Sunday, October 28, 2012

The night after...

My trainer had her annual party last night. We went and it was a blast!

We were the dancing man/woman from the Ipod commercials :)

This morning a few of us agreed to meet up and ride... only two of us showed, the other two weren't up for it after the nights festivities! LOL

I got Henry, game him a LONG good groom and then took him to the round pen for a lunge since I didn't ride him Saturday.

Such a cute pony!
Here is a little video of his lunging

I got on and headed inside... the arena was freshly drug and watered so it was fun to mark up the perfect sand.

Despite being DEAD in the round pen he was UP when riding... the guys were messing with the tractor and the jump standards and polls were all piled up- didn't you know that wood eats horses?! We had a quick chat about going forward now and I put him to work. Trotted a little but ended up mostly cantering... really worked on acceleration and coming back to a nice collected canter. We even did a few big fast, small slow circles (well actually halfs of the arena)... we are pretend reiners lol!

I was really asking him to pay attention to me ever step of our ride and it was a good workout for both of us.

Cooled him out while Erica was riding


  1. I woulda come if Louie had been free, although I wasn't at 100% after those "sweet" drinks ;)

  2. Nice costume. Props for not skipping the barn! :) glad Henry was good. Hue also often thinks things he sees every day are horse eating monsters if they move even a quarter of an inch!

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah I was not tolerating the antics! lol


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