Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lunch Break

I rode on my lunch and it was awesome. I wish I could do that every day! In my dream world right?!

It was really nice weather and Juliana was there so I had a buddy to ride with as well :) Henry was really really good. I almost felt like it wasn't for real cause he was listening SO well, was light in the bridle and didn't spook at a thing! I have been riding in a wedge bit for about a week and wow it makes such a difference!

He was a bit sluggish but it was day 3 in a row of riding and he's now much more filled out then he used to be so I think his stamina isn't as good as it once was haha! I didn't even lunge him for more then 2 min each way cause he was so laid back.

Our left lead was right on (id like a little quicker response from him so I think it's time to use a small little tom thumb spur)- no more picking up the wrong lead. I think he is getting more balanced and also "trained" which is good.

I really do love this horse and am so thankful for him!

No ride tonight cause I am taking my bff to the airport to visit her hubby in Vegas (hes there for work) but hopefully tomorrow I can ride since Sean works Saturday. It's supposed to rain cats and dogs starting this afternoon through Sunday or Monday so thank goodness we have a covered arena!

Also I am really missing seeing pictures of myself ride as I feel stronger ever ride and want to see myself SO I've got to convince someone to take pics of me haha! My posts have been to wordy lately and need some more visuals!

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