Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 28th

I got off early today and it was amazing! I felt free, single and like I had not a care in the world! So obviously I headed up to the barn to ride. I got there about 2:45 and was lunging and on by 3:15. It was perfect weather and when was the last time I rode in beautiful weather, alone and got some time with Henry?!?! Um never!

Anywho he was a little wild on the line but settled in well. He is starting to learn to buck on the line and that makes me laugh cause he is so uncoordinated.  I just hacked and it was nice- we even cantered which has been our nemesis.

It wasn't a really long ride- probably 30 min but it was relaxing and I enjoyed it. I will have to try and do that more often then once every 2 years haha!

No riding on the 29th cause Sean works and then we have the annual Halloween party at my trainers house.. hopefully Sunday I will have the strength to ride :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 25th

I'm grateful that I didn't ride last night. I paid to have Julianna take a lesson instead of me and boy was I thankful... the Henry eating cows were out last night.

I liked watching someone else ride my horse. I was able to see him go and go well at that. He did give her a run for her money a few times and if it was me on him I am sure I would have eaten dirt :)

Anywho tonight we are leading out small group so no riding and tomorrow a friend from out of state will be in town and staying with us through Friday so no riding tomorrow but Friday I plan to ride. I am hoping that tomorrow Sarah will be ok with me lunging Henry (don't worry he will get turned out just no hard work)- then she can meet him!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24th and kinda the 23rd

Poor Sean is sick :(

So after work all I had time to do is get up to Henry and turn him out/lunge him. Good thing I did cause he ran and bucked like a wild man! (yesterday - Sunday the 23rd - he got turned out for a few hours because like I mentioned Sean was fixing a friends car)

It is getting COLD up at the barn so I didn't want him to sweat to much as his cooler was at home getting washed. After the wild man run I didn't really have to lunge him so he got walked around to cool off. Then a good brushing, stall cleaned, water filled, grain devoured and blanket on.

Hopefully Sean is feeling better so I can ride tonight!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22nd

Yay for Saturday morning riding. I am not so sure I am happy to give up the two days a month that I might actually get to sleep in some to ride but hey my horse is worth it right?!

Ok back on track... tacked up and lunged like normal. He was better lunging- Irene said to just let him run and eventually he will get tired, so I did rather then normally I try to make him trot first then canter. Anywho I got on and went to work. I always seem to get on when everyone else is on a break so it gives me a chance to get going and weave around to warm up.

*side note- I rode in my new Ariat/Baker boots again today and I really do love them. They aren't as secure as my half chaps but they are super compfy and are helping me get my leg stronger.*

We worked on the same things as late but added in stopping and backing up. I am riding in a slow twist full cheek snaffle these days and he can get a bit heavy.

At the end of our ride everyone went for a walk and was going to head back to the barn... Henry decided to through a bit of a fit because he wanted to go with the other horses. Irene had me walk around the arena a bit with Lyssette and then head up to the barn to get him over his fit. Ugh it freaked me out but I rode through it which is good.

Hopefully I can beg the hubby to take pictures sometime this next week. I am hoping to ride tomorrow but am not sure if it will happen because Sean is working on a friends moms car- so Ill probably be on baby duty :)

I also cleaned some of my tack today which felt good! A bridle, breast plate, martingale, martingale/breastplate combo and saddle ... go me!

October 21st

Henry just got turned out and groomed today. I was going to ride but opted to make dinner instead since Sean wasn't going to be home at his normal time- I hate it when he works late.

Nothing exciting to update but tomorrow will the the first Saturday I've gotten to ride in the morning on in daaaaaayyyyyssss!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20th

Did today really happen?!!? Are people really that sketchy?!?!

So I un-blanketed and turned Henry out around noon today. I came back up around 3 to ride. Gave him an efficient (not to quick) groom and tacked up. Went down to lunge him (This is still something that we are working on. He likes to chose when we are done lunging and challenge my authority. Oh yes I just love starting every ride with him pushing my buttons!) and long story short- one of the other trainers dog was loose and running around like a crazy woman... needless to say that lead to drama!

Anywho I ended up getting on and hacking around for a bit (shorter then I would have liked but something is better then nothing). Nothing to much other then lots of weaving around everything in the arena and more sitting trot. He was very distracted today so that is why I was on a mission to keep his attention- lots of changing direction to keep him guessing! ;) Mom has to be one step ahead of Henry!

He was super sweaty so he got a quick bath including a tail wash- I am on a mission to get that tail nice, thick and long! Hunter tail here we come... maybe I won't have to use a fake piece- hey I can dream right?!

Anywho I am hoping to get up and work him tomorrow after work so that we have a good ride Saturday morning with everyone. Yay for getting to ride on a Saturday morning with the gang! It has been way to long since I have gotten to do that!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ladies Night Out AKA Tuesday Night Lesson

Ugh it gets dark so fast- it was 6:45 ish tonight and we were riding by braille.

Ok so recap of the lesson...

Tacked up and lunged and then got on. Got right to work as Irene says to get working and not let him think about things or rest. I started by following Erica around the arena and then my cover was blown and Irene insisted I find my own spot - dang! I like getting a few laps around following someone to remind Henry that we don't need to spook at everything (all the things that have been there for the last 3.5 months).

