Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you SURE it's Jan?

60 Degree weather and no rain- I am NOT complaining but we do need rain.

Saturday was supposed to be the vet clinic but the vacs didn't come in so our vet pushed it out to Wednesday- I added Henry's boy parts cleaning to the list. If possible I am going to go up on my lunch and watch so that I can do it next time. I have cleaned them before but not on Henry so I want to make sure he is going to be a good boy before I try :) Also someone was supposed to bring me some saddled to try but she didn't soooooo Bayley and I spent a good 4 hours at the barn for nothing- haha well not nothing because I love hanging out with everyone and loving on my horse!

Sunday we had a MILLION things to do with little time so I went up to Henry early afternoon- lunged and groomed him. Nothing exciting but he did get worked and to stretch his legs, then beautified- his favorite! Actually I think he likes being pampered and getting to watch all the action that goes on in the barn. He's getting really good at standing in the cross ties and being a-ok with all the "stuff" going on around him, maybe it's from his race days. Stuff that I am like "oh I hope that doesn't bother him"- I will look his way and he isn't even the slight bit worried about it, I love that! He is such a good boy and I am so thankful for him!

Monday is the trainer ride this week as Wednesday will be vacs and cleaning. I am not able to make it up and watch today so hopefully I will get a good report that things went well :)

Lesson tomorrow :)

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