Monday, November 30, 2015

Blog Hop: Whats on your Christmas Wish List?

Hubby is asking for my list... I always give him links to things I want, some cheap and some crazy expensive... a girl can dream right?!

Beautiful Fancy Farm?

Jersey Boy?
No those aren't realistic?! Dang!

For real I asked for...

Hunter Trophies in Blueblood
More Baby Pads with my monogram
Money towards Graysons cowboy rides
Some new Tin Hauls

Image result for tin haul boots women's

So tell us what is on your list!! Or leave a comment with whats on your list... maybe I'll have to add it to mine!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Week to be EXTRA Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving all!! I hope that you had a great time with family and friends!

Friday I hacked... then hosed Mr H off and washed his man parts and he had a bean!! A big ol bean- thats a first in the whole time I have owned him!

Sunday I hacked outside with Lyssette which was fun to get to ride with her.

Just did a normal hack and then worked on counter canter and changing his lead when I asked on the straight away,Left to right was awesome- right to left as always is no bueno but i got a few good ones and quit.



Tuesday another wild a crazy hack.. ok not wild and crazy but I really don't have much to say lol. More pushing his him around and softening him up before going into work. I have made this my new warm up and it seems to be doing wonders for him.

BOTing b/c it was so cold!
 Went through our paces... the rope jiggler was out there and she had a lady who was literally just standing on the track on the long side. Um Lady people are riding here, get out of the way... you may ride on a small circle but I use the whole arena. I just don't get why she couldn't stand in the corner or against the wall.

I used the whole arena despite the bit of a road block ;)

Wednesday hubby worked a LONG day, so I gave him a quick lunge before heading home to have dinner with the fam.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Blog Hop: What do you do when you aren't riding...

What a great question, thanks Olivia for the hop!!

Well... I am a mom and wife!

I get to spend 95% of my time tending to my girls while my hubby works lots of hours to support us. It isn't glamorous or easy, some days I feel like I am going crazy but these girls are so worth it!

Before kids I had lots more free time but these days, these two girl and my horses keep me busy and as much as I wish for more free time, I am thankful for where I am and trying to enjoy ever moment because it won't last forever.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Oh Hi Dover!!

There is a DOVER store by me, pretty cool! Of course I had to go during the grand opening and check it out.

Eskadrone's in white, hopefully he looks fancy in them lol! An attachment for draw reings for my girth so I don't have to borrow Trainers anymore. A lick it think for Henry... and of course Vetrolin Shine, MY FAV!

Been eyeing this thing for a long time, L has one and I find it so useful! Finally bit the bullet!

I can't wait to go back kid free so I can browse with Nicku :)

ALSO!! Don't forget to jump on the blogger gift exchange!! Thanks Tracy!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Back in Action

My horse is back and his feet are happy!

The crack is growing in great! Woot!! I would like it to grow in a tad more before we jump again but we are on the right path!

I hacked Sunday and Monday...

Been working on moving his hip around ... at the trot im doing haunches in and out... at the canter i've been asking him to really be straight on the long side and really bend around the corners, also counter canter- super straight on the long side and haunches out and in on the corner.

Tuesday night I headed up to the barn as soon as hubby hit the door, which ended up being when L and E had their lesson... was fun to ride with them even if I was just hacking. More of the stuff we've been doing- ya know w/t/c, counter canter and suppleness.

Soon I will be back in lesson, woot!

Wednesday I hacked in the afternoon while a couple of the kiddo's were riding. It was the first time in a while that I have really worked Henry to a good all over his body sweat. We did the normal w/t/c, really staying in the frame from the trot to canter (he always likes to come up when going to into the canter), no stirrup work and LOTS of walking to dry him out.

The kiddo's played tag and I got roped into that... fun but not fair for me to play especially at the walk lol.

I am thinking a clipping will be coming sooner then later :)

Thursday was turn out day, I think he was so happy that he could be turned out for more then 15 min with me watching his every move haha! I still prayed that he would be good and have all 4 shoes!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Babies love the baby
 Grayson (left) and True (right) LOVE Addi... they were following her back and forth and loving on her and she loved it! I love that we have such sweet horses!

Barn baby #2 
This girl loves that she can walk and cause havoc now :) Doing important work digging in the dirt lol!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Da Feet!

