Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riding with my girl

Tuesday I hacked and B had a lesson... love the mommy daughter pic opportunity!

After our ride Henry chilled in his new cooler ;)

Wednesday Henry was off.

Thursday Henry got turned out.

Friday he had a trainer ride and they said he was awesome.

Saturday I jumped on the tail end or the lesson.

Marinating in his BoT sheet and hock boots pre ride :)

Hacked around on the flat myself and then trainer had me jump... a baby vertical to warm up and then an airy vertical back and forth. Of course my mind plays tricks on me, I thought I was going to die... but once I did it all was good. Worked on getting a good spot and smooth changes after :)

All tucked in for the rain :)

Henry gets today off and we will be back at it Monday after hubby gets off work :)

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and I am thankful for my horses :)


  1. Awwww mother daughter pictures are the cutest!!!!! Also Henry is super handsome in his new cooler. :D

  2. Love the cooler! And you and B look super cute together :)

  3. Mommy daughter! Love you gals! I cant wait to see B cruisin' around on her horses!

  4. Love the mother/daughter pic!

  5. So cute that you and B can enjoy riding together :)

    1. I can't wait till she is older and we can really ride together :)

  6. That's pretty adorable

  7. that mommy daughter pic is sooo cute! awesome that she's carrying on the tradition :) and yea, airy verticals are kinda my nemesis - nice job working through it!

  8. Awww great mom & daughter pic! :)

  9. Love the mother daughter riding photo!

  10. I love that first photo! So precious!

  11. You guys have been super busy, plenty fab shopping hauls recently too *thumbsup*

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