Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello lesson that kicked my bootie.

I got on at 5:15 and got off at 5 to 7.. yes long lesson.

Worked on haunches in, shoulder in, frame frame frame... then came lead changes. He was into cutting the corner and hauling. SO MUCH WORK and I didn't feel like we "got it"... I mean I know that it is going to take time but I want to feel like we are getting there, which I guess we are if I take a step back and look.

At the end my trainer asked if I was tired.. I said no I am mad. It's frustrating when I know I am doing what she is telling me to and he just ignores it or says screw you I am bigger.

Needless to say my upper back is sore today ha!

Today Henry got a trainer ride and they worked more on leads... also rode him in a different bit- twisted wire. We have ridden in this before and I am sure we will switch back and forth, around and around may times over our time together haha!

They also jumped him and he was good. He jumps with such ease and like it's no big deal... love that.

Bayley is sick today and I wnated to get a sitter so I could ride tomorrow morning but we will see. Hubby works Saturday and Sunday so its going to make for a long, lonely, single mom weekend ha!


  1. Sounds like someone needs to make time for a massage... ;)

  2. Glad to hear your lesson went well!

  3. This sounds like my lesson. Except my body doesn't want to listen to my brain so its 50/50 if Houston is saying Screw You or if I am not asking properly.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks!!!

      Yes the joys of hard lessons!!! haha! Why can't they be perfect all the time?


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