was a little out and he said he needs his teeth done soon. But he did get an A+ for behavior and overall he said Henry is just a really nice horse, yahoo! I love hearing that bahahahahaha!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I keep Instagram UTD ;)

So staying home and no more desk job has killed me blogging time lol! But I do LOVE being home with my girls, best job!

 But my Instagram is horsey up to date lol!!

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

B and Henry smiling lol.. he was checking out her leap pad and I had to take a pic




Tonight I ended up with a private OF lesson... Hubby signed up for some OT so I had to ride early. I hacked around on the flat alone- WTC and some counter canter which he was awesome for!!! Then trainer took me down to jump.

We worked on two diagonal lines, 6 strides in them to keep Henry slow and listening and also both skinny walls. It felt good have some one on one attention cause I feel like I am still such a hot mess post baby. I am going to be sooooore tomorrow!

Henry was awesome, my eye is rough and he is such a good boy- so thankful to have him and that I went through all the pain to get to where we are now lol!!

Waiting for him to dry after our ride.
Grayson is growing like a weed... soon he is going to start getting ponied around and probably the pony saddle on him. We have been working on resting an arm over his back so he is used to a little weight there and of course it doesn't bother him.

The chestnut behind him is an almost 4 year old lol


His tail is getting there... grow baby grow!

Thanks to those of you who are still with me and reading, sorry my posting has been horribly sporadic. I am still reading a big handful of your blogs and Bloglovin has been a great way for me to keep up!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

10 Things...

Thanks L for the filler :) also don't forget to check out her 1000 post giveaway :)

1. Is your horse spooky or bombproof? Henry is pretty good.. if he is going to spook, it's normally at something really odd like the rainbow and latice panels or a chair.. you know the stuff that he passes by and jumps all the time lol!
2. Does your horse have a long or short stride? normal
3. Describe your current barn in 3 words? Close to home

Wish this was my barn!
4. If you could switch barns, would you? If my trainer would move yes.
5. Favorite brand of breeches? TS Hunter Trophies
6. How many blue ribbons do you have? From Henry and me, 2

7. How many saddle pads do you own?Oh geeeeeze I don't want to admit :)
8. Is your horse your phone background/lock screen? The lock screen :)
9. Do you go trail riding often? Not really
10. Favorite horsey movie? Secretariat fo sho!

Im dying to show again... maybe even a derby? :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Week and SIHS



Monday I hacked...

Tuesday was a lesson... hopefully there is photographic evidence of the jumping. Oh how I love my trainer and the drive she has for me. We went for two weeks of me jumping little baby stuff and now apparently I am back in the game cause it was legit height for us this week lol!

Thursday the plan was to ride but after feeding the baby I only had an hour and 15 min at the barn before hubby had to leave for work so I made the most of my time...

Then cleaned him up...

Friday was supposed to be a trainer ride but trainer is out of town.

And some Grayson love...

Poor awkward baby... you can see his "gray" is coming in in spots (look at his booty and neck) ... such a weird way for the color change!

Hubby taking a turn picking out fox tails from his tail.. I was feeling crazy from picking so many.

We spent tonight at the Sacramento International Horse Show... always a blast to go to horse shows and enjoy the amazing riders!! :)