And we are off.. notice the nose peaking out lol

Waiting in the day pen for our turn

Posing for the camera, errr I mean waiting his turn

Backs done, fronts almost done
The shoeing went great! I am SO happy with how they did them (no long toe, heals there aka not letting them get low, pad with a slight wedge on his right front and a reg pad on his left) and even more happy with having my horse back!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Interesting Horse Stuff

This isn't for the faint of heart....

It's a cool break down of lots of horse dissections.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Louboutins

Tomorrow we head to the new shoer- I can't tell you how EXCITED I am to get Henry's feet all done and this time they won't cost me an arm and a leg!! WOOT!

Lunged Saturday, hacked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and turn out Thursday this week... Henry's poor toes are too long IMHO from this last shoer. Some might like the way his feet are- Henry and I aren't fans though.

I haven't been doing too much with him in the hacks because I feel bad.. So the hacks have just been to get him out, keep him fit ish and keep him (and me) sane :)

It's been quite cold at night so Henry has been sporting a baker to keep him cozy :)

I'll be sure to report back after our adventure tomorrow!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Time for a Cowboy

This dude...

Has been saddles, backed, w/t/c, blanketed, bathed, man parts washed, feet done and shod, lead, tied, trailered. fly mask, ponied, grained, wormed, teeth done, gelded... you get the point ha!

Our current road block has been lunging- he was great!! And then he decided he wasn't cooperating anymore which I have mentioned before... it is really frustrating.

SO my plan is to have a local colt starter work with him... he is a great guy who rides really well, is't rough or aggressive with the babies and comes highly recommended.

I would rather not deal with bucking or sass ha! I figure a few rides here and there this winter and then come spring hopefully I can put him in a month or two of full training. Hopefully that will get a great start on him and then I can take over again.

I feel like I have done a great job with him but can't really get hurt- he's such a sweet boy and I want him to stay that way, though this lunging issue doesn't show off his nice side lol!

Friday, November 6, 2015

A foundation starts from the hooves up.. .

So after the crazy weather Monday, Tuesday was a MUCH better ride ...

Personal Treat Dispenser 

Henry hacked around great.. even did some more no stirrup work. Shocking I know. There were lots of lesson going on but we were still able to get some good work in.

The jumps were out and I looked at them longingly, Henry gave them the hairy eye lol.

Wednesday- another hack... lessons were going on and the lesson horse Hunter kept trying to follow me and Henry lol. I tried to stay away from him but the kid wasn't a good steerer ;)

Thursday morning I was able to get out and get one last hack in before hubby goes in for a long weekend of work.

I had the place almost to myself....

I do NOT understand these people who bring their dogs to the barn and let them run wild. I do not appreciate your dog scaring the crap out of me and my horse and bombarding us in the arena...
*end rant*

I can tell that Henry is not a fan of this "long toe" fix this shoer did... it's only been 2 weeks with these ridiculously expensive shoes and they are not working for either of us. Thankfully I did some more research and found someone that I am feeling great about.. talked to him, showed him Henry's feet and didn't tell him me thoughts of concerns, just asked his opinion and everything that he didn't like was EXACTLY what I was feeling.

I did get peace of mind that the crack wasn't an issue so that trip to the specialist wasn't all a waist, just not cool with the shoeing.

Hoping to get in with this other shoer next week and keeping him around as long as all goes well... he is the one now shoeing Grayson too so that would be nice to keep it in the fam :)

TGIF everyone! It's the middle of the "work week" for us lol!

Monday, November 2, 2015

8:11 ...

Hacked Mr H on Thursday, Friday and Sunday... Just normal hacking. I am incorporating some draw rein work in our rides, counter canter, sitting trot and a tad of no stirrup work... along with the normal stuff.

B swept our whole side of the barn :)

Sunday I clocked my 2pointober time again...

Feeling pretty proud :)

Planned to get one more time clocked on Monday...

Tacked up and got on to ride with A... about 10 min in it started raining, we continued... I was able to canter one way...

Then it hailed and hailed so hard and loud that the horses were freaking out- I was sure that I was going to get dumped lol. Somehow I managed to hop off and trainer grabbed A off. We got the horses untacked and in their stalls and hung-out in the tack room b/c it was SO loud it hurt our ears. Once Henry could see outside he calmed down.

It went on for like 15 or 20 min... after it was done of course we had to go survey the scene. It was like it snowed!! The girls had a BLAST playing!

What a crazy afternoon...

Hopefully tomorrow is less eventful! And I was hoping to get a longer 2 point time but hey I can't complain.