Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I forgot ...

Henry will now be in 1/2 training ... one lesson a week with me (like we are currently doing) and one trainer ride (this will be new). My trainer says that he is a nice horse and will progress a lot faster if we can do this SOOOO no more Starbucks for me, 1/2 training is more important :)

Also a few show names I am mulling around...
Cooler Then Me
Raise the Roof

Oh and I got this for Christmas from my WONDERFUL husband :)



  1. I have not one, but two of these bridles. LOVE them :-)

  2. Awesome I have only read good things about it... excited to use it! Did you strip it at all before you oiled it?

  3. Congrats on taking the plunge into Training!

  4. I know Irene will do wonders with him and that extra ride :) Thanks for the congrats!


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