Anywho off we went to find out own spot. We worked on some more bending around the corners, me keeping my hands low low low, weaving around the jumps and over the polls and sitting trot. Our sitting trot felt a million time better tonight. He was pretty lookie at stuff and spooked more then I would have liked but I rode through it all and didn't fall off or die :) One day I will laugh in the face of his spooks- right now that isn't happening.

My goal by the end of the month is to master cantering... so keep me accountable mr blog!

Tomorrow is his day off and then back in the saddle Thursday night after work :)

On a side note- I rode in my new boots, shoulders back and breastplate. We were looking fly haha!

He's getting so handsome! Note the fancy new breast plate and my sweet boots :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17th

So Sean had a softball game tonight at 6:00 pm so I had to make it quick at the barn tonight- trying to work Henry while tending to Bayley isn't possible.

I got off work at 4:30 and rushed home and then the barn. I took off all of his fly stuff and we headed to the round pen. I just let him hangout for a while in the round pen and after about 2 min. he went crazy and started lunging himself- full speed ahead! Haha

After he got done with that we got down to work. Worked on more voice commands. He is great going from a walk to a trot and trot to a canter but going down speeds we are still working on. I feel like he is so distracted by what is going on around him - especially outside of the arena.

Anywho after working him we headed over to hose him off and then Sean walked him till he was dry-ish. Then I grazed him some and Sean took over with Bayley. We have a little bit of grass growing out at the barn like it's spring- but it's October and 84 degrees outside. Henry is a bit picky as to what grass he will eat. We probably walked 1/2 a mile all over as he was looking for grass he wanted haha!

Lastly we cleaned his stall, filled his water and gave him his grain- rushing home for Sean to get to his softball game in time.

Tomorrow I am riding if it's the last thing I do!!! Until then ...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15th

Tonight Sean got home from work later then normal so I went up and lunged Henry before it was to dark.

He was good like normal when we do lunge work. We have a great big round pen that I can work him in and it's great because he can stretch out and not always have to turn. After lunging him he was super cute and followed me around and then even got some loves and kisses from me.

Then I hosed him off and we went for a walk (to dry him off) around the trail stuff which he thought was going to eat him at first but I pushed him through it and told him to get over it and he complied haha.

We got some pictures so enjoy!

Hi camera man

Loving on him :)

He's flying!

I'm tired

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Things

I was super blessed for my birthday! Yay for new horsey things!

My grandma also gave me money so I will get to take 2 private lessons :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13th

Henry must have known that I started a new blog about him and he wanted to make the best first impression because I had the best ride to date on him tonight.

I met Sean up at the barn so that I could get on as early as possible since it's getting dark so early (and it's only going to get worse- ugh). I groomed Henry, mostly in the saddle area because he was super dirty (ok not that dirty but I like my horse to glisten) and needed to be hosed off to get him really clean (keep in mind I bathed him Sunday and groom him every day but Wednesday which is his day off). Then tacked him up and went down to the arena to lunge. I always lunge him before I ride to get that little bit of edge off of him. We are having some "who's the boss" issues lunging to the right- but tonight was much better then Tuesday night.

I hopped on him at 6:00 pm ish (I asked Sean what time it was so that I could get a good 20-30 min ride and still give him a good cleaning up after our ride haha) and got right to work. He was a bit lookie like normal but I put my mind to it that I wasn't going to care tonight. I marched him around the whole arena- circling through the jumps, around the jumps, by the scary stuff outside of the arena and over the polls on the ground. He didn't have any" the world is ending I'm going to go sideways really fast" moments. I was able to relax and really thought about lowering my hands, sitting up taller and enjoying him being good!

We also worked more on our sitting trot which is one of the H A R D E S T things to get with him. He is bouncy like no other. I found that as I was doing the sitting trot, if I wound through and around the jumps it really made him thing and pay attention to me as he wasn't sure where we were going next. This also lead to him coming back to me some (we have a long way to go to get this down) but it was much much better then Tuesday.

I cooled him out on a lose rein and walked all over the arena and then headed back up to the barn to get him hosed off and cleaned before it was super dark. My wonderful hubby then walked Henry for a bit in his cooler after I hosed him off.

We tucked him into his stall and gave him is grain (mix of Equine Sr and Strategy) + vitamins (SmartCombo ( and Electrolytes since we have been having funky weather) and kisses and headed home.

I changed his bit after my ride Tuesday so tonight was the first night in the slow twist snaffle and I think he likes it a lot. He was really relaxing and lengthening down which was awesome.

No picture tonight because Sean had Bayley and she was awake my whole ride. Hopefully I can get some pictures next ride- even if it's just us posing together :)

Let the games begin

I decided to start a new blog where I can track my training with Henry. It will really be for my own benefit- to look back in some time and see where we have come and also to keep me accountable to get my butt going and keep up his training!

I will start off by saying I have lost my mojo since having a baby. Every ride is a mental battle with myself that it is 'ok' if I fall off, if Henry spooks and flies sideways, if I am scared I have to suck it up and push through. So all that to say- so far this has been an interesting ride and I am now starting to trust Henry more and gain my pre baby body back.

Henry aka House of Fortuny (A new show name is in the works)
16.2 H
5 yrs old

Here are some pictures to bring you up to date...
Day 1 When Henry arrived
The End .....