Friday, January 23, 2015


Thanks to everyone who answered my sheeth cleaning question... most of you said once or twice a year- Henry must have extra dirty man parts! If I did it once or twice a year it would be bad. When I was at the end of my pregnancy/just after Addy was born I let it go for about 6 weeks and it was horrible.

I am going to look into the mineral oil though since a few of you said that is supposed to help the grime not stick :)

so spoiled
Saturday Henry got a trainer ride and then some turn out. They jumped him outside and said he was good.

Sunday was turn out.

Monday I wanted to ride but hubby needed to sleep since he worked the night before.

Tuesday I had a semi lesson... we jumped the panel without problem. I ended up being on for 2 hours but I won't get into that.

Thursday i hacked on my own, it was FREEZING... for CA this is really cold!

I used my BoT exercise sheet (yay for besties getting you the best Christmas presents!) to keep myself i mean my horse warm ;)

Henry was a bit up but overall it was a great hack :)

Hubby is working a long weekend so Henry will get a trainer ride Saturday and I'll be back at it Monday :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

B&BS Blog Hop: Can't Just Have One

Breeches and Boat Shoes asks....

What horsey things do you have that you can’t have JUST ONE of? From breeches, to bits, to bridles, I want to know what you hoard in the endless world of equestrian things.

I have an issues with hoarding blankets... I am going to need to to a blog post on all my blankets one day.

I am going to steal the format that L used on her post...

Breeches- I have lots but about 8 pairs of schooling that I like and about 6 pairs that are show worthy. 
Show Coats- I have 4
Show Shirts- I have 6
Tall Boots- I have one show pair (Ariat) and a new schooling pair (Mt Horse)... 
Bridles- I have one show bridle (Harwich- LOVE IT), schooling bridle (Plymouth), 2 other no name bridles, a collegiate, 2 western head stalls... and a few pieces from bridles that have broken.
Girths- I have a couple soft fleece ones, 4 leather (Harwich, SP brand, two that idk the brands). Hubby got me the Antares hunter girth for Christmas.
Saddles- 5, B's english and western, my western, my Frank Baines, my first saddle a Collegiate and my Antares is coming!!
Saddle Pads- I have 18 square pads, 3 half pads, one Thinline, one Ridelight, 4 fitted show pads.... 
Boots- A set of Eskadrons, Set of Equifits, a few sets of Dovers Pro Sport Boots, Beval open fronts (leather)... 

And I have about anything you could need smashed into my trunk, I am well prepared (well that is how I like to look at it lol)! 

Thursday I had a semi flat lesson.. Henry was good :)

Friday was turn out.

Saturday I went out to ride but Henry had already been ridden soooo I just hung out and then cleaned him up/pampered him :) They said he was good and they jumped him :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sheeth Washing...

Saturday was a turn out day since I had a baby show an hour each direction away (and hubby worked)...

Sunday Henry got lunged and a tail and sheeth washing... glorious I know.

Which brings me to a question, how often do you clean your horses "parts"? 

I do Henry's once a week weather permitting and I feel like I could do it ever ride to be honest, his sheeth is always nasty!

Monday was hack day and it was so nice that I rode outside.

I did lots of stopping and hacking to try to get homeboy off my hands. Also did some counter canter to help our lead changes... overall he was great once we got to work.

Tuesday was lesson day.... I hacked around on my own and then jumped.

Warmed up over the brown X... then did a little course of brown X up at an angle, figure 8 back over the brown X again, right turn up the center panel (black jump in this pic), tight right turn roll back to the pink, left around to the line (veritcal to the X)...

Then i did it backwards and then again the first way.

Then we worked on doing the panel, pink and then the line... doing the line in a 4 stride and then 3 stride.

Henry was great. I held him a little to much to the first jump in the line the first time but after that we were good.

Tomorrow will be turn out day, hopefully a lesson Thursday, hack Friday and maybe a lesson Saturday? We shall see :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ying Yang

Look whos growing up :)

Soooo apparently Saturday in the trainer ride Henry had an issue with one of the panels we jumped Friday- we jumped everything great Friday so idk what his deal is ugh!

Tuesday we addressed that issue- oye this horse needs to stop stopping at stuff.

We jumped that beloved panel and a bunch of other stuff, great fun- NOT.

Ended on a good note. Hopefully we are over it now :)

Wednesday trainer wanted to ride him again to make sure the stopping issue was at bay (hopefully not just for now lol)... so they rode him.

Hubby works a bunch so no riding for me till Monday.

Monday, January 5, 2015


Grayson and his people...

I started off the new year how any normal (horse) person does, with a ride :)

Friday I had a lesson. Hacked around myself and then jumped. The eventing Trainer had some of her jumps in the indoor so we got to jump some new and colorful jumps. I was proud of myself and Henry for doing it all without any issues :)

We warmed up over a vertical, them jumped another veritcal and then added in a panel on a bending line and a gate type panel. It was a good lesson and I felt accomplished after.

Saturday Henry had a trainer ride, I haven't had a chance to talk to my trainer to see how that went.

Sunday was a day off.

Monday I hacked. Worked on counter canter, though it's not really working on it to much because he has gotten really good at it so it's more just making sure we are a well oiled machine :)

Lesson tomorrow morning :)